Through The Dark...(On Hold)

Ellie Belle Marie Styles, Twin Sister Of Harry Styles. Yeah That's Right, Harry Styles, From The Band One Direction. Ellie Is Dating His Bandmate Niall Horan, But When He Cheats On Her And Breaks Her Heart, She Has Had Enough. She Runs Away From Home And Travels To Australia. Scared, Cold, And Alone, She Finds Someone Who May Change Her Life Forever.... Can He Pick Up The Broken Pieces Of Her Heart?


11. A/N

Wow This Fanfic Is Doing WAYYY Better Than I Thought It Would! Please Leave Some Positive Feedback! Tell Me Your Ideas, Comments, And Just Tell Me What You Think So Far! :D <3 U Ma Little Muffinz! P.S. Im Calling You My Little Muffinz Now Cause Kenzie Loves Muffinz XD

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