Butterflies are meant to fly, right? Soar through the meadow? Flutter in the spring and sunshine? A simple yet slightly difficult life sounds easy enough right?

Meadow wishes she was a butterfly or some sort of bird. She wishes that she could be one to fly free from her life. To be free from her soon to be, over controlling husband. To be as she wants.

So why can't she be free like that?

Easy, one person in town is the answer. One person who knows everything about Meadow.

What will be Meadow's outcome?


2. 2.


I wake up in a pitch black area. Where the hell am I? I look around, I try to get up but it appears I'm tied up. To what I have no idea. Maybe my arms are free. Nope. Damn.

I was about to try something but then I hear a voice.

"Your awake, I was afraid I'd have to do something unnecessary." A voice that sounds so familiar says.

"You!" I yell in shock.

"Yes. Me. Your black mailer." The voice says.

"Had enough of Issac?" The voice asks.

"You set that shit up?" I ask angrily.

"Maybe, it was worth it, although I didn't mean for him to hurt you but you asked for it when you pissed him off." The voice says.

"Get rid of him, I don't want to marry that jackass." I spat.

"Under one condition." The voice says.

"Not another one of those damn things." I say.

"Fine, stay with him." The voice says.

"No, what is it?" I ask.

"Apologize for what you did to me." The voice says.

"I don't know who you are, you've been going by 'your black mailer'." I say.

Lights appear and in front of me about 20 feet away stands an all to familiar person.

"Marcel?" I ask very shocked and confused.

"Yes, it is I." He says.

"But why?" I ask utterly confused.

"Two reasons. One being the 11th grade and the other being 2nd grade. You figure it out." He says simply.

I look back into the second grade as far as I can and think. What could have happened back then that caused this. That was the time I met Jordan, my beat friend who I had a crush on all the way through school, what does that have to do with Marcel?

"The second grade was when I met Jordan, my best friend." I say puzzled.

"We were best friends until you met Jordan." Marcel says.

I think back to thy time and remember, Marcel is right, we were but why is greeting back for it?

"Oh my god Marcel, I'm so sorry." Is all I can say.

"Now think back to 11th grade." He says.

I think back. As I'm thinking I now remember that was when Marcel had admitted how he felt about me. I had felt the same in a way at that time but instead of saying I felt the same. I told him that I didn't feel the same and that I was in love with some one else.

"I know you felt the same as I did. You wouldn't be crying right now if you didn't." Marcel says

"I'm so sorry Marcel, what could I do to fix all this?" I ask.

"Nothing. Except suffer or fix my broken heart." Marcel says.

"Marcel, I ..

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