Butterflies are meant to fly, right? Soar through the meadow? Flutter in the spring and sunshine? A simple yet slightly difficult life sounds easy enough right?

Meadow wishes she was a butterfly or some sort of bird. She wishes that she could be one to fly free from her life. To be free from her soon to be, over controlling husband. To be as she wants.

So why can't she be free like that?

Easy, one person in town is the answer. One person who knows everything about Meadow.

What will be Meadow's outcome?


1. 1.


"Dad, can you take me to the nearest store? I need to get some things." I ask.

"Why don't you get Issac to take you? He is your fiancé." My dad says.

"Because I'd like you to take me and we could spend some time together." I lied. I really just wanted to get away from Issac.

"Alright, if that's what you want, I'll take you." My dad says going to get his keys. Just as my dad left Issac comes through the door.

"Hey babe, wanna go to the go-cart track?" He asks giving me a kiss on the cheek.

"Later, my dad and I are going to go some where." I say and thank god my dad came back in time.

"Please, we don't spend much time together and baby, I miss you." Issac lies.

"Mea, maybe you should go with Issac, spend some quality time together, after all the wedding is in a few weeks." My father says.

"Dad, I'd rather go with you, I really need to go to that place I told you about and it might be closed tomorrow so let's go." I say.

Issac puts on a pout, but I know it's a fake.

"Baby, please go with me, it'd be a lot of fun for the two of us." Issac says.

"Issac, I really would like some time to myself, I just want a week all to myself." I say.

"That's to long baby, you know I'd miss you all those days I'm away from you." Issac fakes a tear.

"Meadow, just go with Issac, I'll spend some time with you later, you haven't been spending any time with him. It might be a better idea to go with him." My father says before walking back towards the living room.

"Come on, let's go to the house, it needs to be clean." Issac says grabbing my wrist and dragging me out the door.


Once we got to the house that we call home. Issac unlocked the door to the house and pushed me inside.

"The cleaning things are in the closet, I'll be in the living room if you need me." Issac says before walking off.

"I'm not your damn maid Issac, clean the house you self." I spat before attempting to walk out the door.

"Don't you ever talk to me like that." Issac says gripping my chin in between his pointer finger and his thumb.

"Why shouldn't I, you treating me exactly like that, what happen to the nice, kind and funny Issac? Or was that all a mask to this thing to lure me in?" I ask.

"You don't know who your messing with, if I were you, I'd do as I say and don't dispute my word." He says pushing me to the closet.

I decide that I don't need to piss him off anymore so I'll just do as he said. I walk to the closet where we keep the cleaning supplies. I open the door but I don't find cleaning supplies. Instead I find a little girl tied to a chair with a bandanna over her mouth.

"You..you won't hurt me will you?" The little girl asks.

"No, who are you?" I ask.

"I don't know..I'm an orphan and the last thing I remember was having a bag tossed over my head and then everything went black." She says.

"Stay here and don't move." I say.

"No, let me come with you, that man might come back." She says and I nod giving in.

I walk into the living room. I stand in front of the tv. This gets Issac's attention.

"Schy, get out of the way, my favorite show is on." Issac says.

"Who is she and where did she come from?" I ask pointing to the little girl.

"Oh, happy early present, you weren't suppose to find her until tonight or tomorrow, she'll be our daughter. Her name is Spree. She's seven and is adopted from the orphanage." He explains.

"What the hell was she doing in a closet, why not in a room?" I ask.

"Because that is her room, she lives in the closet, or the basement, your choice." He says and I can't believe that left his mouth.

I walked up to him and back handed him then began to storm off to my room. I was brought to a halt.

"You brought this upon yourself, I warned you." Issac says before smacking me. The last thing I remember is Issac hitting the little girl and then being drug up the stairs. After that it went black.

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