Something There

Arianne and Nick meet over a double date, but their love will last forever. Or will it? After someone returns for Arianne that someone could ruin her love. Which leaves her to question, was there ever something there?


1. Arianne

"Mom!" I yelled from upstairs. I shut my Mac and left it on my bed. "Yeah hon?" She called back "I need to borrow your car!" "Why?" I wasn't sure if I should have told my Mom that I was going on a double date with Maxine, and her boyfriend was bringing someone for me. "Uh, I want to see a movie with Maxine!" "What movie?" "I don't remember, Maxine knows." I went downstairs. She nodded and passed me the keys.

Maxine and I drove to Vaccaro's, where we met our dates. "Ready?" She asked, putting her lipstick on. "Let's go" We walked into the restaurant. Standing next to Maxine's boyfriend was this incredibly hot guy. "Is he for me?" I whispered to Maxine. She nodded her head, but was silent because we were both lost in his eyes. He walked up to me, and I felt butterflies. "Well Dave told me you were incredibly pretty so you must me my date." He said so coolly. I was like, #blushing. He held out a rose. I tucked my hair behind my ear. "Thanks, I'm Arianne. You are..." "I'm Nick." He breathed, staring at me. "Let's go catch up to Maxine and Dave." I knew from then on, I was in love with this guy.

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