The wrath of a Sgt


1. E5 from hell!!

So after a morning at DLA I sense a disturbance at the L-form, it's ride or die time. Smoke is everywhere as I burn out on my forklift, driving and dodging cars as I make my way down there. When I arrived two Marines were telling me the horrors of the 'evil three stripes up' thrashing and devouring their souls, due to the skating that has been taking place. Confused I got off dirty Vern and looked around, all the work was already done. Only tasks left were forklift work and I wasn't free at the time. Quickly I took the pallet I was tasked out to take and hauled out of that place as quickly as possible, feeling the evil three breathing down my neck I look back, luckily it was just my imagination. I won't be returning to that place until the spirit of the third stripe is returned to the calming nature it once was.

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