Do You Believe?

Kasey knew something wasn't quite right with Roger. When she escaped, she was forced back to her hometown. She reunites with long lost friends. Kasey loses old ones, and gains new. Something uncovers her old past, pushing her to tell the close ones. Can love truly make it through EVERYTHING?


2. Free

I was FINALLY free. I couldn't hold my excitement. I squealed and let out a scream.


I sung for the 13 and half hour drive. I didn't stop driving. I took a nap in my truck in a parking lot the first half of the day. But after that, I lived off fast food.

Once I arrived in my hometown city limits, I felt the 2 ton weight being lifted off my shoulders. I drove down my dad and step moms street, pulling my noisy truck into the driveway.

I stepped out of my truck and walked up quickly to the door. Glancing nervously over my shoulder, I unlocked their door. The front rooms light was on and my dad sat in his recliner. Beth, my stepmom, was plaiting her long dark brown hair with her eyes closed. When the screen door snapped behind me, Beth yelled,

"Waylon Cash! I specifically TOLD you not to leave this house after 9. Even if you're 21, you still live under my-I mean OUR roof!!"

She looked at me, then closed her eyes again. Once she opened them, she yelled and jumped up, scaring my dad and our old chocolate lab.


Beth threw herself in my arms. I hugged her, letting the tears flow free for the first time in 3 years.

"What are you doing here! Ive missed you so much where's the a-"

"Don't say it, Beth! I can't deal with his name." I shot at her. But she didn't stop.

"Have you, by chance, seen your brother? He left and I haven't seen him."

"Nope. I'm gonna go to bed. Night." I kiss her and my dad on the cheek.

"Wait. Are you goin to the roping tomorrow? I have Ghost and Red Rose still in the pens. I've saved them for you." Beth said, with a persisting glance.

I thought really hard. About my pain, and not riding in forever.

"Yeah. I guess I am."

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