Do You Believe?

Kasey knew something wasn't quite right with Roger. When she escaped, she was forced back to her hometown. She reunites with long lost friends. Kasey loses old ones, and gains new. Something uncovers her old past, pushing her to tell the close ones. Can love truly make it through EVERYTHING?


1. At First

Kasey P.O.V

I knew, once he hit me the first time, this wasn't gonna be the last. Roger always found something worth fighting over. In the beginning, I was in denial. I would think, "Stop messing up, Kasey. This is your fault. He's had a hard day and would like some peace and quiet."

That was what I said to myself. Until it happened again and again. But this time, I was sure, he was gonna kill me. "What's wrong, Pip? You wanna get ANGRY with me? Huh, Pip?" He slapped me so hard, I literally saw stars and the room starting spinning. I fell at the edge of the staircase. He looked down on me, his hazel eyes flaring. I remember when I actually fell for his short black hair, and small, too built of a body.

The swift hit I took to the jaw almost knocked me out cold. I stumbled up and tried to take off running. He gripped my arm and squeezed it hard. He turned me around, swinging me toward me him. He grabbed my face and squeezed my checks really tight.

"Please, Roger. I'm sorry, but your hurting me. Let go and we can talk."

I whimpered when he tightened his hold. Ever since work started to get harder and more competitive, he's drank a lot more. "You like talking to other men? Huh, Pip?" His words slurred and they drug out of his mouth like a carpet being unrolled.

I was teetering over the side of the stairs. He shoved me a little, knowing what position I'm in. All he did was smirk. I felt free for once. My weight was lifted up and the world spun around and around.

That only lasted about 30 seconds though. My body screamed in pain. When I opened my eyes, Roger was leaning over me. His alcohol stench filling my nose.

"Hey baby. I'm here now. Don't cry."

I couldn't take his voice anymore. I balled up my fist like my older brother Waylon taught me.

"Keep it tight, KB. Punch with your knuckles. Not fingers.

I make contact with his face. As I struggle up, he kicks me in the ribs. I hear a snap and screamed bloody murder. I clawed around me for anything I could use as a weapon. I found a candle holder made from something hard. Really hard. My mind wouldn't spin to think of what it was. I pulled it up and cracked it on his head. His eyes widened and he knocked out quick. I scrambled up and ran to the front door. I slipped running down the hardwood floors. I open the door, not bother shutting it. My keys to my smoky ford F350 lifted truck were hidden under the front tire. I unlocked the door as fast as I could. My hands shook and I dropped the keys 4 times before I could finally open it. When I got in, I locked to doors. The truck turned on and rumbled. I glanced at the front door numerous times before I could finally breathe. At clenching at my side caused me to whimper again. I sped down the main highway, hoping a cop would pull me over. But no one did. Which meant one thing. I was homeward bound.

***Im sorry about the change in the size and font of the words! Was messing around with the settings and can't forgive out how to change it! Hope you like it. If I get 5 likes, I'll make another chapter. Enjoy :)***

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