I'm on the team

Sky is the avengers hacker and electronic girl she is their leader with amazing power she has technology power but what happens when Loki returns sky develops a soft spot for Loki will there be problems when Loki develops feelings for her to or will they learn to accept it


1. First sight

I woke up hearing the alarm saying i need to go to the head quarters I stood up and put on my skin tight leather black one piece suit i put on my black 6inch heels and my belt that held my gun knife and stuff i walked out of the house and hopped in my car and drove to the head quarters once I arrived I stood out of the car and walked inside once I got in I saw all of them surrounding the computer table thing "where is sky" fury said angry " she will be here she won't let the team down" cap said I smiled "looking for me" I asked they all turned around "where's my welcome hugs " I asked they all came and hugged me besides fury once they finished They went back to their spots I walked over and stood at the table that's basically a giant computer "what's happening today" I asked seeing a page with confidential written on it fury and the rest walked over and looked down at the table "well a couple days ago we were contacted by the USA government saying that they have seen Loki but they won't let us see the pictures or what it says so I got Bruce to try to get into the files but it won't let him " fury said I slightly raised my eyebrows before walking to the other side where Bruce was trying to get into the files but failing I slightly nudged him telling him I got it he moved out of the way they all crowded around me "are you sure you can get in"fury asked I looked at him "um well last time I checked I had the power of technology and I'm a pro hacker " I said looking back down to the table I started typing and doing what needs to be done I stopped typing and looked up " done" I said they all ran up to me pushing and shoving I pushed my hands outwards creating a force field it pushed them back "no need to push " I said bringing the force field down I put my hand on top of the file documents and pulled them out of the computer using my power I created it on a screen in front of us I walked up to it and opened the file five pictures popped up that had Loki outside an abandoned warehouse and walking inside "it must be his home at the moment " I said I zoomed in on the name of the place in black chipped paint it said "jakes warehouse" I froze remembering as a teen being locked in there with my ex boyfriend and his mates and all the things they did to me that make me disgusted tony,Steve,Bruce and Clinton noticed my pale face and looked at the name once they read it they understood why my mood changed only them four know what happened thats why they are so protective of me they treat me like a sister fury looked at me " I want all of you in there now and bring Loki alive" he said transporting us we transported outside the warehouse I took one look at it before turning around but I walked into captains sheld he looked at me "it's going to be alright" he said I sighed before turning back around I walked in front of them they were about to walk past me to walk through the door but I pushed my arms out making them walk into them Bruce or shall I say the hulk because on missions we have to call each other my or super hero name he didn't look very happy about stopping and was about to have a rage when I shot him a nasty look he stepped back "why did we stop " iron man asked I looked at them "there's something wrong here" I said walking up to the door as soon as I was in front of the door I could feel the bomb that's next to the door I connected my mind with it and had a look through my eyes shit I created a force field around us the door exploded fire roared out of the doorway and went against the force field It started to clear so I took the force field down they all looked at me iron man walked over to me "thanks" he said I nodded I pulled my gun out of my belt and walked In pointing it around the rest followed me I spotted a door that had a light shinning out of the bottom so I tilted my head towards the door hulk walked over and smashed it down we all ran in we looked around I felt a breeze so I snapped my head towards the window to see Loki standing there i raised my gun "guys" I said I heard them all run to me once they saw Loki they stared at him Loki started moving towards the railing that had a 6 foot drop I took a step forward he took a step back I stepped three more times Loki jumped over the railing and went out of sight we all ran towards the railing I looked down to see him teleport I connected with the teleporter and found out where he was going I turned to the rest "he's going to New York City " I said they nodded I teleported us out of there. Lets go catch a criminal.


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