The Twilight Saga: Rising Sun

Seven years have passed since "Breaking Dawn". Renesmee is a teenager now and even thought she is a supernatural hybrid, her teenage-problems are as natural as those of others of her age.
Will the fact, that a werewolf has imprinted on her, affect her choices?
Or will she choose another way?
And if she has made her choice, how will she go on?

One thing is totally clear: between vampires, werewolves and other mysteries, life is hard, even for a supernatural girl...


Total chapters: 27
I will upload chapter by chapter after they are translated.

I am not earning any money with my story. All Twilight-Characters belong to Stephenie Meyer. The others belong to me. Translated into English by JackyVB.


4. Stubborn boys can be found in every generation

The next day I didn‘t drive so reluctant to school any more. How could come anything worse up to me? I knew the school grounds and most of the students have already stared at me.

When I stepped out of my car Hannah already stood near the entrance of the school building and waved to me. A boy stood next to her. He was taller than her, built normally, thus not too lanky and had medium-long blonde hair, which reached his ears. All in all he was pretty good-looking and he was smiling all the time.

We may as well expect the worst…



Even before I could say something as a greeting, he extended his hand to me.


”Hi, Renesmee. Hannah has already told me much about you. Excuse me, I hadn‘t the chance to get to know you yesterday. My name is David but you can call me Dave and wow… she hasn‘t promised too much, you‘re really pretty.“


I just looked at him, not showing any reaction. Apparently there were still other guys who were sharing Jacob‘s philosophy of life. For me at least, this 'Dave' was a bit too direct. ”Er… yeah… thanks.“


Hannah seemed to comprehend the situation at once. ”Come on,“ she announced with a grin. ”We have to go to class, otherwise we get into trouble.“




Our first lesson was History. For me not a problem at all. My family had prepared me well for the real school. Since I couldn‘t be enrolled at a school or be entrusted to a private tutor, they had quasi be forced to teach me the necessary knowledge themselves. Thereby it hadn‘t just been useful that they had very much time to pore over plenty books, but also that some of them had witnessed many of the decades. So I quasi knew firsthand about some things. I could just hope, nobody would ask how I could know things so detailed.

Till now, however everything went well. Except for the fact that the others were still staring at me and especially Dave looked constantly at me, everything was okay.



Before the art lessons we had a bit more time. Hannah lead me to a bench in a corridor, on which we took a seat. I wondered why we didn‘t spend our time in the cafeteria as usual, but she told me that she always waited there before the art lesson. And shortly after I found out whereon she was waiting…


I turned my head to the left immediately, straight into the direction where Edward Cullen was turning around the corner. A short moment we looked at each other and the time appeared to stand still. Sure enough I had seen my father very often, but now it was just differently. To look at him under the pretext that he was my brother, was so strange and weird. Apparently he had the situation better under control than me. Immediately he clothed his face in gentle smiles, looked at me with his golden eyes and stepped towards me.


”Hello Renesmee“


Hi Daddy, I answered my father in my thoughts, well aware that he would hear it.


For everyone else the truth should stay unspoken and it hurt, although I knew that it was the only right thing to do. ”Hi, Edward.“


He embraced me heartily. I hoped that they would just see the love between siblings and not the one which a father felt for his daughter.


”As I see you‘ve already made friends here.”


By my side Hannah was now all smiles.


”Yes… er Edward, Hannah, Hannah, Edward“ I introduced them succinct, I simply didn‘t want to call him brother. I wanted to shirk saying that another time by hook or by crook.


Hannah was still beaming and Edward did just smile cautiously. I didn‘t know whether it was because he had no interest in her, or because he feared she could probably faint if he would give her more attention. Probably it was even both.


When the saving ring of the school bell finally sounded, it felt as if I was relieved from a burden as heavy as hundred trucks. I had to make an effort not to heave a sigh of relief.


”I‘m going back to class now,“ said Edward ”See you at home”


He winked towards me shortly and I nodded, then I grabbed Hannah‘s hand who still seemed to be frozen next to me and pulled her into the art room. Her grinning facial expression looked as if it was engraved into her face. Even a quarter-hour later, when we were long since standing in front of our little clay sculptures, she grinned at her grey agglutinated something. I decided to advice my Dad against smiling at someone again, then I shook Hannah.


”Hey, what does that represent?“


She mumbled something to herself I didn‘t understand. Shaking my head I turned back to my sculpture. The little wolf slowly took shape. When our art teacher came to our table, a little eccentric lady with high a voice and tattered, smeared up clothes, who answered to the name Mrs Floralys, she was praising it in the highest terms. I just smiled and somehow I was happy to get some compliments.

As the bell rang I took my little wolf and put it carefully on the repository to the other ones for drying. To the left I also saw the deformed something from Hannah and had to snicker silently.




When I, this time with Jake by my side, drove home we told each other of the events of the day. I just left out the form of my sculpture and the thing with David. I was was glad he did not ask because I hadn‘t though about what to say in this case.


Also when we were sitting at the big dining table in the evening I couldn‘t forbear to report about my day. My family, first and foremost my parents were smiling pleased and were sharing my happiness.


For the most part sitting at the table every night was just useful if you wanted to talk, because barely one did really eat something. Unless you thought of it as Jacob was eating for us all. The amount of food he was scarfing down was about right.




The following days passed uneventfully. Hannah was back to normal again the next day, I meet a few new people and teachers which were mostly treating me normal though I had the feeling that they were partly looking at me with admiration and partly with envy.


And surely David didn‘t give up and continued to flirt with me. Nevertheless I didn‘t respond particularly, which didn‘t stop him to continue trying it though.




About a week later, during the last hour of friday, we were sitting in our art lesson. I was just painting my wolf russet while Hannah desperately tried to get her chunk into shape with a chisel, when Dave came up to our table.


”Nice,“ he said with a view to my wolf. “You have a good eye for detail.“


I smiled. “Thanks. I try to do my best.“


“Just like me.“



I watched him for a moment, then I realized that he didn‘t mean his sculpture. I looked down again and painted the little paws.


Honestly, Ren. You could stop blocking me and at least give me a chance.“



My hands started to shake so I rather laid my paint brush down before I ran the risk of screwing up my figure. I glanced aside. Hannah didn‘t seem to be interested in our conversation. Either was disguising it very well or her work really had her full (desperate) attention.

I looked into his blue eyes for a moment. He really seemed to be serious about it.


Then the delivering ringing sounded. Hastily I took my russet wolf, put it on the repository and spurted out of the room, directly to the car.


I didn't even know why I felt so ill with it, I just did.


Unfortunately he caught me halfway and cut off my way.



I glanced at his pleading face.


“What did I do that you treat me like this?“


I screwed up my eyes. “Nothing… I mean… I dunno…“


“There you go, so you could at least give me a chance.“


I opened my eyes and forced myself to smile.


“How?“, I asked briefly and concisely.


Now he smiled. “Go on a date with me. If you still want to be left alone, I will do it.“




He hooked his little finger with mine. “Promise!“


“Okay…,“ I sighed.


“All right,“ he answered. “See you right here tomorrow at 8 pm.“


I nodded, then walked past him, towards the parking lot with my head bowed. From the corner of my eyes I saw him smiling contently.


Out of a totally indefinable reason I felt completely bad, just as if I was committing a huge fault, as if I was betraying someone. But I couldn‘t tell exactly what it was.


When Jacob‘s scent approached me I immediately felt a bit better as always when he was near by.

Like all the days before he leaned against the passenger side of my white Spider and greeted me with a smile - which disappeared shortly after.


“Is everything okay?“


I did my best to appear calm and happy but nevertheless I couldn‘t hide from his that I had almost cried shortly before.


“Yes,“ I replied shortly, opened the doors, threw my bag to the back and turned the ignition key.


On the drive he managed it not to say anything for whole five minutes. Just his seesawing leg gave away that he was nervous.


“Can you stop that, please?“


I was still snuffling. Probably my almost-howling got me a cold.


“What,“ he answered almost a bit snappy.


“You‘re making me nervous.“


I felt his gaze on me but didn‘t see it.


“I could say the same.“


I didn‘t answer and continued staring at the road. He sighed, rolled his eyes and looked at me again with his piercing glance.


"Nessie, what's up?"


I just shook my head. How should I reply if I didn't knew the answer myself?


"Nessie," his voice was more urgent now. "You know exactly, you can tell me everything. I can't bear it if you aren't well, so spit it out!"


Again, I shook my head.


“Nes-.“ He didn‘t get the chance to continue as I was already snubbing him.


“You‘d help me if you shut up, Jake! So, please.“


Prompt he did as he was told, laid his head against the windowpane to his left, stared out of the window and didn‘t said anything anymore.


And he didn‘t said anything during the following hours, too. He just stayed near me quietly when I was outside my room. It didn‘t disturb me at all, quite the contrary. When he was with me, I felt better. Just when he would pipe up and demand answers, I couldn‘t give him, I'd feel uncomfortable, but he did nothing of it.


In front of the rest of my family I tried to hide mostly everything for the rest of the day. When my Dad was around, I thought about irrelevant things. Only Jasper seemed to sense my restlessness, however he did‘t say anything, but tried to help me silently, just as Jake did.





The next morning I woke up from my dreamless sleep, but felt absolutely whacked. Sleepy I hopped into the shower for a start and tried to collect myself.


So within less than ten hours I had to go on my very first date. I felt obliged to go there, I had promised it and I didn‘t see a valid cause not to go there. Dave was nice and friendly and he really took great pains. Though, out of an unknown reason I didn‘t felt well from out of the inside. Something told me that it was better to listen to my gut feeling, but I tried to to repress my inner voice as well as possible. Till now I hadn‘t told anybody of it and it wasn‘t my intention to give away details. No one should find out that I felt bad. I wanted to keep the information superficial, this had to be enough enough for them. That I had a date, with who, when and where and when I would be back at home, not more.


It was almost six o‘clock when I went down into the living room. Emmett and Rosalie had gotten comfortable in front of the TV, Carlisle and Esme too. My Mom and Alice were sitting next to Dad and Jasper who were absorbed in a card game and Jacob sat on the other side of the living room onto a stool near the fireplace which wasn‘t lightened, though.


At once I had a queasy feeling in my stomach. I was so sorry that he was feeling bad because of me and I hadn‘t even told him what was up. As I was coming closer just Alice, Esme, Carlisle and my mother looked up, the others didn‘t move, continued watching TV or playing their game.


“Eh… Mom,“ I started timidly.


“Yes, my dear?“


“I‘m eh going out tonight.“


Now Rosalie turned around too and I saw a flickering glow in Alice‘s eyes.




“Eh, yeah…,“ it was difficult for me to express it. “I… have… a… date.“


All of a sudden I was feeling all of their eyes on me. Especially from further behind, from the chimney. My mother‘s look was inscrutable for a short moment, then she smiled again.


“How much time do you have left?“ Alice‘s voice was now an octave higher, she seemed to be all churned up.


“Eh… about two hours.“


“Okay, that‘s only just enough.“ She‘d gotten up with lightning speed, taken me by the hand and was now about to dump me in the beauty-room, when she was stopped by my father.


“One moment, please.“


We paused and looked at him. His serious look turned into a smile rapidly.


“May I ask who the lucky one is?“


I wasn‘t sure, but I could swear I had heard a short growl from behind, then I answered quickly.


“His name is David. He‘s one of my class mates and Hannah has introduced us.“


My father nodded. “Alright. You have permission to go out until twelve, then you‘re back young lady.“

“Got it,“ I approved, then Alice couldn‘t bridle herself anymore and pulled me upstairs. Quickly I took a another glance towards the fireplace, but the stool was empty now.…


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