The Twilight Saga: Rising Sun

Seven years have passed since "Breaking Dawn". Renesmee is a teenager now and even thought she is a supernatural hybrid, her teenage-problems are as natural as those of others of her age.
Will the fact, that a werewolf has imprinted on her, affect her choices?
Or will she choose another way?
And if she has made her choice, how will she go on?

One thing is totally clear: between vampires, werewolves and other mysteries, life is hard, even for a supernatural girl...


Total chapters: 27
I will upload chapter by chapter after they are translated.

I am not earning any money with my story. All Twilight-Characters belong to Stephenie Meyer. The others belong to me. Translated into English by JackyVB.


3. Edward is my brother - and tomorrow comes the easter-bunny (Part 2)

And indeed, the girl showed me really everything.

Since the break hadn't been long enough for it, she led me to the indoor pool after school.


I could just look at it from outside but that was enough to turn my stomach convulsively again. I was already brooding about various apologies and excuses. Was it somehow conspicuous if I had my period every time when we were swimming by chance?


“Nice, isn't it? The water is really great and you should try the water chute. “


I nodded. “Yeah, breathtaking.“


“Oh, you know, the best of the swimming lessons is anyway the fact that you wear hardly anything.“


It took me a moment to get the picture. “What?“


“Oh, come on,“ she said with an impish smile.


“Does that mean, that we don't have separate classes? I mean… together with boys?“


Her grin got even wider. At the meantime my stomach seemed to shrink to a small point.

Did I actually still have one at all?


“You'll see,“ said Hannah. “You're going to like it.“

Then she glanced at the fragile silver watch on her wrist.“


“Oh… it's already late. I'm sorry, Ren. I have to go now. See you tomorrow.“


Afterwards she embraced me and gave me a perfunctory kiss on the cheek before she stole away. And I did just stand there bewildered. I wasn't used to so much frankness and I was torn. I didn't know if I liked her not, I didn't even know whether I should admire her for her self-confidence and openness or if it wasn't probably better for me to search for friends that were more similar to me.


Countless thoughts were flashing through my mind as I walked to my car, my eyes directed towards the asphalt all the times. Only when a fragrant scent hit my nose, I looked up. I stared at my white Alpha Romeo 8C Spider in surprise.

Jacob was leaning against the passenger door, his arms crossed. Next to the white paintwork, his reddish brown skin looked much darker.

He looked more or less at the ground, too, but when he heard me coming, he raised his head a bit and his dark black eyed met mine. He had a gentle smile ready for me as always. I couldn't actually get mad at him but as I then stood in front of him and looked up to him, I just wasn't able to restrain myself.


“Jake, where have you been this morning?“, I asked with a slight cutting undertone. He didn't answer immediately, apparently he didn't have enough time to work out some answers and excuses.


“I… had to do something.“, he finally came out with. I answered with a loud sigh, turned on my heel and marched to the driver's side where I almost squeezed the button out on the other side of the key again as I opened the door.


“Oh, Nessie,“ he soothed me. “Now don't get worked up again.“


I got in and tried doggedly not to concentrate on Jacob who was rummaging in my glove compartment on our ride home.


Can you please stop rummaging around my things, Jacob?“


Now he was grinning stupidly at me again. “If you stop to be mad at me.“


I rolled my eyes.


“I'm seven and you are twenty-three. Can't you at least act as if you were older than me from time to time?“


“Oh, Nessie,“ he sighed and closed the glove compartment. “We're going to be adults long enough. You don't have to start with it so early.“


I didn't answer any more. Jacob was a hopeless case at this point. On one hand I was quite glad that he always managed to make me laugh, no matter what happened before, on the other hand he sometimes got on my nerves with the way he is.


But I had to admit to myself that it basically wasn't about his nature this time. I had just feared this day and had hoped that he'd stood by me and had at least taken me to school and had encouraged me. Instead he hadn't turned up at all and didn't even have an explanation for it.


After a while we turned into our entrance and I parked the car in our huge underground parking garage. All our cars were parked here and there was a direct access to the house, which also led through the basement.


As I ended up in the entrance hall over the steps, my mother already greeted me. Jacob trotted along after me and was now leaning against the closed door, his arms crossed.


“Renesmee honey, how was it?“, her voice was as warm and melodious as ever and she hugged me gently. It took me a moment before I could answer.


“Not too bad.“

She cast a glance over my shoulder at Jake who was did just shrug.


“What happened?“


“Nothing special, Mom. They did only ask some questions and a girl showed me school grounds.“


Her eyes widened.



I slouched my shoulders.


“If I am related to Edward Cullen.“


For a short moment it seemed as if she couldn't answer, then she was able to speak again.


“What… what did you answer?“


“What we've agreed“, I answered, dragged myself into the living room and fell onto the white sofa. “That he is my brother.“




My mother sat down next to me sadly. “Oh Honey, I understand you. It isn't easy to hide our true identities and tell lies to the people for all of us.“


I ran though my hair tiredly. “I know, but it was still awkward.“


Out of the corner of my eye I saw that Jake was now coming into the living room too, folded his arms onto the back of the sofa behind me and laid his head down on them.



“The questions are going to stop sometime, Nessie.“


“I hope so. I don't want to overstrain my truth-o-meter.“

That made him laugh.


“Yeah… I think the direct way is the better one, too.“


Now my Mom glared at him from the side.


“Oh yeah, if it's about being direct you're the master of the art of it, Jakob Black.“

He did just click his tongue and acted cool.


“So what? At least you knew where you were standing with me.“


After that my Mom apparently didn't seem to know what to answer. She stroked my hair once, gave me a kiss on the forehead and glided gracefully into the kitchen.


I let myself sink onto the sofa even more until I simply laid there. Now I could look Jakob in the face who was still leaning against the sofa. He did nothing but smile at me.


I smiled back briefly, then turned to the side and closed my eyes…

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