The Twilight Saga: Rising Sun

Seven years have passed since "Breaking Dawn". Renesmee is a teenager now and even thought she is a supernatural hybrid, her teenage-problems are as natural as those of others of her age.
Will the fact, that a werewolf has imprinted on her, affect her choices?
Or will she choose another way?
And if she has made her choice, how will she go on?

One thing is totally clear: between vampires, werewolves and other mysteries, life is hard, even for a supernatural girl...


Total chapters: 27
I will upload chapter by chapter after they are translated.

I am not earning any money with my story. All Twilight-Characters belong to Stephenie Meyer. The others belong to me. Translated into English by JackyVB.


6. Bloodlust

At the next morning I was sitting, still a little sleepy, at the kitchen table, while Rose tried to wheedle details about last night out of me. “And what did you talk about?“ Bored, I made myself a sandwich with nut nougat cream. “Nothing special, school and things like that.“ “Oh… and apart from that?“ “What?“, I asked with my mouth full. “Did he kiss you?“ Prompt I choked on my slice of bread and had to cough. Rosalie passed a glass of water over to me. “Here.“ “Thanks!“ Still coughing, I emptied it in one go, as Jake suddenly walked in and took his seat with us at the table. He greeted us just with a swift “Morning“, then he busied himself with his sausage. I only watched him a few seconds when Rosalie asked to speak again. “You didn‘t answer my question, Nessie.“ I stared at her shortly, then looked back to Jake who was now chewing diligently, but was apparently staring at the opposite wall instead of looking at me or Rose. “Nessie…“ Rose seemed to be worked up. “No,“ I answered in a low but certain voice. “No, we didn‘t kiss.“ I could have sworn that I had seen Jake smiling out of the corner of my eyes, but Rose demanded for my attention another time. “What? What a limp first date.“ He had just eaten a slice of bread and a bit of sausage when Jake already stood up again. “Oh, come on Blondie, she doesn‘t have to throw herself at every guy, does she?“ He had an annoyed undertone and strode briskly out of the room afterwards. I couldn‘t tell where he went exactly, probably again into the basement. Rose stayed silent and from then on I avoided to speak about my date again completely. On Monday, when I was at school, I confined myself to the very minimum of information. That the date had been nice, that he was likable and the restaurant dead smart and that he had driven me home. She commented it with a simple “Great“, then she continued to complain about teachers, classmates and homework. I was really glad, that I didn‘t share my first lessons with Dave and that I was already seated when he finally got in. I had no idea how I should greet him. He made the decision for me and pecked me on my cheek to greet me. “So, did you have a nice day on Sunday, Ren?“ I nodded. “Yeah, it was okay.“ All week long we talked about more or less insignificant things and laughed together every now and then as well. Jake still picked me up every day after school but he rarely spoke much. Usually he only asked about my day, otherwise there was a dismal atmosphere between us and it bothered me more and more. I had always felt comfortable around him and now he ruined everything and was in a huff because there were, beyond my relatives, other guys I liked apart from him. As we drove home on Thursday, I finally managed to speak during the drive. “You don‘t have to fetch me tomorrow, Jacob.“ I stared at the street when I said that, but I felt his questioning, sad eyes on me. “What? Why?“ It took me a moment to answer. “That doesn‘t matter. You don‘t have to know everything. Just stay at home.“ He didn‘t say another word, but henceforward just stared out of the window and I felt a pain inside of me which I simply tried to ignore. At home I threw myself into my homework and spend most of the time in my room. Sometime in the evening I packed my books into my schoolbag with a sigh and went downstairs into the kitchen. Rose, Esme and my parents were sitting at the table. Apparently they had stopped talking when they had heard me coming. “By all means continue talking. I‘m normally not interested in your topics of conversation,“ I said set up as I walked towards the fridge and opened its door roughly. “No, it‘s all right, honey. It was nothing important,“ my mother said gentle as always. “And even if you‘re a bit tense at the moment, you don‘t have to pull out the door of the fridge.“ I smiled briefly, then I examined the contents of our fridge and found out dumbfounded that my red bottle stood at just the same place, where I had put it a few days before. Right in front, directly at the door in the bottle storage. Suspiciously, I looked briefly at the rest which was illuminated by the light of the refrigerator. Inquiring, I turned around. “Did you go to the supermarket again?“ Everyone shook their heads. “No,“ Esme answered. I raised an eyebrow. “But the fridge is full. When was the last time you went shopping?“ “Sometime early in the week.“ Again it was Esme to answer me. I could have kicked myself for not even realizing that the refrigerator hadn‘t emptied at all for the whole week and that although I took out a little something or my bottle frequently. I felt how I gradually got nervous. “Has Jake already been hunting this week?“ Again just shaking heads. “Okay.“ I banged the bottle onto the table determined and made a beeline out of the kitchen and for the cellar steps. This time I wouldn‘t have stopped in front of the door, hadn‘t I felt like leaving our furniture undamaged, I was sure I would have simply been able to run through the door with as mad as I was. And as I was just marching into his room like that, he turned around on his desk chair until he was facing me. “Nessie? What‘s up? Did something happen?“ I crossed my arms in front of my chest. “One can say that.“ He gave me a questioning look. “Yeah, and what is it?“ I rushed towards him as quick as a lightning until our faces were merely a few inches apart and he blinked at me surprised. “The fridge is full!“ He didn‘t say anything but stared at me and I pulled back again and sat down on the bed that was of course not made, as always. “When was the last time you ate something?“ “What?“ “I know you understood my question.“ “Why are you concerned by my eating habits?“ I gave him a sad look. I had to be careful not to cry. “Much when I have the feeling that I am the reason for your loss of appetite.“ At first he remained quiet, then he shook his head slowly. “Nonsense.“ “You're lying.“ “Rubbish,“ now he sounded irritated. “Why should I lie? I eat when I'm hungry and at the moment it's just that I'm not particularly hungry.“ I still looked at him worriedly. This answer wasn't enough for me. “Oh Nessie!“ He approached me slowly, knelt down in front of me and took my head between his big warm hands. “Hey... don't worry about me.“ He kissed me carefully on the forehead.  “I'll manage all right.“ Then he walked out of the room. When I went upstairs ten minutes later he was nowhere to find... The next day at the art lesson I painted, particular eager, the last details on my sculpture. The wolf was now almost finished and I was quite pleased with it. The russet fur, the beautiful black eyes, the built - everything fit. I even got a cozy felling when I looked at the tiny wolf. “Hello beauty.“ It was Dave's voice but I was so engrossed in my figure that I didn't even look up. Then he pushed a pink leaflet into my field of view. On closer inspection I recognized that it was white with several pink hearts on it.  “What's that?“ He smiled. “Next week on Saturday there is a sort of Valentine's party at the “Yust4you“ and I thought we could go there together.“ “Saturday?“ I asked. “But Saturday is the sixteenth. Valentine's day is on the fourteenth.“  “I'm aware of that,“ he replied cheekily. “But there aren't many people going out on Thursdays so it was postponed to Saturday.“ I nodded absent-mindedly. Should I really accept? His begging look answered my question. “Okay, it's all right for me.“ Now he put one of his hands on his hips and leaned on the table with his other one. “You're really bubbling over with enthusiasm.“ I didn't want to hurt him and got my words a bit muddled when I answered. “I have... I mean it's... it's not you. I've just problems. Have to think about a lot... family problems... yeah, that's it.“ I sighed and painted carefully over the tiny black eye with a darker grey in order to give it more depth. All of a sudden he pulled my sculpture away so that I slipped off slightly and a fine grey line did now stretch from its eye to the tip of the nose of my little wolf. He scrutinized my work bored and turned it in his hands. “Do you even notice that you look at this thing like it was made out of pure gold?“ I got angry. “Do you have a screw loose? The paint isn't dried out yet, give it back!“ Now he laughed. To my ears it wasn't a friendly laugh. “You can even get really mad. Cute.“ Without really being able to control it, I let slip a low, deep growl and Hannah to my right looked at me bewildered. “Put. It. Down!“ He was still grinning. It seemed to be a game for him. One, I didn't like at all. “Don't get worked up, it's just a bit mud, water and paint, Ren.“ With quite a lot force I flung my paintbrush towards him, so that the wood hit his temple with such an extend that is started to bleed at this place. This didn't really simplify my situation but I could count myself lucky that I didn't bore my paint brush through his brain. “Ouch!“, he cried out loudly, touched his head and dropped my figure which was now speeding towards the ground unhindered. No! In a split-second I bent down, darted to the other side of the table and caught my little wolf. It didn't matter to me if they had all seen me. It was just important to me that it didn't shatter. Blood from his temple dribbled down and landed on the ear of my sculpture. I wiped it off quickly with my thumb before it could dry up there. But unfortunately I did now have the red liquid on my index finger and stared at it fascinated. The scent entered my nose, rose up to my head. Woke my instincts. It smelled good. I knew it was foolish and absolutely wrong. I knew I could destroy everything that my family had built up here in this moment. Even more, I could destroy much more so that even a relocation wouldn't help. And nevertheless I lifted my finger, tasted the drop on it. I wished I had only drunk a bit from my bottle yesterday. But after I had talked to Jake I had totally forgotten it and now I sat here. In the middle of the art room, a blotted wolf sculpture in my hand, licking the blood of a classmate off my finger. I could feel the eyes on me, they were practically making wholes into me. I had always feared that my vampire instincts would overpower me. I screwed my eyes up. Prayed that I would be able to calm down again. I didn't want to ruin our future and even less I wanted to hurt, let alone kill someone. No… please… Daddy help me… I prayed that he was still attending his class across from our art room and indeed: suddenly the door opened and my father headed straight towards me, took my arm and pulled me onto my feet. I was only vaguely aware of the gazes of my classmates, I felt the thumping of my heart, my boiling blood and the urge to dig my teeth into one of them. “No worries,“ my father said with a slightly nervous undertone. “She's fine. She just can't handle blood well. Post-traumatic experience. Please take your student to a doctor.“ I was staring straight ahead the whole time, however I was blind. My father dragged me through the corridors quickly, but only just at a human pace. Luckily it wasn't much going on since the lessons hadn't finished yet. He said nothing but I felt his tension. He opened the passenger door of his car swiftly, took the sculpture from my hands, put it into the glove compartment and placed me on the seat where he buckled me up. He drove a bit faster than usual. The trees flew past me however I didn't see them. I still couldn't think straight. I barely noticed that we halted and that he took me into the house. “Edward, what happened?“ My mother came into the entrance hall as quick as a lightning and Esme stepped out of the kitchen. “Please get her a cup, Esme,“ he said still tensed, then he pulled me into the living room and I sat down on the couch. “Edward?“, my mother asked again. “An incident. A student bled, she got the blood on her finger.“  I heard a little horrified shriek from my mom and agitated footsteps. Esme entered the room and handed me a full cup of blood which I emptied quickly. Immediately I raised it to her again. “Another one, please.“ She smiled, nodded and floated back into the kitchen. I drank another good five cups before I was able to speak properly. I was just sipping at my sixth one when Jacob sprinted into the living room, his gaze sick with worry. “What's up?“ He stared at me horrified as I sat there and sipped at my cup of blood. It had to look awful to him. Again Edward explained briefly without revealing any details. After the eighth cup, Jake cautiously took a seat next to me. My father gave me a piercing look. “What's up with you, Nessie? Normally you aren't so careless.“ I struggled to retain my composure and searched for the right words, but I found none and the composure soon went by the board until I was only sobbing. “I'm sorry… I… I don't know, the school, David… the things here… I… It's just too much at the moment.“ In the end, warm, salty tears were running over my face. Jacob hugged me and I willingly cuddled up to his warm chest which dried my tears. I felt well and safe. Already after a short time the tears weren't flowing any more. He stoke my back soothingly and gave me a kiss onto my hair. “Sh… sh…“
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