Fresh Start

"Hey Josh? Who's that?" I asked. "He," he pointed to the boy gathering equipment, "was the greatest football player in high school history," he told me. "Was?" I asked. Josh nodded. "Before him, our team wasn't doing too well. We haven't won one game till he came along. In fact, he lead our team to the semi-finals. After our team won that game, some big shot couches asked him if he wanted to participate in their charity football match. The whole school came to watch him. Within the first 10 minutes of the game, he jumped up to hit the ball only to have a player tackle him to the ground. It was a pretty big tackle by a pretty big guy. He broke his leg in 3 different places, bruised his ribs, and fractured his wrist. Our team lost the championship and he never played football again," Josh spoke. "Again I ask... Who is he?" I asked. "That boy, is Louis Tomlinson."


9. Chapter 9

"YES!" I cheered as the ball hit the house. Louis turned his head to face me. The look on his face was priceless. A look of pure confusion was written on his face.

"Nice kick," he spoke. The look never left his face. I smiled triumphantly and balled my hands and placed them on my hips, like a superhero pose. Louis cracked a smile then went to retrieve the ball. "So... How long have you played for?" he asked as he neared me.

I sat down on the grass and looked up at him. He smiled then joined me. "Since I was 5, but I don't know if I classify that as soccer, or football, really..." I smiled. Louis looked at me confused. "At that age, everyone just charges the ball and somehow someone makes a goal." Louis laughed and so did I. It's the truth.

"That sounds cute. I bet you looked cute," Louis gushed. I looked at him with a slightly confused look. "No! I mean... Not that you're not cute now..." Louis quickly spoke. My eyes widened. "I'm just going to shut up now," he blushed then looked down at the green grass.

"No," I told him. I didn't want him to shut up. I found his embarrassment adorable. He didn't even think before he said that, I could tell. Then how he tried to quickly cover it up. Adorable!

"Anyways..." he spoke awkwardly. I cleared my throat... No idea why...

"Right..." I mumbled. "I played all through elementary and middle school. But in all those years," I spoke, "I haven't learned a lot of things that you taught me today."

"Really?!" Louis asked shocked.

I nodded. "Yeah. And, not to brag but, I was the star player on my team," I told him.

"Football, or soccer according to you."

"To all Americans," I interrupted. He looked at me and I put my hands up in defense.

"It's a bigger sport here in the UK. I think, oh what is it, American football is one of the biggest sports in America," he finished.

"Wow... Someone has been doing their American research," I laughed. He shrugged his shoulders and then started to laugh with me. "But yeah. Soccer isn't AS BIG of a sport. A lot of people play it but it's not as big as it is here," I reassured. I laid down on the grass and he soon joined me.

"Star player huh?" he asked. I turned my head to look at him. He was staring at the clouds floating up above. I smiled and looked at the clouds as well.

"Yeah. Soccer is pretty big in my family. I just hope by the time Kyra is in high school girls will be allowed on the football team," I sighed. I saw Louis turn to look at me out of the corner of my eye.

"Yeah. It used to be like that before Nathan joined the team," Louis said in discuss. I simply nodded. There was silence. "I used to be captain," he broke the silence. I turned my head to look at him but he kept looking at the clouds. "I lead the team to the semi-finals. Not to brag," he laughed. "Nathan was on the team as well but he wasn't that good. He was always jealous of me. Sure he is a bigger guy than me but that doesn't mean you have to think you have to play EVERY game. I'm sorry but he wasn't good." I cracked a smile. "As soon as I got my big injury, he took that opportunity to  be the big shot he thinks he is. As captain, he convinced our couch to not allow girls to play. We had a few girls on the team and they were all better than him."

"Were they bad or..." I paused to think of a good term to use. "like me?"

"They were like you. They were good and he didn't like the fact that girls were playing and not him. He has some thing about girls playing a sport were they are better at it than him. Like, if he joined a bowling team... Don't judge. I couldn't think of anything else that is co-ed... and a girl was better than him, he would convince the couch or whoever to not have girls. He's done it before," Louis told me. "Back to the story... Nathan convinced the couch to start a girls football team. Couch agreed because there were a lot of guys on the team. A majority of the girls graduated so there wasn't enough girls to start a girls team."

"He sounds like the stereotypical high school, head popular who thinks he runs the school," I told him.

"And that is exactly what he thinks he is," Louis sighed. "He thinks he runs this school. He has a little posse or whatever who follow him everywhere. Might I add they are also on the football team?" Louis turned his head to face me. I nodded. He looked back at the sky again. "Well they are. It aggravates me!" he exclaimed. "He's got the whole school brainwashed into thinking he is head of this school," Louis growled.

"Hey..." I spoke softly. He turned to face me with soft eyes. "We will get everything back on track. Ok?" I softly spoke again. A corner of his lips turned up and he nodded.




Author's Note:


Sorry for SUCH a late update.

So now you know more to the story... What do you think will happen next?


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