Fresh Start

"Hey Josh? Who's that?" I asked. "He," he pointed to the boy gathering equipment, "was the greatest football player in high school history," he told me. "Was?" I asked. Josh nodded. "Before him, our team wasn't doing too well. We haven't won one game till he came along. In fact, he lead our team to the semi-finals. After our team won that game, some big shot couches asked him if he wanted to participate in their charity football match. The whole school came to watch him. Within the first 10 minutes of the game, he jumped up to hit the ball only to have a player tackle him to the ground. It was a pretty big tackle by a pretty big guy. He broke his leg in 3 different places, bruised his ribs, and fractured his wrist. Our team lost the championship and he never played football again," Josh spoke. "Again I ask... Who is he?" I asked. "That boy, is Louis Tomlinson."


4. Chapter 4

Nyssa's POV

 After school I told Josh and the girls I would be around Josh's house later. I walked into the stadium smiling. "Always so big," I whispered walking out onto the field. I noticed one ball smack dab in the middle of the field. I looked around before kicking the ball into the goal.

"Not bad," I heard Louis' voice say as he clapped causing me to jump a bit.

"You scared me," I said clutching my heart. Louis just smiled.

"So you really do love football," Louis said standing next to me. I nodded smiling. "Well then lets teach Nathan that girls are just as good as guys."

"Lets," I said jogging over to get the ball.


After a few lessons from Louis we decided to mess around. I was goalie and Louis was kicking the ball, I really needed to become a better goalie. As I waited for Louis to retrieve the ball I closed my eyes imagining me and Louis playing on the team. But that all crashed when a ball made hard contact with my face.

"Aw look at little Nyssa," Nathan laughed. Oh great. I sat up holding my cheek. I looked over to see Louis being held by two of Nathan's friends. Nathan strode over to me, picking me up by the collar of my shirt.

"Go fuck your self," I whispered. Nathan let out a laugh.

"Oh darling, learn that girls will never play on this field," Nathan said through gritted teeth. He picked me up slamming my body against the goalie post.

"NYSSA!" Louis yelled. I layed there, slipping into unconsciousness.

"Never set foot on this field, or pay the consequences," Nathan said before walking over to Louis laughing. 

"Leave him," I whispered before I was out.


"Nyssa please," Louis said, I heard the shakyness in his voice. I slowly opened my eyes. "Thank god your okay!" I looked at Louis and saw he had a busted lip and few bruises on his face. I reached up touching his lip.

"Im sorry," I whispered. Louis shook his head holding my hand.

"Nyssa, you were brutally beaten, and I knew going onto that field was dangerous," Louis said pissed. "From now on we play on the public fields." I nodded.

"Are you okay?" I asked.

"I should be the one asking you that," Louis said placing a package of frozen peas on my cheek. I lifted my shirt to just under my boobs.

"Is my stomach bruised?" I asked. Louis sighed.

"A bit, and a few scratches, hold on I will get something to clean that up," Louis said jogging out of the unfamiliar room. Which Im guessing was his. I reached out for my phone and saw a text from Josh.

From Josh: Hey, Louis texted me, are you alright?

To Josh: Yeah, I don't think I will make it to your house tonight, sorry

From Josh: Its fine, just get better

I layed there until Louis walked back in. "Everything hurts," I whispered.

"Well Nathan is pretty strong and can beat the shit out of anyone," Louis sad dabbing at my cuts.

"Second week of school and Im getting the shit kicked out of me, thats great," I said causing Louis to laugh. "I have only known you for a week," I said smiling.

"Yeah, and Im already cleaning up your battle wounds," Louis said placing several band-aids on my stomach. I sat up looking at Louis' face. I took the wash cloth from his hands.

"My turn," I whispered cupping Louis' face in my hands. I began to dab at his lip until it was almost clean. "Done," I whispered. I noticed how extremely close me and Louis were.

"You have beautiful eyes," Louis said before slowly kissing me. I pulled away quickly touching my lips. "Sorry." Louis said standing up.

"Its fine," I said swinging my legs on the side of his bed. I looked around. "Wow, your room is a mess." I said trying to get up, but nearly falling. Louis thankfully caught me.

"Yeah, sorry bout that.. I don't think your stable to walk, would you like to stay here until tomorrow?" Louis asked a bit nervous. I smiled.

"Sure, but you gotta feed me," I said smiling. Louis then lifted me. "What are you doing?" I asked confused.

"Taking you down stairs, you said you needed to be fed," Louis said smiling.



NOTE: Enjoy ~ Mystery_Horan_Girl

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