Fresh Start

"Hey Josh? Who's that?" I asked. "He," he pointed to the boy gathering equipment, "was the greatest football player in high school history," he told me. "Was?" I asked. Josh nodded. "Before him, our team wasn't doing too well. We haven't won one game till he came along. In fact, he lead our team to the semi-finals. After our team won that game, some big shot couches asked him if he wanted to participate in their charity football match. The whole school came to watch him. Within the first 10 minutes of the game, he jumped up to hit the ball only to have a player tackle him to the ground. It was a pretty big tackle by a pretty big guy. He broke his leg in 3 different places, bruised his ribs, and fractured his wrist. Our team lost the championship and he never played football again," Josh spoke. "Again I ask... Who is he?" I asked. "That boy, is Louis Tomlinson."


12. Chapter 12

Nyssa's POV

 I watched as Luke got into the passenger seat pissed. I didn't know what to think of it, but I didn't really want to think about it. "Are you sure you don't need me to take you to the hospital?" Leah asked. I nodded.

"Im fine, i swear, I just need to go home and rest," I said holding my stomach. I felt a liquid through my shirt, but decided it was nothing major.

"Okay," Leah said driving slowly to my house.

"You know this probably wouldn't have happened if you got the ball," Luke said speaking to Louis. Louis seemed pissed.

"Well then why couldn't you have gotten it then?" Louis asked Luke. "You have legs and arms yourself."

"Oh your so fucking hilarious," Luke said with a lot of sarcasm.

"Guys," I whispered, "Please stop." The car was silent the rest of the way home. Louis had carried me inside and into my room. He left without a goodbye, but I heard a scream.

"Nyss!" Leah came busting through the door with Louis. "Your bleeding!" I lifted my shirt to see a descent gash.

"Its fine," I said laying my head back. "I need to sleep."

"No you are going to see a doctor," Louis said picking me up. "You need to take care of yourself Nyssa."


After I saw the doctor he stitched my stomach up. I don't think it was necessary but everyone else thought so. I was now home on the couch while everyone babysat me.

"Im going to go home Nyss, just text me if you need anything," Leah said before walking out the door.

"Im going to go to my hotel room," Luke said shoving his hands into his jacket pocket. "Just text me." And just like that he was gone.

"So its just us eh?" Louis said sitting by my feet. I nodded. "Im sorry about earlier, I had no room to yell."

"Its fine, I thought it was cute how you and Luke fought over who was my friend first," I said laughing. I yawned right afterwards.

"Tired?" Louis asked. I nodded. He got up and lifted me up. "I got you." Louis carried me to my room and gently layed me down.

"Louis?" I asked before he left my room."Will you stay with me tonight?" I asked shyly.

"Sure," Louis said smiling. He was about to lay on the ground but I grabbed his wrist.

"You can lay on my bed, I don't mind, and I don't want you laying on the hard floor," I said yawning again. Louis nodded slipping off his shirt.

"Night Nyssa," Louis whispered.

"Night Lou," I said turning off my lamp.


Louis' POV

 The next morning I woke up to Nyssa layed across my chest. I smiled a bit. I was about to close my eyes but I heard the door bell. I sighed getting up and slipping on my shirt. I walked down stairs to open the door to Luke.

"Oh your here," Luke said walking past me.

"Look Im sorry Luke okay, I think we should just try to get along for Nyssa;s sake," I said trying to make truce. "Im gonna go home to change and take a shower, you can think it over." I left and drove home to my busy family.

"Hi honey," My mom said quickly walking past me. "Where were you last night?"

"I was watching over my friend, she got hurt," I said sitting down at the kitchen table.

"Nyssa?" My mom asked taking a drink of her tea. I nodded. "That poor thing, well when Im out Im going to get her some flowers."

"Mom," I sighed.

"Honey you should do the same, Im not trying to be rude to my son, but you don't have that many friends over, and she is obviously an important friend if I have met her," My mom said taking another drink.

"I guess your right," I said getting up. "I will buy her a teddy after I shower.

"Alright, just text me her address and I will be over after work," My mom said kissing me before leaving. I walked upstairs grabbing a clean towel and some fresh clothes. I turned on the hot water and let the water run before I got in. I took a nice hot bath and took my sweet ass time. When I left the house I stopped by the market to pick up a teddy and her favorite fruit drink.

"Is this all?" the clerk asked. I nodded paying for the items. As I walked outside I noticed Nathan parked not to far from my car.

"Hello Tomlinson," Nathan said with a smile.

"What do you want?' I asked setting the bag in my car.

"Nothing, just thought it was cute your buying your girlfriend a get well gift," He laughed.

"She isn't my girlfriend," I said getting into the driver's seat. I quickly drove to Nyssa's house. When I walked inside I noticed Nyssa was on the couch and Luke was on the love seat.

"Who is it?" Nyssa asked Luke.

"its Lou," Luke said pausing the movie.

"Hi Lou," Nyssa said peering over the couch. "What took you so long?"

"I got you something," I said handing her the stuff elephant. "And this." I handed her the drink and just took in the huge smile that was placed on her face.

"Lou, its perfect." Nyssa whispered holding the elephant tight. I smiled knowing I did something right. "How did you know I liked elephants?" Nyssa asked. I shrugged.

"I honestly guessed, but I guess im just that good," I said walking around the couch. I sat by her feet. "So what have you been up to since I have been gone?"

"Just watching movies," she said messing with the stuff animals bow.

"Did you want to go out and do something?" I asked. She looked to me with hope.

"Sure, I think some fresh air will do me some good." Nyssa said smiling. I knew that Luke had just been sitting here with Nyssa, and that's it.

"Well then I guess I will go," Luke said standing up, but Nyssa held up her hand.

"Luke its your last day, please, just spend it with me?" Nyssa asked with a sad face. Luke sighed.

"Im just going to go," I said quickly walking out the door before anyone could stop me. I didn't want to here what they had to say.


NOTE: Wow, sorry it took forever to type, I have been working nonstop and so has Cait, but we will try to type when possible. I also got a new laptop! Much love ~Mystery_Horan_Girl

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