Fresh Start

"Hey Josh? Who's that?" I asked. "He," he pointed to the boy gathering equipment, "was the greatest football player in high school history," he told me. "Was?" I asked. Josh nodded. "Before him, our team wasn't doing too well. We haven't won one game till he came along. In fact, he lead our team to the semi-finals. After our team won that game, some big shot couches asked him if he wanted to participate in their charity football match. The whole school came to watch him. Within the first 10 minutes of the game, he jumped up to hit the ball only to have a player tackle him to the ground. It was a pretty big tackle by a pretty big guy. He broke his leg in 3 different places, bruised his ribs, and fractured his wrist. Our team lost the championship and he never played football again," Josh spoke. "Again I ask... Who is he?" I asked. "That boy, is Louis Tomlinson."


11. Chapter 11

Louis' POV

It's been almost 10 minutes now and Nyssa still hasn't come back. I started to get worried. I didn't kick the ball that hard. Something isn't right...

"Where is she?" Leah panicked. I snapped my head towards her direction to see her pacing back and forth on the field. You and me both are wondering the same thing.

"Let's do look for her then. Maybe she just got lost or really can't find it," Luke suggested. As much as I didn't want to agree with this guy, we need to find Nyssa. I nodded as well as Leah and started to walk towards the woods. I stopped when I saw all three of us walking to the woods.

"One of us should stay here just in case she did get lost and found her way back," I suggested. Leah and Luke nodded.

"You're right," Luke agreed. He looked between Leah and I. "Louis, I think you should stay."

"No way man! I came up with the idea. I think you should stay," I snapped back.

"I am her best friend!" he yelled.

"And where have you been for the past month or so?!" I yelled back. Luke looked taken back but then rage filled his eyes. I noticed him clenching and unclenching his fists. He wants to fight, bring it.

"And who are you to talk?! How long have you known her for? A week? Month?" he questioned. "I don't know how long but I sure as hell know it's not as long as us," he smirked as he referred to his and Nyssa's friendship.

I felt my fists clench up. I was about to shout back at him when I heard leaves crunch and a couple sticks/twigs break. "Would you two just stop it?!" I, as well as Luke and Leah, heard a familiar voice shout. All three of us look towards where the voice came from. When I turned around, since my back was to the woods, my fists unclenched and I felt my body relax. Relief filled my body when I saw her standing there.

"Nyssa," I sighed in relief. That's when I noticed her a bit more... Her clothes were covered with dirt, her hair a bit everywhere, she stood with all her weight on one leg, one of her arms was laying across her chest, and I could see some bruises starting to form.

"NYSSA!" Leah squeaked then ran towards her. I watched as I saw a small smile form on her lips. Leah pulled her into a hug and I heard Nyssa groan a bit. Leah immediately released her.

"What happened?" I asked as I walked near her. She looked at me with sad eyes then down at the ground.

"I didn't find the ball," she tried to joke. She let out a small laugh but it turned into a pained groan. I gave her wide eyes but she didn't notice.

"What the hell happened?!" Luke shouted causing Nyssa to jump. I looked his way and gave him a glare. Nyssa looked up at him with big eyes.

"Come on Nyss, *pronounced Ness* I'll take you home," I tell her. She nodded her head and took a step only to have her start to fall towards the ground. I quickly leapt into action by catching her before she hit the ground, one arm supporting her front while the other rested on her back.

"Nyssa?" Leah asked. I helped Nyssa stand straight up but made sure all her support was on me. I felt her body shake and I knew she was crying. I quickly knocked her off her feet by putting one arm on the back of her knees and the other right under the back of her neck. She didn't object and I didn't mind at all. I walked right past Luke and straight to the car. I opened the back door to the unlocked car and set her in the back seat. Leah was right behind me.

"Here," I told her and fished out my keys, "you drive." I closed Nyssa's door and quickly walked over to the other side. Leah quickly hopped into the driver's seat and started the car. Luke, on the other hand, was taking his sweet ass time. An angry groan escaped my lips as he took his time.

"Louis?" I heard Nyssa speak. I turned towards her in panic movement.

"Are you ok? Do you need to go to the hospital?" I panicked. She gave me a slight smile then shook her head.

"No Lou. I'm fine," she spoke then paused. "I mean I could be better but I'm fine," she told me.

"What happened? Was it Nathan? That son of a bi-"

"It wasn't him," Nyssa spoke. I sighed in relief. By this time, we were already on our way back home. "I'm not sure really what happened," she sighed. She looked lost in thought. "Let's see... I thought I saw the ball under a tree root. I realized that it wasn't the ball and stood up forgetting that I was crawling to get it, I stood right up and must have hit my head," she told me. I nodded. "I must have tripped and fell down the little hill that was near the tree which caused most of the bruises and why my arm and ankle hurts."

"At least it wasn't Nathan," I mumbled. "I'm just glad you're ok."

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