Fresh Start

"Hey Josh? Who's that?" I asked. "He," he pointed to the boy gathering equipment, "was the greatest football player in high school history," he told me. "Was?" I asked. Josh nodded. "Before him, our team wasn't doing too well. We haven't won one game till he came along. In fact, he lead our team to the semi-finals. After our team won that game, some big shot couches asked him if he wanted to participate in their charity football match. The whole school came to watch him. Within the first 10 minutes of the game, he jumped up to hit the ball only to have a player tackle him to the ground. It was a pretty big tackle by a pretty big guy. He broke his leg in 3 different places, bruised his ribs, and fractured his wrist. Our team lost the championship and he never played football again," Josh spoke. "Again I ask... Who is he?" I asked. "That boy, is Louis Tomlinson."


10. Chapter 10

Nyssa's POV

After Louis left I decided it was time to write to my old friends back home. I haven't talked to them for ages. So I got on Facebook and messaged my oldest of every friend I every knew. Luke.

Me: Hellloooo

Luke: Long time since I heard from you

Me: I know but I have been busy

Luke: I know that soccer life must have you tied up

Me: No, they don't allow girls on the team, but I have been practicing with one of my new friends.

Luke: Well that's dumb, but I have to go, school calls. Also look for a package by Friday, I sent one ;)

I smiled as I locked my phone. Luke was always one of the sweetest guys at the school and almost everyone's friend. I layed down and thought of everything.


"I swear I haven't seen him this social for years," Leah said laughing at Louis talking to his old team mates. I knew what Louis was trying to do.

"Yeah, but he is doing something important in the process," I said shutting my locker.

"And that is what?" Leah asked. I shook my head.

"Nothing, don't worry about it," I said beginning to walk but soon shoulder checked.

"Watch it," Nathan said pushing me. I just laughed. "What are you laugh at?" He asked getting closer.

"You think you scare me," I said walking away. Leah kept snickering.

"You are going to get yourself killed," Leah said laughing. I shrugged.

"Oh well," I said sitting down.

Friday rolls in and I kicked a ball around the front yard with Louis and Leah. As the ball rolls across the street a taxi pulled up to the curb.

"Were you expecting someone?" Louis asked. I Shook my head.

"I was expecting something though," I said running over to pick the ball up.

"funny thing about that package," I heard Luke's voice say. I threw the ball to Louis so I could hug my best friend.

"Luke," I whispered almost in tears.

"Long time no see princess," Luke said spinning me around.

"Whose this?" Leah asked as me and Luke walked over to them.

" Luke, one of my best friends of all time," I said still holding on to him. I looked to Louis to find him a bit upset. "Thus his appearance being unexpected."

"It was a surprise because I missed you, and I see you have some great friends," Luke said smiling. He shook Louis' hand and hugged Leah. "Its nice to meet both of you."

"You seem like a nice guy," Louis said smiling. Luke nodded. "Want to go out for a beer later?" Luke smiled bigger.

"Now this guy can be one of my friends," Luke said patting him on the back. "I will spend time with you don't worry," Luke said winking at me. I rolled my eyes.

~~"So now what?" I asked throwing the ball at Louis.

"We go to the fields and play some football, duh," Louis said picking me up and putting me on his shoulder. I didn't deny it, free ride.


"She was probably the toughest gal through out middle school," Luke said poking me. I just swatted away his hand. "But yet that didn't bother me."

"Well, sorry for your loss, but Im glad she goes to my school, I would have never met this amazing girl," Louis said squeezing my thigh. By now we made it to the park and Louis set me down. The piggy back ride was a perk.

"two on two?" I asked. Louis nodded. "Me and Luke agaisnt you and Leah?" I asked. Louis shrugged.

"Game on," Leah said smiling. And so the game was interesting, till of course the unthinkable happens. Louis had kicked the ball out and into the woods a bit. I offered to get it. Can you guess what happened. Well I couldn't find it, but instead found myself knocked out.


Louis' POV

 "She has been gone a while, I think we should look for her," Luke suggested. I nodded.

"What could have happened?" I asked as we approached the woods.

"Well it might be taking her a while to find it," Leah suggested.

"That's what we hope," Luke said sighing.



NOTE: Sorry if this is sucky, I haven't typed forever ~ Mystery_Horan_Girl


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