Story Of Our Life

18 Year Old Madison Is Living In A Hell Whole. She Really Doesn't Like Her Life. Her Mom Died When Giving Birth To Her Little Brother And He Dad Died 3 Days Before Her 16th Birthday. She Has To Live With Her Grandparents, And Not That She Has A Problem With It, She Just Misses Her Parents Way Too Much. Her School Is A Living Hell Whole, Until She Meets The Older Brother She Never Remember Having. Then, Her Life Changes Forever...


5. Chapter 4: Shocked And Happy {Madison}

"Niall, pick up the pace. The prick squad is here." I whispered. 

He didn't appear to be listening. A small alleyway was to our right. I grabbed his wrist and pulled him over. I grabbed his shoulders and shook him. He grabbed me wrists, wrapped one arm around my waist, still holding one of my wrists, and pushed me against a brick wall. My heart beat faster and I got butterflies. I never thought I'd ever meet Niall or even be this close to him, but here I was. What is he doing? Is he doing this cuz he's mad that I shook him? I thought. That's when I got the biggest shock of my life. He had forcefully crashed his lips to mine and tightened his grip around me, even on my wrist. I was still, but tense, staring at his closed eyes with widened eyes. (Same scene as the cover!) I was in so much shock. I tried to pulled away, but he was too strong and he tightened his grip even more. I continued to try. My back was hurting from the brick wall. His grip slowly, ever so slowly, loosened, but he was still holding on. Finally, he very slowly separated his lips from mine as he slowly opened his eyes.

"I fancy you a lot, Madison. You're absolutely beautiful. I don't know if you felt it, but I felt sparks between us... And, please, I beg you, don't tell Zayn, he'll kill me." Niall said.

His voice was raspy. It was true though, I did feel sparks. I opened my mouth to speak, but nothing came out.

"Madison, please... Say something, anything... Just tell me how you feel..." He said, pressing his forehead to mine. I didn't know what to say.

"I.... I can't... I'm sorry, I just can't! I'm not ready to love again.... My heart is just a pile of ash! My heart isn't fix, even though it's been 2 years!" I said, tears running down my face. I pulled out of his grip, pushed him away and stepped away.

"Madison, let me help. I can help fix your heart! Please let me help! I'll treat you right!" Niall took a step towards me.

"No, Niall... I'm so sorry... I just can't!" I ran to my car and drove home. 

*Later That Night*

The moment Niall kissed me replayed over and over in my mind. I wanted to run across the hall to his flat and hug him, tell him I loved him, never to let me go, but all at once, I couldn't bring myself to move off my bed. 

"Hey, I brought you some popcorn." Zayn said, walking in softly.

"Thanks." I said in almost a whispered. If I spoke louder, I'd let out the tears. 

He sat next me on my bed and hugged me. He put the popcorn on the nightstand. 

"I know you don't want to talk about it, but how can I make you feel better?" He asked.

"You can't... Nothing will..." I muttered, falling backwards on my toys.

"Not even food?"



"No, Zayn, nothing."

He sighed and kissed my head before leaving. 

*25 Minutes Later*

"He kissed you?!" Zayn yelled, storming into the room. I gave him a questionably look.

"Niall kissed you! Why didn't you tell me?! I heard it from him instead!" 

"Zayn, calm down---"

"I won't calm down!"



"Please tell me you didn't hurt him."

"Well, too bad for you! I did!"

"What the hell is wrong with you!? He's you're friend! You're fucking band mate for god sake! Zayn! WHY!?"

"Because you're my little sister and I'm not loosing you!"

I stood up and pushed past him, running over to Niall's flat, preying he was fine. I didn't care I was in my pyjamas. I banged on his door. He opened it and he hand a black eye. My hands flew to my mouth to cover it as I gasped. 
"Oh my god! Niall! Are you alright!? That looks bad! Let me get you some ice!" I stuttered.

"I'm fine." He said. He sounded so depressed. 

"Niall! Let me help!" 

"Oh? Just like I wanted to help you? How about you don't!"

"Niall! I'm sorry, OK? I just can't bring myself to put my heart out there! Just please, Niall.... Let me help..."

"I'm sorry, I shouldn't have gotten upset." 

"It's OK, now move! Where's your ice?" 

I pushed past him and brought him to his couch. I got ice from his freezer and gave it to him. I sat next to him. 

"Are you still upset about earlier?" I asked after a little while.

"No..." He lied.

"Niall James Horan! Don't you dare lie to me!"

"OK, yes... I really do fancy you a lot, Madison... I just felt crushed when you turned me down..."

"I'm really sorry..." I hugged him.

I heard his heart beat speed up and it kept getting faster.

"You really do like me, don't you?" I asked.

"I wouldn't lie about that, Madison. I don't wanna break your heart anymore than it already is. I wanna help, but if you don't want it, then I'll be supportive of that." He said.

I sighed. I did like Niall. I didn't wanna admit it to him or even myself. Everyone I loved, died. I shut my eyes.

"Everyone I loved, died. That's why I don't wanna fall in love, but it's too late for that. I have fallen for someone, but I'm afraid to tell them cuz I don't want something to happen to them." I sighed. I could tell his heart sank.

"Who is it?" He asked, sounding disappointed. I knew what I had to do. I scooted closer and pecked his lips. He looked at me in surprise.

"Me?!" He spat. I nodded.

"I just wasn't ready, but I have to move on." I muttered.

He smiled and kissed my head. 

"Good, cuz I want you to. I want you to move on... to my lap." He said with a laugh.

I laughed and sat on his lap. He wrapped his arms around me and I gently placed my hands on his chest. His heart was beating quickly, but his breathing was steady. I snuggled into his chest and took a deep breath. He was so amazing. I wanted to stay here all day. I looked up at his smiling face. I soon fell asleep in his arms into a dreamless sleep. 

*The Middle Of The Night*

I woke up breathing heavily. Niall was asleep next to me in his bed. I tried to calm down, bit I couldn't. I tried to find something to bite down on. Long story short, biting this calmed me down. I bit down on my hand and slowly lowered myself onto the pillow.

"Is everything alright?" A very sleepy Niall asked. 

"Ya..." I sighed.


"I'm fine, I was just startled away. You don't have to worry about me... No one ever does. Worrying about me is a waste of time." I rolled over to face my back to him.

He wrapped his arm around the front of me and dragged me back. I tried to break free, but I was far too tired. 

"You're not a waste of my time, neither are your feelings. I worry about you for a reason. I worry cuz I care. If you just tell me, it'll make you feel better." He whispered. 

I told him about my dream with my back still to him.

"So, lately I've been having nightmares every night. It starts off happy, but..." I trailed off.

He pulled me even closer and kissed my ear. He turned me over and looked me in the eyes. 

"It's just your nerves. You're busy worrying about what won't happen. You need to focus on what will happen." He said. I smiled.

"Thanks, Ni..." I said. He pulled me closer and snuggled up to me. 

"Big baby..." I murmured. He looked at me. I pecked his lips. "You heard nothing." I whispered.

I buried myself into him and soon, we were asleep.

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