Beauty and The Beast

When Ryan Mercer goes through an ally to get home from a party things go awry as two guys take gun point at her but with every beauty comes a beast


1. What The Hell Are You

Ryan's POV

I walked into an ally needing to get home early

When these guys almost pulled at trigger on me but a guy flew across and knocked them down. The men pushed him off them and pointed their guns at me and shot I was speedily pinned against the brick wall behind me. I screamed but the man seemed like nothing penetrated him anywhere. His head in the crook of neck from what I'm pain but how if he wasn't bleeding. He looked up at me and I was horrified and I screamed. "WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU!!!" He looked he looked like a like a-a a beast.

Hey guys third story hoped you likes the first chapter peace.

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