Fall {Louis Tomlinson}

I always knew he was different, from the minute they told me not to. I don't know if it's the way he looked at me, or just the fact that I knew we were complete opposites.

All I know now is he's the one for me. Am I the one for him? Probably not.


1. Here We Go Again

I struggled out of bed, groaning as the bright light hit my eyes. Great, I was already late. I put on a black knee length skirt and a white shirt with studs on the collar. I looked outside and saw that it was cold. I sighed. I thought America would be warmer but obviously my mother decided to pick the coldest state there was. I threw on a blazer and put my bag over my shoulder.


I did my hair and make up quickly, knowing if I spent too much time looking in the mirror, my imperfections would make me stay longer. I grabbed an apple and headed out the door. Suddenly, different emotions raced through my mind as I walked up to the school gates. I just kept my head down and walked up to the reception desk. 


The woman at the reception desk looked at least fifty, with a smirk on her shriveled lips. I sighed as she gave me my timetable and locker. I walked around the school trying to find my locker. Finally, I found it, grinning to myself as I placed my belongings into it, took out the books I needed for my classes and locked it with the new lock my mother had bought me. As I closed the locker, a smiling face framed with blonde hair greeted me.


"Hey, I'm Anna." She said, a little too excitedly. "I see that you're new here and I wanted to see if you wanted a tour around the school? I'm in most of the same classes as you anyway."


"Leah." I smiled. "Um, okay." This was strange. I looked her up and down. Her dirty blonde hair framed her face perfectly, falling to about her elbows. She was wearing a pair of black jeggings, a muscle tee that had a 5 Seconds of Summer logo on it, a pair of low white converse and a denim jacket. She was everything I wasn't. Popular, pretty and social. 


I followed her around the school until the bell rang and went with her to our first class, English. I loved English. I always get so caught up in my own world when I write, it's like a place for me to hide when I'm sad and depressed. My own little quiet corner in this world. 


I took my seat beside Anna two seats from the front. As I did, I noticed versatile classmates coming into the room. As in, the ones my mother would run to another country if I was even seen with. Black ink scrawled all up the sides of their arms and onto their necks. Piercings covered their faces. The girls wore clothes that were 'barely there' if you know what I mean. They were skanks basically. The guys dressed like they didn't care. I turned around and focused on the teacher trying to teach us whatever it was. 


Suddenly, I felt a pair of eyes staring over at me. When I turned around, my eyes met a pair of dark blue ones. I turned back around and bit on the bottom of my pencil. I was caught up in my own thoughts until the class ended. I turned to Anna and decided to ask her as soon as he was out of our sight.


"Who was the boy across from us?" I asked nervously, not meaning to make it obvious he was staring at me.


"That's Louis Tomlinson." She smirked. "Wouldn't get too worked up if I were you. In his group, it's a new girl every night." I just nodded and headed back to my locker, rather disappointedly. I was getting my books from my locker when a body pressed against mine. I turned around. I knew those eyes. 


"Meet me after school in the car park. I'll be waiting, love." Louis Tomlinson said as he kissed my cheek, his lips lingering there for a moment as he headed off to his next class. I stood there bewildered as he walked away from me.


I power walked to my next class, my head hurting from all it had been through in the last few minutes.







Hey guys! I hope you enjoy the first chapter! This book is actually dedicated to my best friend Leah, so you're welcome. :*** I hope you guys enjoyed it and keep reading!


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