Short and Sweet

"Just like her, our love was short and sweet." [Cover made by C.H.Potter. Thank you. :)]





As always mum was surprised that I was doing homework. She even asked me what was wrong but I said I was fine. I think she believed I'd gone mad as it was very rare that she caught me doing work.

She was so impressed that she gave me money and said that I could go down to the shop to get a treat for myself. And so I did, setting out at 8.30 in the night towards the nearby shop. I didn't expect to see many people and as I walked along it was pretty much deserted.

I made my way into the store, walking towards the energy drink isle. I turned a corner and bam I nearly fell over but not because I had walked into anyone or anything. The sight I saw was what made me want to faint. Lena was there trying to reach something of the top shelf. I suddenly felt nervous and stopped in my tracks. It was a moment before I realised she was wearing what looked like pyjamas. I smiled to myself. That was so adorable, she looked so adorable. Lena was obviously a nightly pyjama shopper. Her pyjamas were pink, my least favourite colour but who cared, they suited her.

I decided to stop staring and moved towards her. My heart was thumping but she was struggling and I wanted to help her out. There was no one here to see me interact with her. I summoned my courage and stopped before her, hands in pockets. I cleared my throat and she turned to look up at me, dropping her heels back down to the floor as she had been standing on tip-toes.

"Need a hand?" I asked. She nodded slowly. I smiled at her but she just stared up at me, looking really nervous. "What do you need?" I questioned looking up at the shelf.

She pointed to a bottle at the top which was labelled 'Strawberry Burst'. I nodded, taking one from the shelf easily and passing it to her. I noticed her hands shaking as she took it and squeaked a small, "thank you."

She then turned and scurried away. Just like that. I had no time to talk to her anymore. She had been so nervous, so shy but I guess that was just her. And I was Jason and I knew she knew I was one of the popular kids. She probably thought if she wasn't careful that I would be mean to her. Of course I wouldn't have done but she didn't know that.

I sighed and reached for another Strawberry Burst. I'd never had it before but now I wanted to try it as Lena had taken one. I made my way to the counter looking out for her but she seemed to already have gone. I paid and left the store, my heart heavy in my chest.

As I walked I uncapped my drink as the scent of sweet strawberry wafted up my nose. It was so unlike Tinsley's perfume that it was nice. I brought it to my mouth and took a gulp. It fizzed in my mouth, the strong flavour of strawberry zinging. This wasn't too bad, in fact I think I preferred it to many energy drinks. Nice pick, Lena, I thought to myself and smiled as I thought of her. Lena, the pyjama shopper.

I couldn't stop smiling like an idiot and when I got into the house mum asked me what I'd been doing. "You look like you're high, Jase. Have you had drugs?" she remarked and questioned me with a stern motherly look on her face.

"No, mum, I'm just a happy bunny, that's all," I replied to her as I went on my way to my room.

As I climbed the stairs I thought to myself that I guess I could count love as a drug because I was defiantly high on it. Every time I saw Lena it would happen, I would feel so strongly in love that it was intoxicating. My love for her was like a drug to me. I just wish she knew how I felt.

If only there was some way that I could be with her, just me and her, so that I didn't have to worry about anything. I could just tell her how I feel without anyone getting in my way or saying anything.

I knew that was too good to be true though.

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