Harry Potter and life after Voldermort.

Straight after the battle of Hogwarts. Seeing how the family commemorates Fred, how relationships build and how the magical world continues after Voldemort dies.


1. Rubble

AN- This is my first movella, so I hope you like it


Harry's eyes scanned the Gryfinndor common room. He felt a squeeze at his hand and turned to see Hermione releasing his hand as she gestured for him and Ron to follow her up to the male dormitories. With each step Harry took, the realization weighed down on him. It was over. Voldermort was dead. His thoughts were briefly interrupted as he looked around the room he was now in. There were his robes, folded neatly next to his bed as always; The house elves never seemed to stop. He turned to find Ron and Hermione looking out of the window he had sent Hedwig out so many times before. Outside was a disaster, but so beautiful. The walls of the beloved castle were cracked or already fallen; but through the rubble, all you could see was love. The families hugging and crying, rejoicing the death of the being that had caused so much pain, but mourning the death of a wizard or witch that had died fighting. Fighting for the lives of not only themselves but others. Harry then knew what his mother and father had done. Their deaths seemed to be beautiful almost to him. If he had to die young, he would have chosen the way they died- loving eternally. After this thought he realized he was watching someone in the crowd unconsciously. A girl with fiery red hair was waltzing through the rubble, looking for something. Her face, tears running through the grime, turned upwards towards the Gryfinndor tower. When she found him, the tears ceased and the quizzical look was replaced with a look of pure joy.

Harry dropped Hermione's hand and turned and ran towards the stairs. He didn't have many clear thoughts after his nemesis had turned to dust, but this thought was very clear- he needed to get to Ginny. Ron shouted and grabbed Hermione's arm before following Harry down the stairs and out through the courtyard. Harry panted and looked around through the rubble until he found Ginny running towards him. His open arms embraced her and all his doubts faded. Her brown eyes met his green eyes and then he was kissing her. His chapped lips sighed in relief as he held her close. When they parted, he knew that this was all worth it.

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