Harry Potter and life after Voldermort.

Straight after the battle of Hogwarts. Seeing how the family commemorates Fred, how relationships build and how the magical world continues after Voldemort dies.


4. New Conversations

Mrs Weasley's scream awakened the whole of the household. Harry, Ginny, Ron and Hermione stumbled down the crooked stairs to the kitchen (Arthur was at work already). Hermione and Ginny immediately leant down and helped Mrs Weasley off of the floor, and tried to soothe her by ordering Harry and Ron to get her glasses off water and to pull her up a chair. After what seemed like she had rubbed 10,000 circles in her mother's back, Ginny asked the question, "What happened?" Harry, who had been looking around the kitchen came to a stop at the pile of opened letters from Hogwarts. "Whose are these?", he asked Mrs Weasley before she could mumble out an answer to Ginny's question. Mrs Weasley's hands started shaking and Ginny handed her some water. "See for yourself", Molly said to Harry as gingerly sipped the water and sniffed away some of the tears. Harry read his letter, and rifled through the other three, compared them, and then turned around. A smile stretched over his ruffled face. "We've been invited back to Hogwarts".

Mrs Weasley's glass shattered to the ground. Hermione waved her wand and the mess was gone in a mtter of seconds, but the same look still remained on the face of Mrs Weasley. Her eyes had travelled to the floor, and then back up to the questioning looks of the teenagers. "What's wrong Mum?", Ron asked. She sighed, brushed the hair out of her face and sniffed her tears away, before standing up and with a wave of her wand, lit the stove. A few minutes later, she had started cooking pancakes with the four teenagers still watching her every move. She turned around to them and said, "If you're not doing anything, get out of here". They scuttled away upstairs to Ginny's room, the biggest room. 

They all sat down in various places, Ginny on her bed, Ron and Hermione leaning against each other on the floor. Harry wasn't in the room, Ginny noted. Their relationship had deepened since the war. He was definitely more mature, but he also made their time together fun. Harry came into the room and sat by Ginny on her bed, putting his arms around her waist easily. She leant back into him and sighed contently. Ron and Hermione giggled from the floor and Harry chucked a pillow at them. Hermione laughed half-heartedly and then asked, "What does the letter say?". Harry paused at took out the folded letter from his back pocket.He coughed awkwardly and then began reading the fine cursive print; "Good morning Mr Potter,

We hope that you have had a relaxing break since the Battle of Hogwarts. As you are more or less aware, a lot of students have not completed or did not receive an adequate senior year here at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. We have written to offer you a place in the class of 1998-99. We hop that you consider this offer and we would be more than happy to have you return to us. Please let us know of your decision within a week, as school resumes in precisely one month.


Miverva McGonagall


Ron, Hermione and Ginny sat in stunned silence while Harry caught his breath after reading the letter quickly. "I think I'll go", said Hermione, looking quickly around at Ron to see his reaction. Ron just nodded his head, "I'll go if Hermione's going", he added. Harry looked pointedly at Ginny. "What do you think?"

"I honestly don't know", she replied. 

"What do you mean?", they all said at once.

She looked up from the ground and replied with, "Well, did you see how mum reacted? She really needs us at a time like this."

Ron and Harry looked at the ground while Hermione just looked at Ginny and said, "I suppose you're right. I mean your mum could barely stand it when we got the letters. Imagine how she would be if we actually went."

Ron and Harry nodded along, thinking that she was finished, but she continued, "But I think that we all really need to return and continue our education. It is vital to survive, improve and help build this world back up to where it was before."

Ron and Harry still continued to stare at the floor with utmost interest, while Ginny looked at Hermione and nodded. "I think you're right, but I just can't leave my mum. We're all she has! Dad is at work all the time, she would be lost without us. I don't know what the solution is."

They all stared at the letter in Ginny's hand. "I think I might have an idea", supplied Harry before running upstairs to his room. The other three sighed, and decided to follow him up the creaky stairs to the room he and Ron shared.

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