Harry Potter and life after Voldermort.

Straight after the battle of Hogwarts. Seeing how the family commemorates Fred, how relationships build and how the magical world continues after Voldemort dies.


5. Harry's Idea

When they reached Harry and Ron's room after they'd wheezed up the ever growing flight of stairs, they found Harry with eyes wide and bright, ready to tell his best friends of his idea. "Well, what's the plan bright eyes?", Ginny asked Harry before she settled down on Ron's battered desk chair. 

"How would your father feel about teaching?" Harry answered.

"Well, I suppose Mr Weasley would love teaching Muggle Studies because he always seems to have an eagerness to learn and shows an actual interest in the subject, unlike Binns." Hermione supplied as Ron and Ginny were staring at Harry with their mouths wide open.

"What would mum do?", Ginny and Ron asked roughly at the same time, equally as cautious.

"Well, I've been thinking and I think Hogwarts could use some sort of home economics teacher", Harry answered. The Weasley siblings were looking at Harry with equally puzzled looks. "Home economics is like cooking, sewing, house management and we could possibly add in something about mending cuts or bruises and healing", Harry explained.

"That actually sounds like a really good idea," Ginny said, grabbing Harry's hand. Ron nodded along. 

"So, how do we make this a reality?", Hermione questioned, ever the realist. 

"A couple of months ago, after the battle, McGonagall pulled me aside and started talking to me. She said that as she would be reinstated as headmistress, she wanted to make me deputy headmaster or place me on the board of governors. I declined, but she insisted that if I ever had any ideas or changes to be made about the school, that I would go to her and she would do her best. So, I could just go to McGonagall and ask her if Mr and Mrs Weasley could come teach. We do need another muggle studies teacher, after Voldemort got rid of the last one", Harry explained. "This means that your mum won't be alone and she will have two of her children and her husband in reach. And she will find some purpose in her life when both of you are at school."

Ron, Ginny and Hermione had just nodded along and had smiles on their faces.

"We better go get some floo powder to get to Hogwarts then", Ginny said. They all got up and raced downstairs. 

"Where are you lot going?", Mrs Weasley sniffed.

"We just wanted to visit George, mum. I haven't seen him recently so we though we better go", Ron supplied.

Mrs Weasley looked hurt but gave a nod and turned back to cutting the carrots, where you could see her hand shaking. 

Harry knew that although they had just hurt her, what they were about to do would make sure that she was never alone again.

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