Harry Potter and life after Voldermort.

Straight after the battle of Hogwarts. Seeing how the family commemorates Fred, how relationships build and how the magical world continues after Voldemort dies.


2. Fred

The rest of the Weasley family and Hermione took Harry and Ginny's hands and soon after the sickly feeling of disapporation, they landed outside The Burrow. Mrs Weasley sobbed as two ministry officials landed shortly after with Fred's body, in a vibrant orange and purple coffin. The family followed George towards the gnome patch at the far end of the quidditch pitch. "Here", said George. The two officials opened a hole near the gnomes and hoops, which so long ago Harry likened to basketball. As the coffin was lowered in, George shook next to his mother. Her hands around his waist, she wept. Mr Weasley placed comforting arms around the rest of his children. Harry and Hermione bowed their heads, until they were pulled by Mrs Weasley to her side. She whispered, "You are always family here". The coffin was lowered I softly into the grave. Mrs Weasley whispered words under her breath reminding everyone her love her son. Mr Weasley raised his wand up to the sky and was soon joined by everyone else in the family. George was last to raise his. Fred was buried with a beaters bat and a firecracker, the word Weasley on its side. The family walked solemnly towards the house, leaving George and Mrs Weasley to mourn alone.

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