Adopted by One Direction

Hi I'm Paige I'm 17 years old and I live in an orphanage I've lived here since I was born I also have brown hair that goes to just below my shoulders, I have bright blue eyes, I'm from London and that's all bye!!


2. wait what?

Chapter 2-

Paige pov•

I saw the boys coming up the steps that means they're going to pick one of us oh no!!!!! "Jaden they're coming!" I whisper yelled to where she was over sitting on her bed reading a book. "Since when does she read a book" I thought. "Since always," she said. I said that out loud!!!!! There was a knock on our door Jaden went ahead and yelled, "come in!" and in they came. Jaden and I looked at each other and smiled we decided we where going to be happy for each other no matter if they picked her or me. "Girls we made a decision we are going to adopt..........

Sorry the chapters are so short I'll try to make them longer -macivotaw

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