Adopted by One Direction

Hi I'm Paige I'm 17 years old and I live in an orphanage I've lived here since I was born I also have brown hair that goes to just below my shoulders, I have bright blue eyes, I'm from London and that's all bye!!


4. BOTH!!!!!!

Paige pov.

"We are gonna adopt..............BOTH OF YOU!!!!!!" Announced Louis. "Ok,but which one of you are our dad?" I asked kinda confused. The boys look at each other then Louis shouted "me, I'm the oldest!" "So girls pack your stuff so we can head out!" Zayn said walking out of the room with the boys "meet us downstairs when your ready!" Then they went down the steps.

Jaden and I looked at each other and screamed "We're gonna be sisters!!!!!!!" We packed our stuff and ran downstairs, when, we got there the boys where waiting for us. Then we left, I guess they already signed the papers. When we got outside there was a limo waiting for us! Jaden and I looked at each other with our mouths open wide. "Shut your mouths before you swallow a fly!" Niall laughed. We bothed shut them and laughed just before we fell over Zayn caught me and Liam caught Jaden. We hopped in the limo and after a couple minutes of silence Zayn said "well tell us about you guys" I started

Name: Paige Tomlinson


Favorite color: neon colors

Favorite animal: Dog

Then Jaden went

Name: Jaden Tomlinson


Favorite color: Pink

Favorite animal:Dog

When we reached the house it was HUGE!!!!!!!!

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