Adopted by One Direction

Hi I'm Paige I'm 17 years old and I live in an orphanage I've lived here since I was born I also have brown hair that goes to just below my shoulders, I have bright blue eyes, I'm from London and that's all bye!!


1. Adopting?

Chapter 1-

Paige pov.

Hey guys!!!!!!! My names Paige, I'm 17 years old, I live in an orphanage that's why I don't really have a last name. Let's see okay, so I have brown hair that goes just below my shoulders, I have big bright blue eyes. I live in London. My bestfriend Jaden has blonde hair that just touches the middle of her back she has big green eyes, she also is 17 years old like me.

I woke up by my bestfriend and my roommate Jaden screaming in my face saying someone's coming to adopt one of us. Yeah right like any one would want to adopt me! "OK I HEARD YOU JADEN!!!!!!!! I'M UP, NO NEED TO SCREAM!" "Sorry, but did you here who was coming!" Jaden said and without a chance for me to answer she yelled "ONE DIRECTION, THATS WHO!!!!!!!!!!" I've never seen her this excited!!!!!!! "WAIT! Did you just say ONE DIRECTION!!!!!" I screamed. "Yep!" Was all she said before yelling "get ready!" Then walked out of the room. I decided to where my blue high waisted shorts and my red crop top with Directioner! written on it, then I put on my red toms. I'm so glad it's summer!!!!!!!!!! I ran down the stairs just in time for breakfast. The boys aren't supposed to be her till 3:00pm it's only 8:30am. I CAN'T WAIT! I wonder who they're gonna adopt I know it's not me though it's pretty obvious

After breakfast I heard a knock on the door "huh it must be a new kid coming" I thought while I went to answer it. When I answered the door there standing right in front of me were ONE DIRECTION!!!!!!!! "Hi, come on in" I said letting the boys walk past me and then I showed them to Ms.Lily's office. "Thank you love," Zayn said and smiled. Then I headed up to my room to tell Jaden that they were here early. Shen I got up to our room Jaden was on her bed crying! "Jaden what's wrong!" I asked. "I was just t-t-thinking th-that you are my only b-bestfriend, and i-if you or m-me gets a-adopted th-then we won't see each o-other again!" Jaden said in between tears. "It's ok, I'm not gonna leave if you don't,Ok?" "Ok" she sounded a little happier.

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