Lost in your arms

This Story is about true love. (One Direction not real) Andrea doesn't know she is falling so hard in love. Shes afraid to lost the love of her live. When they started the relationship she just thought it was just a joke and to mess around. But when they start to get more serious she starts to get scared to lost him. What would happen between them? Read to find out.


7. The Mall


We decided to go on my Mini Cooper. We got in and left. 

-skipping car ride- 

When we got to the mall I parked my car. We got out of the car and went to my trunk to take out the boys baby car. 

During the car ride Noah was slept. So I gently place him on the baby car then I place Aiden. 

We got inside the mall. I was looking for a dress for my date tomorrow with Zayn. 

-skipping mall shopping-

So we had a lot of bags. We put 'em in the trunk and then we put the baby car. I put Aiden on his car sit and Noah on the chair beside.

 We were all hungry. 
"Do you wanna stop at McDonald's?" I asked Claudia
"Yeah sure" she answer

When we got to McDonald's. We decided to go to the drive thru. 

-skipping ordering food- 

"Want me to take you home now or would you eat at my place?" I asked
"At your place" she said. i nodded 

When we got to my place I parked my car and we decided to left the bags at my car then we headed inside. Gabriella was here with Louis. They were cuddling on the couch.

"Need to talk to you sis" my sister said
"Ok" i said

We headed to my room I give everyone their food and we started eating. 

"You told me we needed to talk" se said
"We do" i said
"How about now?"  
 "Ok im gonna talk to you about Zayn." I said
"What happend?" 
"Well you know I went out for lunch with him. Then he told me that we should skip class. I said ok. Then i called you and told you i was gonna skip. So we decided to go to my place. We sat on the couch and we were watching 'Were The Millers' so I decided to cuddle with him. Then he whispered me 'you comfortable?'  I shyly said yes then he asked me out and I was jumping around and then we kissed it was magical!" I said

"How about u and Harry" i asked claudia 
" ok so you know  like I told u earlier we met in geometry. So we had an assignment to make and I forgot my book at my locker thanks to God that the teacher didnt let me look for it. She told me to join with Harry and I did. We started talking and then he told if i wanted to go out sometime with and I scream yes. The teacher told us to leave the classroom and wait in the office. When we got to the office we were flirting and then we kissed and it was amazing!" 

" Oh my Gosh." 

When we finished eating I had to take Claudia home. 

-skipping car ride- 

" see ya tomorrow" i said

I headed to my car and stopped at Starbucks. I bout a coffee and left.

-skipping car ride- 

When I got home i headed to the living room where Louis and Gabriella were.

"Gab its your turn to take car of Aiden Ive been with him all day." I said

I headed upstairs and took a shower. When i got out I put on my favorite pj's. a short pant with some red hearts over it and a white t-shirt. 

I went to my car and took out all of my bags. 

I went upstairs and throw all of my bags on the floor. I was so tired. I got a texted from Zayn. 
A-me Z-Zayn
Z-Hey babe tomorrow were all gonna skip school were going to be at Louis' your sister's boyfriend I think shes coming. So wanna come. Harry would be here. And Niall the blonde guy and Liam and Harry too. Please invite Claudia and bring swim suits.
A- ok but can you come pick me up? 
Z-sure babe 
A- thxx Zayn
Z-be there at 11
A- kk love you
Z-love u too babe

I decided to call Claudia. 

C-Claudia A-me

At the 3rd ring she finally answer.
C-hey whats up"
A- hey Zayn just send me a text that said that they were skipping tomorrow so Louis my sister's boyfriend would be there she would be there Niall the blonde guy would be there and also Liam and Harry.
C- oh sure
A- Zayn is picking me up so I cant go pick you up ask Harry.
C- ok 
A- and bring swim suits

With that i headed to sleep. 

-The next Morning-

I woke up by my alarm and 6. I groan and got out of bed. I checked on Gabriella's room and she wasn't there. I went downstairs and she was wearing a pair of jeans and a red cropped top that said 'Bring It On' 

"Hey you gonna take Aiden to school" i asked 
"Yeah" i said
"Hey they told me today you were skipping class." 
" yeah im dating Zayn" i said 
"Omg Im so happy for ya"
"And Claudia is dating Harry so she would be there too." 
"Ok you go get some sleep while I take Aiden to school."
"Ok and Zayn is picking me up at 11" i said

I headed to my room and got some more sleep.

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