Lost in your arms

This Story is about true love. (One Direction not real) Andrea doesn't know she is falling so hard in love. Shes afraid to lost the love of her live. When they started the relationship she just thought it was just a joke and to mess around. But when they start to get more serious she starts to get scared to lost him. What would happen between them? Read to find out.


2. Starbucks

When we arrived there I saw Louis car so I knew he was here. We got inside and saw Louis on line we went with him and I kiss him on the cheek and then my sis pecked his lips.

We ordered and waited for our names to be called at a table and them Fabi arrived. She kissed our cheeks and she went to order.

 While she order my sis was flirting with Louis. I was just texting with my best friend Claudia. She's 15 like me. And she has a baby brother too. His name is Noah. He's 5. One year older than Aiden. But they attend to the same school.

A-me C-Claudia
A-Are u at school yet?
C-No on my way. Had to drop baby Noah at his Pre-School. U?
A-Yeah we have already dropped Aiden at his school and I'm at Starbucks.
C- Cool
A- So u wanna hang out after school? 
C-Yeah sure
A- Oh wait! I'm with my sister so that means I'm with her car. 
C- Oh men!
A- ill ask I've I can borrow her car while she goes to Louis house or something 
C- kk

They called our names. We got our drinks and food. And went back to the table. 
"Hey can I borrow ur car after school? And maybe u can go with Louis to his house ?or something Im just gonna hang out with Clau" I said
"yeah sure" she said " I'll give u the keys after school" 
"Okey" I said 

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