Lost in your arms

This Story is about true love. (One Direction not real) Andrea doesn't know she is falling so hard in love. Shes afraid to lost the love of her live. When they started the relationship she just thought it was just a joke and to mess around. But when they start to get more serious she starts to get scared to lost him. What would happen between them? Read to find out.


11. Getting Ready

I went inside and it was only 4:37pm. I should just wait for 5:30pm or something. 

I went to my room.
"Claudia come here" i screamed
"Coming" she said

"Loka me tienes que ayudar a escoger algo super perfecto para hoy por la noche" i said in spanish which meant 'girl you have to help me by picking the perfect outfit for tonigh' and since we were from Puerto Rico. We decided to move to UK when we were 10 and our mom let us. We came here with Claudia's mom. But she died last year from breast cancer. And her dad disappeared when she was born.

"Omg yeahh!! Pero tienes alguna idea?" She asked 'omg yeahh. But do you have any idea?'

"Yes i do. Why are we talking spanish?" I asked and she laugh

"Yeah idk you started it!" She said pointing to me

"Yeah whatever now help me!!" I said opening the closet

"Wait were are u guys going?" Clau asked
"I dont know" i said 
"Wait" i said

I took my phone from the night stand and texted Zayn.
Z-Zayn A-me
A- babe where are we going tonight?
Z- its a surprise xx
A- i just dont know what to wear-_-
Z-just wear a dress or just dress formal 
A-Ok babe love u<3
Z-love u too<3

"A dress" i said
"Okay" clau said

---like 5 minutes later---

"Omg girl this dress is so beautiful" she said taking the dress out of the closet and placing it in bed. It was this beautiful dress from Bethany Mota's collection from Aeropostale.
It was a dark blue dress with horizontal lines. It was perfect.

We kept on taking dresses out od the closet and we finally picked the perfect one.  It was black and had some neon pink  dots on the end. 

I took a quick look at the clock on my bedside table. 5:43pm. Perfect.

I took a quick shower and headed downstairs. i grabbed a yogurt and some strawberries and headed back to my room and went to my bathroom. I took out my straightener and started straightening my hair. When I was done I did my make-up.

When I was done I put on my dress and took out some neon pink heels exactly the same color as the dots on the dress. I looked at my self in the mirror and I looked perfect.

Then I looked at the clock and it read 7:03pm. Perfect!! 

I heard a knock on the door. Pretty sure it was Zayn. I walked downstairs with Claudia. She sat on the couch with Gabriella. And I opened the door.

When I opened the door there it was the perfect man. My man. Mine

He looked really handsome. He had a smile on his face. He also had a pack of flowers on his hand. 

"Hey babe" i said i smiled
"Hi baby" he said and leaned in to pecked my cheek. 

"This are for you" he said giving me the beutiful red roses.
"Thanks" i said, "wait here a second.
I went to the kitchen and grabbed a thing where u put the flowers. Idk.

I filled it with water and placed the flowers in. I went back to Zayn.

"Shall we?" He asked and I giggled
"We shall" I said and I smiled big. He held out his hand and I took it and we started walking to Zayn's car.

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