Lost in your arms

This Story is about true love. (One Direction not real) Andrea doesn't know she is falling so hard in love. Shes afraid to lost the love of her live. When they started the relationship she just thought it was just a joke and to mess around. But when they start to get more serious she starts to get scared to lost him. What would happen between them? Read to find out.


5. First Kiss

When we got home I opened the house and stepped in. 

"Wanna watch a movie?" I asked
"Sure" he said
 "What would u like to watch?" I asked 
"I don't know... Whatever you like I like" i blushed a little
"So wanna watch Were the Millers?" I asked
"Yeah" he said i nodded while i looked for the movie he sat on the couch while I press play and sat next to him. He shyly place his arm around my shoulders. I placed my head on his shoulder. He pulled me closer. 

"You comfortable?" He asked
"Yes" i giggled
"So i was wondering..." He started  "if you want it to go for dinner tomorrow?" 
"Zayn are u asking me out on a date?" I asked
"Yes" he said shyly
"Of course" i yelled and jumping around the living room. 

He laugh and stand up and wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me closer. I looked at his eyes an he looked at mine and then he leaned in with his eyes closed. I closed mine too and got in my tiptoes and we kissed gently on our lips. 

The kiss was fill with passion and love. We both pulled away. I giggled and pecked his lips.

"Lets go were gonna be late" i said and he had a massive smile on his face. I grabbed his hand and we jumped on the car and we headed to school.

He parked his car and waited for the bell to ring.

"What class u have now?" I asked
"English" i said " you?" I asked
"Geometry" he said "Ok see you then babe" he said
"Bye bad boy" i said

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