Reckless -Complete-

We were like any other teenager, just...more.
"Just tell me that it meant something" she pleaded, opening her eyes to me. "Tell me you felt something too."
I leaned down and softly pecked her lips, "Of course I did."
But when things went wrong, I never could stop the rage.
"Noah stop! Don't be stupid! Don't be reckless! Don't be THAT guy! You're scaring me."

[Sequel/Spin off to Careless]


5. Too late

Noah's POV:

"So you're going out with him...again?"

I was watching Maddie get her stuff ready to go back home. "Yup." "And where exactly are you going?" "He hasn't told me but I'm pretty excited" smiled, zipping up her bag.

I looked down at my lap feeling stupid. Maybe if I wouldn't of said what I said she wouldn't be going on a date with Donnie.

"Maddie?" "Yeah?" I was getting ready to ask her if my assumption was true but I didn't want to upset her.


She sighed, knowing I was holding something back. Why can't I say what I need to? It's never been a problem before.

She stood and adjusted her pants, slinging her bag on her shoulder. "Well I guess I'll see you...later" she stammered, scrunching her eyebrows in what seemed to be confusion. I stood from my bed and stepped to her. "Maddie..." She looked up into my eyes with an innocence only she can have.

"I...I messed up okay? I hope you know I didn't mean it and I shouldn't of said it. You just looked...different. Pretty, even. Carter was...talking about you and it made me angry. I'm sorry."

"Noah, you already said sorry."

"I know but I really mean it. You looked" I gulped, "really pretty yesterday."

Her eyes went bright and her cheeks seemed to tinge. "Not that you don't look pretty now o-or any other day" I rushed out. She giggled, holding her hand up for me to stop. "Thank you and...I accept your apology." I let out a breath I didn't even know I was holding, "Thank god." I wrapped her in my arms and breathed her in. "I don't like it when you're mad at me" I mumbled into her hair. She laughed, clutching onto the back of my shirt. "I can see. I don't like being mad at you either. You just sort of hurt my feelings." "I know and I'm sorry."

She let go of me and looked up at me. She instantly frowned, "Why are you crying?" I brushed my fingers across my cheek, "I didn't know I was." She playfully shook her head and wiped at my cheeks. "Cry baby" she teased.

"I don't know. I think I can make you cry so we're even" I joked. She narrowed her eyes at me but I was thinking something more playful. I put my hands on her sides and dug my fingers repeatedly into them. She yelped and began laughing. "No-noah stop!" she gasped, falling to her knees. I got down with her and kept tickling her. "Please!" "Nope not until you cry!" "I can't cry o-on purpose!"

Only a few seconds passed until she was in tears. I stopped and laughed at her red cheeks. "Stupid prick" she scolded but her faint laughter made her seem less serious. I stood and helped her up. Just then...something hit me.

"You know what we should do?"


"We should get tattoos" I suggested. Her eyes widened, "My mom would kill me." " So we get them in places they won't see." "We're not old enough." "I know a guy." "Noah-" "Stop making excuses." "But I'm scared of needles." "Well I'll be holding your hand the entire time" I smiled. She rolled her eyes, "Fine." "Okay, we'll do it after the summer. If there's another pool party they'll see."

"What do you wanna get?" she asked. "We'll think about it later but you have some place to be."

"Oh yeah...Donnie. Why don't you like him?" "He's a stupid prick. You should of heard what he said to me." Her eyebrows furrowed, "What did he say?" "He...the last day of school he said that 'he stole my girl' when you agreed to go on a date with him." 

She stepped closer to me, "Your girl?" she giggled. I tried to take a step back because her proximity was reminding me of my dream, but her night bag was behind me and stopped me. 

He gulped, "Yeah he thinks I have a thing for you."

She brought her hand up and brushed a hair away that was hanging on my face. "Do you have a thing for me Noah?" she whispered. "I-uh-we're just friends right?" Her fingers ran down my cheek in a slow soft movement. "Yeah, we are."

I blinked a few times when she stepped around me and picked up her bag, then stepped back in front of me. She leaned up pressed a kiss to my cheek, "I'll see you later" she murmured and left my room.

I let out a breath, "Damn."

I looked down at my sweatpants and saw that my little friend wanted attention. I grabbed my dry towel and headed for mine and Logan's bathroom. "Noah, come down for lunch!"

"I'm taking a shower!" I called back

A very cold shower.


I was slurping up my spaghetti that my mom made me when she said...

"You know Maddie likes you?"

I nearly choked on my face and was quick to chew on what I had. "What?" I said with my mouth full before swallowing. "What?" I repeated. 

She smiled widely and looked over at dad who was sat beside her. "I think you heard her" he smirked.

I rolled my eyes. "Whatever..." 

"It's true."

"You don't know that" I bite back.

"Sydney read her diary" mom gushed out. I narrowed my eyes at her, "That's not something to be proud of, reading someone's diary." 

"She read some...interesting things-" "Mom, I don't want to hear about how you and Sydney think Maddie likes me." She's pressing some buttons that I didn't even know existed.

"But she wrote it in black and white!" she exclaimed. I stood up, pushing my chair back so it screeched against the tile floor, "Shut up!"

Her mouth closed and her eyes widened at my outburst. Dad frowned at me in disapproval.

"She doesn't like me nor will she ever because she's with that prick Donnie" I spat. "Stop trying to snake your way into my social life. You're thirty! Act thirty and stay out of my business!"

Dad stood with a scowl on his face. "First off, lower your voice before you wake Logan and second, don't you dare speak to your mom like that-"

"And who the fuck are you?!" 

His mouth dropped open. "That's what I thought" I said and walked away upstairs. I grabbed my phone and even though I know she's out with Donnie right now I still text her.

N: I'm gonna die if I'm in this house another minute.

M: Your dad again?

N: And my mom! She's always in my business and my dad is like an annoying sidekick.

​M: He's just trying to be there for you :(

N: I rather he wasn't.

M: Well I'm out right now but you can go over to my house and I'll be there soon.

N: Your mom won't mind?

M: Nope, you know how she is.

Yeah reading in your diary.

N: Okay I'm heading over there now.

M: I'll be there in a few. 

I put my phone into my back pocket and slip on my hoodie since it's a bit windy today. I go across the hall and check on my little brother. He's been sleeping a lot lately because of the new medicine the doctors gave him. I close his door again and head downstairs.

"Where do you think you're going?" Dad asks as I pass them on my way to the door.


"Noah Ja-"

"Bye!" I yell, slamming the door behind me.

I get Preston to give me a ride to Maddie's and once I get there he drives off. Sydney opens the door and is a bit surprised to see me. "Oh I'm sorry Noah but Madison isn't here."

"I know, she said I could come over and that she'd be back shortly."

"Okay, come on in." I walk in and see that they were having some sort of a movie night. The living room is dark and Milo is sitting on the couch in front of the TV as I pass. I got straight to Maddie's room and plop down on her bed.

I hope she's back soon, I really need to talk to her.

The words that my mom said play through my mind, Maddie likes you. She wrote it in black and white. 

That makes me all the more curious as to know if she's telling the truth. My fingers itch for information but I don't want to be like my mom or hers, snooping through people's private lives, but I am my mothers child. 

I know exactly where she hides it too. She's told me, she tells me everything. Now I'm second guessing if I should defy her trust in me. Ugh, but I have to know!

I creep my hand between her mattress' and pick at the notebook stuffed between them. I pull it out and sit up, staring down at it and it's weird decorating. Like pulling off a band-aid, I opened it to a random page. The date was the day before school ended. I gulped and took a few breaths before I began to read.


Tomorrow is the last day of middle school. I'm so glad to finally be leaving, I don't belong there. I'm too mature to be around all the dim-wits. I'm also excited because it's the summer music festival and Noah promised he'd take me. I can't wait. I'm not that into music to be honest but Noah is and his eyes shine when he listens to a good song. I only want to go because we haven't hung out like we used to do. Middle school is tough and my mom makes me stay home and study for unnecessary bullshit. I can't wait for high school though. More freedom hopefully 

I stop reading, finding that this page was more about middle school than about me. I skim through some other pages until I land on...


Last night I had a dream. A really naughty one. It was about Noah and he was feeling me and making me so weak to his touch. It was I woke up panting and with a buzzing ache between my legs. Jeez, it felt good. Noah has been my friend for years but that dream...that dream was something else. And then it was completely ruined when I got my freaking period a couple of hours after. Dirty dreams and first periods in the same day? I think my body wants to grow up faster than I intended.

What the hell? She had a dream...of me? The same night I had a dream of her? 

Okay that's super weird.

I adjusted my jeans because I straining against them. I took a deep breath and flipped the page. This is so wrong but, damn, it feels right.


It's been a while so I'll catch you up. I just got home from spending the night at Noah's and am getting ready for a date with Donnie. Yes, Donnie, a guy who has gotten on my nerves the past few years. I went with him to the music festival instead of Noah because he was being a d-bag that day. I forgave him because my heart couldn't will me to do anything else.

We had a pool party and my mom and Eden tried to make me pretty but nothing will work. I'm not pretty like Tilly or that...bitch...Alex. Noah laughed and that tore me apart. I cried in the bathroom and scrubbed my face raw, but no amount of scrubbing can rid of the pain I felt. Donnie was there being so nice and making me feel like I was pretty and that I actually had a chance but when I saw Noah and Alex...kissing. I acted on impulse and kissed him. 

I kissed Donnie and he kissed me back like he's waited for the moment his entire life. The only reason I did it was because I was hurt and needed to feel...liked. He was my first kiss and for me, it wasn't special.

Donnie is a nice guy but I don't like him, not the way I do Noah. 

Oh shit. Sydney and my mom were right. Maddie...liked me. 

I skimmed through other pages, seeing in big block letters.


I don't know what to think let alone what to do next. Maddie likes me. She likes me! Should I confront her about it or wait until she tells me herself? That could be forever. Should I show her interest and maybe that will boost the process? This is all so confusi-


My head snaps toward the doorway to see Maddie standing there with wide eyes, looking down at my lap where her journal lay. I'm quick to close it shut and stand up with it behind my back,

I'm so screwed.

"H-hey Maddie. Did you have fun on your date?" My voice is rushed and raised an octave in pure nerves. 

"What are you doing?" She dodges the question entirely. I open my mouth, then close it when I can't come up with a good excuse.

She paces towards me and reaches around me, snatching the journal from my grasp.

Her cheeks tinged but I'm not sure if it's from anger or embarrassment. "You diary?" she seethed.

Yep, that's anger.

"I" "How dare you?! This is private! I trusted you by stupidly telling you were I hid it and you read it?" "Maddie I'm-" "How much of it did you read?" "I didn't-" "How much!" I bit at my lip, trying to look everywhere but at her. "Everything." 

It looked like someone punched her in the gut. "Oh god" she breathed out, holding her free hand to her forehead. I watched as she walked to her bed and put the journal back between the mattress'. She turned and looked at me with glazed eyes and a trembling bottom lip, "You ruined everything."

"No, we can talk about this." "About what? How you read my diary a-and now you know things that I swore not to tell anyone?"

"Why wouldn't you tell anyone that? Not even me?"

"Especially not you."

"And why not? Would it be so bad if you liked me?"

"Because it wouldn't matter!" Her tears fall freely now and I want nothing more than to wipe them away. "It wouldn't matter because we both know you don't feel the same way!"

"You don't know that."

"But I know you Noah. We're friends right?" I nodded. "So nothing should change that."

"But you said that-that you liked me and you should at least-"

"And it also wouldn't matter because Donnie asked me to be his girlfriend" she said all to confidently, making me narrow my eyes at her.

"And?" I hissed.

"I said yes."

I suddenly get the urge to find the guy and hit him where it hurts, making sure he never uses that thing any where near Maddie.

"Why would you say yes when you know you don't like him?!"

"Because he likes me! He doesn't say stupid shit that hurts my feelings and he's never made me cry. He makes me feel special and...I don't know...maybe over time I can learn to like him too."

I shake my head, my eyes focusing on the ground below her feet.

"You can't mess around with people's feelings like that" I murmur.

"You shouldn't try and give me advice...ever."

"I'm sorry okay? I'm tryi-" I was stopped when she started to laugh, "Sorry? You're always sorry...about everything. Why don't you stop doing stupid things to be sorry for? Why don't you just think before you talk and act?"

"I-" I stop again when I know I'm just going to apologize again. 

She stepped towards me and said in a quiet voice. "If you were so sorry you would've stopped to think about all the signs I've put right in front of you all this time. I've waited to a point that I've become impatient. I'm tired of waiting, Noah." 



A/N: Oh snap. 

Maddie's with Donnie now... 0.0

Please tell me what you guys think about this chapter! 

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