Reckless -Complete-

We were like any other teenager, just...more.
"Just tell me that it meant something" she pleaded, opening her eyes to me. "Tell me you felt something too."
I leaned down and softly pecked her lips, "Of course I did."
But when things went wrong, I never could stop the rage.
"Noah stop! Don't be stupid! Don't be reckless! Don't be THAT guy! You're scaring me."

[Sequel/Spin off to Careless]


3. Growing up


Her hands roam down my bare chest and abdomen as she works her hips above me.


Her voice calling out my name in a needy whisper makes me shudder. I grip on to her gyrating hips and know that I can't hold on any longer.

She leans her head down and connects our lips in a heated kiss. I open my eyes to see her green ones looking down at me with pure lust. Just the glow in them makes me let go. Waves of pleasure flow through me and to her.


I wake up with a jolt and frantically look around my room to see it's still dark.

I'm breathing hard but otherwise...relieved. I've never felt anything like that.

"Damn" I sighed.

I was ready to go back to sleep when I felt wetness all over me. "What the..."

Did I just wet the bed? I groaned. I'm thirteen years old wetting the bed. How embarrassing.

I can't sleep in this. I slip out of my wet sheets and wince once my pajama pants stick to my skin. I strip the sheets off my bed and bundle them in my arms. I slowly and quietly open the door to my room and leave down the stairs to the laundry room. I'm almost there when I stub my toe on the hallway table.

I want to scream out a profanity but I don't want to wake up anybody. I keep going, limping my way to there.


I freeze once I hear my moms voice from behind me. I slowly turn around on my heels and see her in a tshirt and pajama shorts with the superman slippers I bought her for Christmas.


"What are you doing down here? It's midnight."

" sort of-"

"Let me see those" she said, taking the sheets from me. She knew I didn't want to talk about it.

She walked to the laundry room and I trailed behind her.

She brought the sheets up to her nose and sniffed them...weird.

"It doesn't smell like pee" she mumbled more to herself than to me.

She threw them in the washing machine and added all the soaps before turning it on. Turning around to me she asked, "Are you feeling okay?"

I scratched my chest with a sigh. "I just...I don't know...feel different."

"You wanna talk about it?"

"Not right now. I just want to take a shower. I'm sticky."

Her eyes widened like she knew something, "Sticky?"


" I think you should talk to your dad tomorrow about this...alright?"

"Mom, it's no big deal."

She gave me a stern look, basically telling me that 'what I say, goes'.

"Okay I'll talk to dad."

She smiled, "Good, now get into a shower and I'll put new sheets on your bed."


"No problem, goodnight." She kissed my forehead and went upstairs. 

I decided to take a shower downstairs so I wouldn't wake Logan and thought.

I groaned, frustrated about my dream. 

It was about Maddie.


Eden's POV:

"Liam!" i whisper yell once I get into our from changing Jamie's sheets.

He groans in his sleep and rolls over onto his stomach. I jump onto the bed and switch on my lamp. 

"Wake up! It's important." I shake him. "Alright alright I'm up" he yawns and sits up with me. "What time is it?" "Midnight, but that's no the point."

"Ok what's wrong?"

"Jamie wet the bed" I rushed out.

"Jeez, he's still wetting the bed? He's thirteen."

"No know, wet the bed."

"You mean he had-"


"Oh shit" he sighed, rubbing his hands over his face. "I know." "Well...what do we do?" "I told him you were going to talk him." "Why do I have to talk to him?" he whined. I gave him a firm look, "Your the dad, the man, so you talk to him." "This is gonna be so awkward."

"Like your talk with your dad?" I giggled. "That was a disaster" he chuckled, "He was so blunt about it. 'Liam, let's talk about sex'." I laughed. "Of course I was zoning out the whole time."

"Yeah, shows a lot."

"Hey, there's some good things about getting you pregnant at sixteen."

I sighed, "I know." He leaned down kissed me softly on the lips. "You have Jamie" *kiss* "and Logan" *kiss* "and me." I smiled against his lips. "You better make sure he listens to you" I mumble. He chuckles and pecks my lips a last time before reaching over me to switch off my lamp. We snuggled back into the covers. 

"My baby's growing up" I whispered. "I know. Before we know it he'll have a girlfriend."

"Don't. Even. Remind. Me" I seethed.

His chest rumbled with silent laughter. I slapped at him. "Seriously, I don't want anyone taking advantage of my baby." He kissed the top of my head, "We'll cross that bridge when we get to it."

"Okay Mr. Philosopher" I joked. "Night Eden." "Night Liam."


Noah's POV:

I was getting dressed and ready to leave for Maddie's house when someone knocked on my door. Ugh, she was ready to talk to me and someone just had to delay me from getting there.

"Come in."

Dad came in with a box in his hand. "Yeah dad?"

"Look, mom told me about last night and I don't want to talk to you about this just as much as you don't wanna listen."

Oh gosh, what is this.


"Sit down."

We both sat at the edge of my bed.

"Do you wanna tell me what your dream was about?"

My eyes widened, "N-no, not really."

"Okay. You can say no but was it about sex?" he rushed out. My face tinged, "Um, yeah" I mumbled. 

"Alright so your mom was always." That made me laugh a bit, besides my uncomfortableness. "Here" he said and set the box on my lap. I opened it and my eyes bulged when I saw what was inside. "I'm not saying it's alright to use them now. Your thirteen, you can wait but when you're ready, use them, they're yours." "W-why are you giving me these?"

"Because that dream last night means you're growing up know...getting urges."

"Okay okay I've heard enough."

"Oh thank god" he sighed and stood up. "If your mom know everything."

I nodded. "But seriously Noah, use them. It's not a joking matter." "Yes Liam" I groaned. He raised his eyebrow at me. "Dad" I laughed.


"Oh hello Noah" Ms. Sydney smiled at me. "Hi, Maddie here?" "Yeah she's in her room but she's not feeling well so be careful."

What? She's never sick.

Sydney must've read my confused expression because she smiled and said, "I'm pretty sure she'll tell you." She let me in and I made my way down the hall to her room.

I knocked and opened the door. She was laid across her bed still in her pajamas and she looked beat. Visions from my dream came to mind and I had to blink a few times to get them out of my head.

"Hey Noah."


I sat at the edge of her bed and looked back at her. She had a towel laid across her stomach and some very fuzzy socks on. 

"You sick?"

"You can say that" she tiredly laughed, "Come lie down with me" she offered. I scooted up her bed and laid on my back beside her.

"I'm really sorry about yesterday...what I said. It just came out and I didn't mean it."

She was silent for a while and i was wondering if she was too mad to talk.

"I got my period" she mumbled.


"Yesterday. I woke up and I got my period, that's why I was so mad about what you said."

"Oh shit, Maddie I didn't know. If you would've told me..."

"I was embarrassed. I mean...that's so embarrassing. I was hesitating to tell you just now."

"I'm glad you told me though. I guess we're both getting older" i said, remembering my talk with my dad earlier.

"What do you mean?" she laughed.

"My dad gave me...the talk."

Her face turned red from trying not to laugh but instantly calmed down and gripped her stomach, "Ow."

"Do you want chocolate or something sweet?"


"My mom eats it and says it makes her feel better." 

"I doubt it but thanks for asking."

"Well...what do you want."

"Just keep me warm would you? Cold makes it worse."

I held her around the shoulder and brought her covers over her. "Stroke my hair" she whispered. I ran my fingers through her curls for a while before hearing her soft snores.

I don't plan on telling her of my dream anytime soon.



A/N: For all you new reader Noah's name is Noah James Payne so Liam, Eden, Logan and a few others call him Jamie. Please read Careless first because this story will make more sense if you do.

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