Reckless -Complete-

We were like any other teenager, just...more.
"Just tell me that it meant something" she pleaded, opening her eyes to me. "Tell me you felt something too."
I leaned down and softly pecked her lips, "Of course I did."
But when things went wrong, I never could stop the rage.
"Noah stop! Don't be stupid! Don't be reckless! Don't be THAT guy! You're scaring me."

[Sequel/Spin off to Careless]


12. Getting along

I helped my mom set the table and even though she tried to hide it, she was nervous.

Dad was less than ten minutes away and she has yet to explain to him that she already started dating. I mean, I don't blame her. Her and Harry have been friends for quite a long time and he was there when my dad wasn't.

The other day she told me about how her and Harry got together, even though I begged her not to. She told me that they were just talking about her plans for the future and how she'd move on when he just...kissed her. That was a bold move if I do say so myself. The kiss that Maddie and I walked in on was only their second and that was pretty steamy.


Just thinking of my mom...ew okay stop.

I chuckled when my mom almost dropped the bowl of mashed potatoes. 

"Nervous much?"I teased.

"Oh shut up" she snapped, setting the bowl on the table before going to the drawers to grab utensils. 

As I set the plates I thought about how Logan's spot has been empty for weeks. I'm actually glad he's coming home tomorrow because Maddie and I planned on taking him to the winter fair.

It would be a surprise and we even decided to invite Zeke.

Harry came into the kitchen and kissed my mom on the cheek before chuckling, "Eden, calm down."

"I'm sorry, I'm just not sure how he'll take it."

"Well, Jamie suggested I hide somewhere."

My mom shot daggers at me and I shrugged before sitting in my chair. 

There was a knock on the door and mom went to answer it while Harry sat across from me. "Showtime."

Eden's POV:

I opened the door and my heart broke for the thousandth time. Liam wore is permanent bright smile but I could see the hesitation behind it and the dark spots under his eyes. 

I forced a smile and opened the door wider to let him in, "Hey."

"Hi, I brought coconut creme because I know Jamie likes it."

"Soy-free?" "Of course."

I went to the kitchen with Liam hot on my tail. 

I reminded myself why I wasn't with him and why I could never be again. Harry turned and smiled a reassuring smile that I've come to love. He has made me happy and has comforted me these last few weeks and tonight, if we survive this dinner, I want to show him. We haven't been having sex, which I've been wanting to do, because he doesn't want to feel like I owe him anything. I care about him enough so I don't see why he won't just lie there and let me have my way with him.

Okay...that was uncalled for but I haven't gotten it in since...ever. Like months and I'm like a bitch in heat over here.

"Oh...hey Harry" Liam awkwardly greeted. I sighed and sat next to Harry at the table. "Hey Liam" he chirped, then leaned in to whisper in my ear. "It'll be fine, just think of that one time at your job when we almost-" "Shut up" I hissed, nudging him away from me. He lightly laughed before grabbing the spoon in the mash potatoes and putting them on his place. Liam sat across from us, next to Jamie as we ate. It was quiet until Jamie decided to speak up.

"Maddie want to have sex with me."

I chocked on my water and I saw Liam's eyes widened while Harry began to laugh.

"Jump on it then" he said. "Harry!" "I'm just kidding! You're way too young for that."

" old were you?"

"Old enough."

"Try nineteen" Liam retorted. "That's reasonable. Fourteen isn't" I spoke sternly to Jamie. 

"But let's not forget how Harry lost his purity." 

"Shut up Liam" Harry snapped. 

"You think I don't know what's going on here" he said in a low and menacing voice that had me gulping down more water. 

"We're supposed to be best mates. Out of all the boys, it was supposed to be us. You're fucked up if you think I'm okay with you sleeping around with my ex-"

"First of all" I exclaimed, rage bubbling up inside of me. "Jamie. Room. Now."

He groaned before getting up and mumbling something about 'the best part'.

"And second, you aren't going to sit there and tell us how you feel. You have no say in what I do anymore. You lost that privilege when you cheated on me!"

He sat there with his lips tightly pressed together and his brow furrowed. I stood, grabbed my plate and scrapped it into the garbage, suddenly loosing my appetite. 


"Please Harry, I just..." I don't know what happened to me and before I knew it I broke into sobs.

I felt soothing arms around me and instantly knew they were Harry's. "I just want a break" I cried.

"Logan will be out of the hospital tomorrow and Jamie will take him out. We can do anything you want tomorrow, promise." "Really?" "Yes, anything."

I nodded and sniffled, wiping my nose. I turned to clear plates and noticed Liam was gone. 

"He's just a little hurt" Harry assured me, taking me into his chest again and kissing the side of my head.

"He shouldn't be."

He sighed and tilted my head up to look at him. "Let it go. You're over it right?"

I groaned, "I'm trying to be."

He smiled and pecked my lips, "It'll be worth it, trust me."


Noah's POV:

Mom went to her room after telling us what we could and couldn't do at the fair. I know she's tired but she was starting to irritate me with the amount of work she'd pile on me. Like last night I offered to set the table but hours after she sent me away she practically nagged me about cleaning my room. It was ten o' clock! That shit was not necessary.

I turned towards Logan who just got home from the hospital and was wearing doe wide eyes. "Who pissed in her cereal?" he mumbled, causing me to laugh. 

Maddie text me, saying she was on her way and even offered to pick up Zeke. Logan went to take a quick shower while I changed into something a bit more comfortable. White shirt that rolled at the sleeves, dark skinnies and black converse seemed to be an everyday thing for me. 

I got a call from Marley and answered it as I started heading back downstairs. 


"Hey Noah" she chirped in her forever happy tone.

"Hey Mar, you want somethin'?"

"Why can't I just call to check up on you? Why do I have to want something?" she huffed.

I laughed, "I don't know. You never just call out of the blue, you usually want to talk."

There was a long silence and I checked the screen to see if she was still on the line. I put it back to my ear and just decided to wait it out.

"You're right" she finally said, her voice a soft whisper compared to her previous tone. 

"What's wrong?"

"It's about Carter-"

"If that fucker hurt you--best friend or not--I'll beat the sh-"

"No no, it's not anything bad. I just...well-"

"Say it" I encouraged her.

"He let me sleep over the other night and we started kissing and one thing led to another and...we had sex" she rambled.


"I know and I'm feeling really iffy about it because it was a heat of the moment type of thing and..."

"Do you regret it?"

"Sort of" she whined, "and I'm not saying-wait-are you eating?! I'm telling you something that's really bothering me and you're chomping your jaws!"

I lightly chuckled, trying to swallow the rest of my crackers. "I'm a growing boy."

"Shut up! Ugh, I shouldn't have ever called you."

"Feelings are getting hurt over here."

There was a knock on the front door and an order from my mom to answer it. Putting my phone between my shoulder and ear I went to answer it while still eating my crackers.

"Can you just tell me something nice like you always do?" she practically begged. 

I sighed, opening the door to see Marley and a shy Zeke. A horn blared and I waved towards Ms. Sydney before she drove off. I motioned them both in and closed the door before answering Marley.

"Talk to him about it. Maybe even try it again or wait it out. I really don't know because I'm not really in your situation right now."

"Alright" she groaned. "Bye, Mar." "Bye."

I hung up and accepted the kiss that Maddie gave me. "You taste like...saltine crackers" she side, licking over her lips. I chuckled and offered her some. "Logan's up in his room" I told Zeke, nodding towards the stairs.

"So who was on the phone?" she asked, stuffing a cracker in her mouth.

"Marley and her Carter problems."

"Problems?" "Yeah, I mean I wouldn't say problems but they sort of slept together and she's having second thoughts." "At least she's gettin' some" she mumbled under her breath.


"Nothing" she innocently smiled, already knowing I heard her.

I rolled my eyes and called Logan and Zeke downstairs. Just as we were all piling out of the door Harry was parking in the drive way. He got out and waved towards us.

"I'm giving you guys a ride right?" he asked. I nodded and we all got into his car.

The drive was sort of lengthy so I turned on the radio. "Who told you to touch my radio."

"But you're singing" Logan exclaimed. 

You and I, we don't wanna be like them, we can make it 'til the end...

He groaned but continued driving.

The song ended and Maddie spoke. "Oh Harry, sing for me" she said in a teasing breathy voice.

"No" Harry chuckled. 

"Please" she whined. "Yeah Harry, I'm sure you're still good" Logan egged on.

I looked over at Harry and saw a smirk grow on his face. "Only if Jamie sings with me" he said.

"What makes you think I can sing?" "I've heard you in the shower." "You can't say that any other way without it sounding weird." We laughed.

"Sing it with him already" Logan groaned. 

I cursed them under my breath.

"Fine" I hissed. 

"Alright, you sing Liam--of course--and I'll sing the chorus." 

I know how it goes, I know how it goes from wrong and right

Silence and sound

Did they ever hold each other tight,

like us?

Did they ever fight

like us? 

I sang and then Harry sang the chorus. 

The others clapped and whooped. "You sang that like a true member" Harry chuckled, patting my shoulder in an awkward position.

"Whatever, keep your eyes on the road."

We got to the fair right at sunset and were told that he'd be back in a few hours.

We went on a few rides and then walked through this maze that got me a major headache. We chilled for a while and talked about what we'd eat. Of course I couldn't eat anything except for maybe the fruit they had.

At one point when Maddie was talking to me I looked over to see Logan and Zeke kissing. I brushed it off because I knew they liked each other. What didn't settle with me was the group of older kids looking a them crazy. I tapped Logan's shoulder and when he looked at me I nodded towards the group.

I stepped to them, "Do you have something to say?" I gritted.

One girl scoffed and looked away. "Why don't you tell you're little friends to take that somewhere else" so big guy said. "If you have a problem with my brother then you can take it up with me."

He narrowed his eyes at me stepped towards me.

"Noah" Maddie whispered, holding onto my arm to pull me back.

I took a deep breath before cursing him and walking away. Just hearing them mumble made me want to turn back around.

Madde caught my arm again and turned me around to look at her.

"Look at you" she softly laughed, "not fighting or anything."

I rolled my eyes. She grabbed my face between her hands and stood on her toes to get to me. "Hey, don't get snappy with me." She pecked my lips, completely melting my anger away. 

"Sorry" I mumbled. "Sh, just kiss me."


Meanwhile at the house...

Eden's POV:

"Harry" I moaned, completely out of breath.

I grasped at anything I could. His hair was fisted between my fingers and his skin scrapped from my nails.

"Oh, baby" I whimpered as he went faster. "Eden" he panted into the damp skin of my neck.

He twisted his hips and I cried out. "S-so close" I said barely above a whisper.

He groaned and went just a little deeper. I tightened my legs around his waist and tilted my hips to meet his thrusts. "Awh! Harry!" I let out a relieved cry as I released a burning stress.

Harry moaned and collapsed above me. "Oh god" I whimper, still feeling aftershocks.

Harry breathed heavily before sighing and saying.

"I love you."

I froze, time stood still.

Nearly four months and this is what it's come to.

I thought about the last time I loved and how it completely broke me. 

Yet here Harry was, rebuilding me into someone even better. I loved him.

I brought his head up and kissed him. "I love you too" I smiled.


Not even half an hour later there was a knock on the front door and I groaned.

"I'll get it" Harry offered.

"It's alright, I'll do it."

I got out of bed and Harry handed me his black tee to slip on. I went downstairs and yelled "coming" when the person knocked again.

I opened the door and my eyes widened. 


"W-what are you wearing?"


A/N: Cliffhanger...ish

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It's been a year and ten days since I posted my first novella 'Remember your promise'. I can't believe I'm still here wasting my life cramping my fingers. JK I love it!

Thanks for reading guys. The story will sadly be ending soon! Just a few more chapters.



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