Reckless -Complete-

We were like any other teenager, just...more.
"Just tell me that it meant something" she pleaded, opening her eyes to me. "Tell me you felt something too."
I leaned down and softly pecked her lips, "Of course I did."
But when things went wrong, I never could stop the rage.
"Noah stop! Don't be stupid! Don't be reckless! Don't be THAT guy! You're scaring me."

[Sequel/Spin off to Careless]


15. Epilogue

"What do you mean you don't want to go?" mom said, combing through Lucia's curly locks. 

"I mean what I said, I...Don't...Want...To...Go."

"Don't get smart with me, boy."

I lightly laughed and watched her slip a headband on Lucia's head and send her off. Mom turned to me and narrowed her eyes. These days she has to look up at me and I find it hard to take her seriously when she does.

"It's the university and you got accepted. You're going."

"Yeah but it's far. Why can't I go to the one closest to home?"

"You know I want you there, your father wants you there, but you can make a bigger name for yourself out there. I just...I want you to..." she stopped and broke into tears, what she usually does when we talk about these things.

"Don't cry."

"I'm just so proud a-and you're growing up a-and I...I won't have you around anymore."

"I'll always visit...I promise" I softly said, wrapping her in my arms. 

"You better" she sniffled, pulling away to wipe her tears. "Now, we have a party to start, don't we?" she said, cocking up her eyebrows. 

"Yeah" I smiled.

My mom and Harry decided to throw me a going away party. I invited guests from a few of my classes, fellow party go'ers, and even a few girls I hooked up with throughout my 12th year.

Yup...that long. Took me nearly three years to get over Maddie and when I did it was liberating. And my first time was unceremoniusly at a graduation party I was too young to attend with a girl who thought I was in uni. She must've been really drunk.

"What's up Carter" I said when I ran into him. "Hey man" he greeted. "How's Daddy-hood" I laughed.

He huffed, shaking his head, "Tiring." 

It was sort of surprising to hear that Marley was pregnant. Her and carter had been dating for about a year and a half before she told me she was pregnant...and homeless. Her mom didn't want her anymore and she had no other family to turn to. My mom was very supportive when she heard of her problems and even offered her to stay with us. 

Carter's dad, on the other hand, didn't get all that mad. He was a bit dissapointed in his son not wrapping it up but was sort of excited about a grandkid. Well that's what Carter told me. 

So now Marley stays with Carter and his dad, all helping out with baby Kinny. Kinley. I swear that little girl is the most precious thing I've ever seen. Well...besides my little sister Ana Lucia.

Speaking of Lucia, I had to stiffle my laughter as she trudged by, trying to cary Kinley. A weak three year old trying to drag along a whining two year old.

"Lucia, she doesn't want to go with you" I said. She pouted and let go of Kinny who then ran up to Carter, begging to be picked up.

"Hungry" Lucia said. "Wipe that frown off you face and maybe I'll take you" I teased. She opened her mouth and gave me a full tooth grin, "Please Mamie." I rolled my eyes and picked her up. "It's Jamie or Noah and you know it."

"Lo said Mamie." 

I groaned, already planning to smother Logan with his superman pillow.

"I'll catch you later" I told Carter, walking down the hall and opening the sliding door to the backyard. It was a barbecue type of event and all sorts of kids were in the pool and parents with drinks in their hands. 

I grabbed her a half cut ear of corn and put butter on it before giving it to her and walking around.

"Jamie!" I looked over my shoulder to see who was calling me. "Hey dad" I smiled. 

"Did you hear about Sy-" "Hi Mr. Liam" Lucia chirped. My dad smiled and playfully pulled at her foot, "Hey Ana and it's just Liam." "I'm just Lucia" she sassily said with her mouth full of corn.

I chuckled at my dad's wide eyes. "Now I forgot what I was telling you" he murmured. 

"It's alright dad, tell me later." "Alright, I have to go talk to your mom anyway." "Okay."

I still had Lucia on my hip and was headed back into the house for a drink when Lucia said,

"Why you call Mr. Liam dad?"

"That's Lo and I's dad."

"My daddy?"

"That's Harry."

"So we have two?"

I chuckled at her confused expression, "Yeah, sure. Now get that butter off your face" I teased. "No, I save it" she smiled. "No way." "Don't wipe or I call daddy?" "He can't save you" I said and began tickling her.

"Daddy...Da-Daddy" she giggled and gasped. 


I looked up and it felt like every other sight and sound didn't even matter. 

Just her.

"Hey" she wearily smiled.

"Noah" Marley's cheery voice came from behind me. I still couldn't look away from the person in front of me. "Guess who loss another ten pounds of her baby weight? You so owe-... O-oh, hey Maddie."


She stared at the three of us. First at me, then Marley, then Lucia, and then back at me.

"Oh..." she faintly whispered.

Does she think... 

"Why are you torturing my kid?" Harry's voice was suddenly heard, paired with a hardy laugh.

He got a giggling Lucia out of my arms and said, his voice full of surprise, "Hey, Maddie."

"Hi Harry."

"Liam told me your mom was here but I didn't know you'd come." She waved a dismissive hand, "I'm over whatever happened. I'm glad to be here though" she smiled, glancing at me briefly before going back to Harry.

"Well enjoy yourself" he nodded her way and left back to the grill with Lucia.

"I'll just go back to Carter. Kinley might need her bottle" Marley muttered, leaving me and Maddie alone.

" have you been?" she asked.

"Fine. When did you get here?"

"Yesterday. My mom sort of surprised me with the tickets and...yeah. Now I'm here."

"Just for this party or-"

"Nope. My mom and I made an agreement. If I made the honors society in highschool then I could go to any university I got accepted into."

"Oh, well where are you going?"

"The one you're going to" she lightly teased.

"Wait, really?"

"Yeah" she nodded.

"That's great" I smiled.

"Noah!" I looked over my shoulder to see Marley running back to us with a crying Kinley in her arms. 

"What are you doing to the girl?" I asked, taking her in my arms but immediately giving her back, "she stinks."

"No shit. Carter is the dumbest person ever for not packing her diapers. I can't find your mom...ugh! Where are Lucia's diapers?"

"Lucia's potty trained but we have a few old packs in her room."

"Can you please lead the way" she seethed, trying to get Kinley to stop pulling her earrings.

I turned back to Maddie, "I'll be back." She nodded and I left to get Kinley a diaper.


The party got rained out not even five minutes later and most people left while other came inside for the rest of the event. I went outside, maybe hoping to run into Maddie before she left. I got drenched as I looked on the sides of the house but just ended up getting irritated and went inside. 

I passed a few people who were hanging out and went up to my room. I stripped off my shoes, pants and shirt before I heard a knock on the door. 

"Who is it?" I called but whoever it was didn't answer.

I opened the door and saw Maddie who was wet and had some curls sticking to her face. 

"I was looking for you" we said at the same time. 

She bit her lip and I couldn't help looking at the way her bottom lip got caught between her teeth. 

The next thing I knew, her mouth was on mines and she had me pinned to my bed. I helped her out of her damp clothes until she was only in her panties while she kissed along my neck and jaw, panting.

I flipped us over so I was on top of her, between her legs, cherishing her face with my lips.

I reached into my bedside drawer and brought out a condom when she said,

"This isn't my first time, Noah" she breathed, "but this should've been and I'm so sorry for that."

"It's alright...I haven't even...this isn't my first time either and I'm just glad you're here. It's our first time together. "

She hastily nodded and gripped onto my shoulders.

I pulled down her panties and threw them off of the bed and connected our lips. I did so as I rolled on the condom. I breathed heavily into the crook of her neck as I steadily entered.

"Oh shit" I hissed once I was fully inside of her. "Noah" she moaned, digging her nails into my back. "Don't curse...don't." "Sorry" I breathily laughed and began moving against her.

It didn't long, not at all.

One moment she was moaning and whimpering my name, pleading for me to go faster. The next she was crying out, screaming, bucking her hips and arching her back as she came.

I wasn't far behind her, pumping into her and releasing as she gripped my hair and peppered kisses on my face. "Oh my god" I panted, trying to catch my breath as I rested my forehead against hers.

"That was long overdue" she sweetly smiled. I softly nodded and pecked her lips.

We just laid under my covers for a while, hearing the guests downstairs chat about nonsense.

"Remember that tattoo you said we'd get together?" she suddenly asked. "Yeah" I softly laughed.

"You still wanna get one?"


"Ow" I winced pressing against the fresh tattoo placed right under my collarbone. "Stop complaining, mine hurts too" Maddie snapped.

I poked at her and she slapped my hand away. "Stop, asshole."

We stepped into my house, back from the tattoo parlor. 

Logan greeted us with a cocked eyebrow. "Hey Maddie" he said in confusion. "Hey Logan, how have you been?"

"Good, still with Zeke" he happily said. I rolled my eyes, "She doesn't care, move" I said, pushing him out of the way. He grabbed at my shirt to push me back. He suddenly stopped and his eyes widened at my neck area.

"Is that a tattoo?"

"Mind your business."

"Reckless?" he said, reading it. "What the hell is that suppose to mean?"

"Keep your voice down" Maddie hissed.

"Fourteen and still has a big mouth" I muttered, "Our tattoo's are our business and you're not gonna say anything" I threatened.

A large smile spread on his face and he was opening his mouth to say something when Lucia's voice rang throughout the house.

"Mommy, Mamie has tattoo!"




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