Reckless -Complete-

We were like any other teenager, just...more.
"Just tell me that it meant something" she pleaded, opening her eyes to me. "Tell me you felt something too."
I leaned down and softly pecked her lips, "Of course I did."
But when things went wrong, I never could stop the rage.
"Noah stop! Don't be stupid! Don't be reckless! Don't be THAT guy! You're scaring me."

[Sequel/Spin off to Careless]


9. Blind sided

Might need editing...not sure but enjoy!


"Bro, I have no guy friends without you around" I told Carter when we got upstairs to my room.

"I know, my mom wants me to 'make something out of myself'. Stupid private school."

"Doesn't Tilly go there?" "Yeah but we don't have any classes together. I eat lunch with her though."

I smirked at him, "You guys hooked up?" "No!" I chuckled, "I'm just messin' with you. Don't act like you haven't before." "Yeah, most awkward ten minutes of my life." "Ew! I don't wanna know how long you last." "Like you can last any longer" he challenged. "Actually I wouldn't know." "You never got with Alex?" "No, not with anyone." "Bro! Now you have to now. You're nearly fourteen." "I can wait."

We plopped onto my bed and he brought out his phone. "So when is this Marley girl coming?"

I checked my phone for the time. "In ten minutes I think. She doesn't live that far."

"What she like?"

"Oh no no no. Don't get any ideas."

"What? It's just a question."

"She's not that type of girl. If you want to try and get with her I'd advise you to take it slow. She's nothing like Alex or Tilly."

"Like Maddie?"

Just the mention of her name had me sulking. I miss her. Even though I only just saw her yesterday it wasn't the same. We didn't laugh or tease each other.

"Nah, not like Maddie. She's really passionate about what she likes and kind of shy. She comes off as a flirt, well to me she did, but once you get to know her you notice she's had a rough past. Just don't push anything with her, alright?"

"Well damn, Romeo" he chuckled. "Whatever, I care about her." He raised an eyebrow with a smirk playing on his lips.

"Not like that" I corrected, "we're friends and she doesn't have many and neither do I."

"What's up with you and Maddie?"

"We kissed, we argued, we're friends. End of story."

"You kissed?!"


"Finally! Damn, I could smell the pheromones on the two of you."


"Everyone, and I mean everyone, knew you guys would end up together."

"But we're not together."

"Not yet" he smirked.

"Jamie your friend's here!" my moms voice came from downstairs. "Marley!" I heard Logan exclaim before his steps went down the stairs.

"Send her up!"

"Remember what I told you" I scolded Carter. "I know, I know. Skin of paper, bones of glass."

"Quoting Spongebob isn't gonna get you any points with her" I chuckled. "She doesn't watch Spongebob" he asked in awe. I shrugged and got off the bed to get a shirt.

"And go take a shower" I told him, "You fucking stink." "I just came from football (soccer) practice" he argued. "All the more reason to take a bath" I said and tossed him a shirt and some joggers.

He stripped off his shirt just as my door burst open.

"Noah, your little brother is so cute. He gave me this drawing of wonder woman and superman holding hands. It's actually really go-..." She broke off her sentence when she looked up and saw Carter there. Her cheeks turned a bright pink and I tried to hide my laughter when his face turned red too.

"Uh...hi" he stammered.

"Hi" she whispered.

I cleared my throat and went to grab the bags out of her hands. "Marley, that's Carter. Carter, this is Marley."

"Hi" they both said at the same time.

"Carter, pick up your jaw and go across the hall to the bathroom. Marley, put on your bathing suit because we're going to the pool."

Carter blinked a few times and picked up the joggers off the bed. "I'm just gonna go and-uh-take a shower" he stammered.

He passed by Marley at the door way and she let out a huge breath once he was gone.

"Geez Noah, you didn't tell me your friend was so...ugh."

I had to laugh at that. "Oh shut up!" she exclaimed. She leaned in like the she had the biggest secret and whispered, "He's cute." "What?" I laughed. "That but like...ten times more."

"I saw it on your face. You guys had that 'love at first sight' look." "You think he liked me back?" "Stuttering like that? Yeah."

I went to the downstairs bathroom to change into my swim trunks. I got out and ran into Logan who had his swim trunks in his hand. "What do you think you're doing?"

"Going to the pool." "No way, we're going out there." "Why can't I come with you guys?"

"Why can't you find your own friends?"

He snapped his mouth shut and narrowed his eyes at me.

Shit, I shouldn't have said that. He already comes home crying about how no one likes him and how they pick on him.

He shook his head and turned around. "Wait Logan." He kept going, stomping up the steps. I groaned and went upstairs too and saw Marley talking to Logan.

She looked up and smiled at me. "Logan's coming with us whether you like or not" she teased.

I rolled my eyes and threw my clothes in my room and then walked to my bathroom, banging on the door. "Hurry up Carter." He swung the door open and glared at me.

He walked passed me and into my room to put his clothes away. "I left some trunks on my bed for you, hurry so we can go to the  pool" I called to him.

Marley, Logan and I went downstairs to my kitchen where my mom was sat at the table on her computer. "Hey kids" she chirped. "Hi!" Marley said back.

"There's some chips on the counter. Eat light so you won't cramp in the pool."

We ate some snacks once Carter joined us and it was the funniest thing ever. Carter and Marley barely talked to each other but when they did they each blushed or smiled. Even my mom noticed their attitude towards each other.

We went outside and spent some time in the pool together. I had to admit, Marley had a nice body, but I was letting Carter have a chance with her and we were only friends.

Logan kept by me which I found a bit annoying but I felt bad for him.

"Why isn't Maddie here?" he asked. I sighed, "She was busy." It would be a cold day in hell when I spill my 'love' life to my little brother. "Oh...I miss her."

"Me too."


We were inside, still in our damp suits with towels wrapped around us, as we watched a movie. Marley was between Carter and I and Logan was on the floor in front of us.

My mom had invited Harry over since that seems to be her only friend since Sydney has been busy working these days.

I knew Carter had to go soon since the sun was starting to set and there was school tomorrow. Mom ordered Logan to a shower and I was relieved I didn't have to watch over him for the time being.

Carter took out his phone and read his screen before saying, "My dad is coming in ten minutes."


He went upstairs to get his stop and I saw Marley's eyes follow behind him as she bit her lip. I nudged her, "You're staring."

She groaned and flopped onto the couch. "He's a dream" she awed.

"Yeah yeah yeah, I'm gonna get a soda, you want one?" She nodded so I got up to the kitchen.

Marley's POV:

I sat up on the couch and took a deep breath still watching the TV screen.

"My dad's here" Carter called as he came down the steps. "Alright man I'll see you" I heard Noah say. "It was lovely seeing you Carter" Noah's mom yelled. "You too!"

I was really sad that he had to go. We went to different schools and I don't know if I'll ever see him again.

I stood up to see what was taking Noah so long with my soda when Carter appeared at the living room doorway.

He motioned for me to come closer and I took two shaky steps to be in front of him. "It was nice meeting you Marley" he murmured with a soft smile, grabbing my hand to play with my fingertips. I looked into his light brown eyes and nearly melted. I shyly smiled at him and formed up a decent sentence for our parting. "It was nice to meet you t-mmm" I moaned when he abruptly placed his lips on mine. The kiss was soft but filling at the same time. He laid his other hand on my bare waist when I put mine on his shoulder.

I've never been kissed...not like this.

There was a blare of a horn outside and I hesitantly pulled away. "Y-your dad" I breathed. He widely grinned and I blushed at his smile. "I saved my number to your phone" he winked and gave me a last peck on the cheek before stepping away from me. "Text me" he mouthed once he was at the door. I nodded. "Bye." "Bye" I whispered and nearly collapsed from pure joy once the door closed.


Noah's POV:

"You should thank me" Harry said when he walked into my room. "Why?"

"I convinced your mom to let you have a party."


"Yeah, since your birthday is coming up."

"Thanks Harry" I smiled. "No problem, but don't think that she won't be there."


"I'm just kidding, she'll stay in her room with Logan or something as long as you guys don't get to crazy."

"I promise!"

"Alright so this weekend?"

I sighed, "I can't. Dad is coming to visit." "Liam is?" "Yeah, so maybe the weekend after that." "For sure."

"Thanks again Harry."

"No problem" he smiled and left the room.

I grabbed my phone and text everybody that I knew would be up for a party.

This was gonna be the night.


Being back at school was a bit different compared to my week spent at home. My teachers all gave me the same look, you know better, and the kids in my class gave me strange expressions. The only people who didn't seem to care were Marley and...Maddie.

Lunch was a bit different. Marley was a bit more lively with me today but I didn't mind that change. The only thing that threw me off was when Maddie asked to sit with us. Of course I let her but she stayed quiet most of the time. Sitting right beside me, I caught a few glances from the corner of my eye. How Marley spoke to me and was giggling put a hurt expression on Maddie's face.

She's not the only one. I miss us too.

"I don't know why you're so cruel to Logan, he's such a sweet boy."

"Yeah, sweet to you, he's only that way because he likes you" I teased.

"Ha ha" she sarcastically implies, "I'm sure there's someone at his school that he has a little crush on."

"All kids have older crush's at some point."

"Oh yeah, and who was yours?" she teasingly smiled.

"Louis' younger sister, Lottie."

I heard Maddie's soft giggle and I wonder if she's recalling the time I wrote a love letter to Lottie, which she helped me with. Hey, I was seven.

"Isn't she older, like out of college now?" Marley asked, using her little knowledge she knows about the boys. "No, as in has a kid and is married now."

"Damn" she giggled.

"And if I do remember correctly you have a not-so-kid crush on a certain friend of mine" I teased.

"Shut up" she growled, but her rosy cheeks countered her angered demeanor.

"Carter?" Maddie asked, possibly the first word she said since, can I sit here?

"Yeah, she spent the night a few days ago and Carter came over. I'd like to say I'm cupid" I stated with a smug smile that made Maddie laugh.

"More like his loaded diaper" Marley snapped. "I like her version better" Maddie said, her green eyes twinkling from trying to suppress laughter.

I turned to Marley who was sat across from me, "Don't act like you weren't a stuttering mess."

She bit her lip and looked elsewhere. "That's what I thought" I said, starting to rise from my chair because I know what I'm about to say next will tick her off. "Oh and I read your text convo with him."

Her eyes widened.

"I don't know about this 'bed session' you guys plan on having but I'm sure there's room for one more" I smirked but my eyes soon widened when she pounced out of her seat.



You know it's a good party when everyone is dancing and I'm being rewarded with gifts.

Selfish but true.

I had a room specifically for gifts and all types of people hovering around me. I guess this is the only perk I like to being an ex-celebrities son.

I'm just glad the house is big and so does my mom. Speaking of my mom, she must be upstairs in her room with Logan and Harry. 

Harry's been pretty cool lately. I've always thought he was a funny guy and he treated me mature enough that we could have a civilized conversation. He's also been there for my mom since she's been sort of lonely lately. Well, besides Maddie's mom Sydney, who dropped by earlier and gave me a superman blanket. I thought it was nice of her and went straight to my room to set it with the rest of my gifts.

Everyone I invited was here and that made my mom anxious because of the number of kids.

She had very simple rules:

No alcohol.

No drugs.

No sex.

Her very disturbing statement was, "Because no little girls are getting tar poured on their purity flower." Aka no getting the V-card swiped.

I was dancing with a couple girls when I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around and saw that it was Alex.

"Care to dance?" she asked with a sly smile.

I nodded and guided the girl I was currently with to another guy.

Alex could dance, like really dance.

Her hips were going crazy against me and my hands on her waist didn't seem to be enough friction for her as she pressed against me more, grabbing my hands and leading them down to her hips.

She was getting way into it and I was just trying to keep up. The song soon ended and a breathless Alex turned around and pressed her lips to mine.

"Meet me by the stairs in half an hour" she whispered, leaving another lingering kiss and leaving.

Well damn.

I left where everyone was dancing and went to open a few windows. It was getting way too stuffy in here.

"Noah?" I turned to see Marley with very red lips but it doesn't seem to be from lipstick.

"So I see you've found Carter" I smirked.

"Shut up" she scolded, "I came to ask where I can find a drink but since you're being an ass-"

"I'm just kidding, they're in the backyard." She turned to leave. "So no 'thank you'?" I joked.

She sent me the finger and kept walking. 


I wanted to groan, my name was being thrown left and right.

When I saw who it was I immediately wanted to take it back.

"Hey Maddie" I smiled.

"I've been looking for you all night." "Sorry, I've been kind of busy with everyone." "I see, but I was wondering if you could set aside some time so we could talk." "Talk?"

She bit her lip and carefully nodded. 

I sighed.

If it was gonna be that kind of talk then I didn't want it to ruin my night.

"Why don't you come get me in like an hour when everything is chill-"

I was cut off by someone grasping the front of my shirt and me being yanked into them.

"I can't wait" Alex's sultry voice fanned over my face.

Next thing I knew I was being pulled away from my previous conversation.


Maddie's voice was croaky and I just wanted to go back to her and erase the wide innocent look I knew she'd have right now. But Alex's grip was fierce and determined as she whisked me upstairs.

I didn't know what room we were in at first but by the smell of plastic and inhaler vapor I knew it was Logan's. I was pressed against a wall and Alex's lips were on my neck and her hands roaming up my shirt. Her kisses were heading lower and lower, her hands at my belt buckle.

She bent to her knees and that's when everything blew up in my mind.

Is this really happening?

When I felt her tongue trace right above the hem of my briefs I let out a low groan.

"Oh sh-shit" I panted.

Everything was adding on to my bliss right now. The loud music, yelling people, Alex's moan, the bang on the wall- wait what?

Maybe it was just my imagination but when I heard it a second time I knew it wasn't right. 

"You hear that?" I asked Alex, who was a little busy unbuttoning my jeans.



"Wait, Alex" i said, pulling her up by the arms. She wobbled a bit and she let out a whimper when she almost fell. I grabbed her face between my hands and looked her in the eyes. "Are you drunk?"


"Who the hell brought alcohol to the party?" I murmured to myself. I cautiously let her go and buttoned my pants again. "Follow me."

"Oh, but I thought we could stay here and have some fun" she suggested. "It looks like you played enough, come on."

I led her out of the room and watched her as she descended the stairs with slow steps. 

I went to check out the bangs I heard previously but didn't seem to hear anymore. I think they came from my room.

I opened my door to see Maddie pressed against the wall by this random guy. Who the hell invited him?

"Okay, that's it" she giggled, trying to push him away. "But we're already up here, we might as well make use of our time" he said, holding her by her waist.

My vision slowly started to turn red.

"No, let's go back down."


"You've had your fun" she said a bit more sternly and went to step away when he pushed her back. 

"I said we're staying" he growled.

"Hey!" My voice boomed.

Maddie's gaze tore to me and her eyes seemed to be mixed with shock and pain.

"Who are you?" the guy hissed, still gripping Maddie. "You're hurting me" she whimpered.

"You're at my party on my girl in my room so you have no right to question me" I spat.

The guy blinked a few and slowly let go of Maddie.

"Get out!" I yelled and he paced out of the room. I hurried to Maddie when I heard her sniffle.

"I'm sorry" she softly cried. I wrapped my warms gently around her waist, "Don't be sorry."

"I was just being stupid a-and jealous."

I looked down at her with a raised eyebrow. 

"I saw you come up with Alex and I thought that maybe you know...a-and  I thought that I should too because we're supposed to be best friends and we do everything together-"

She stopped rambling when I laid my palm on her damp cheek.

My voice was low and in awe of the girl in my arms. "Yeah...together."

I leaned down and connected our lips in the first time in what felt like...ever.

I felt her smooth arms encase my neck and pull me deeper into the kiss.

Her moan vibrated against me and and I held a firmer grip on her hips. The kiss was hot and a bit sloppy. I roamed my hands down her backside and gripped right where her thighs started. She jumped and wrapped her legs around my waist. I press her further into the wall and she wiggled her lips to rub her most intimate part against mine. 

I groaned and left a hot trail of kisses down her neck. Her breath was hard against my ear as she bit at the lobe. When I got to the spot on the side of her neck right above her collarbone she let out a low moan. I smirked against her skin and began to suck.

"Oh, N-noah" she panted as she threw her head back against the wall. Her fingers tangled in my hair and pulled at my strands. 

I stumbled back a bit, my knees nearly giving out on me with the pleasure coursing through me.

I turned around and walked the few steps to my bed before laying Maddie on the sheets. Her lips skated across my jaw and down my neck, her wet kissed making me grind into her. 

Her back arched as she let out a moan, her hands taking the hem of my shirt before pulling it completely off. 

I tightened my hand in her auburn curls and forced her face back so I could taste her lips.

Her nails lightly raked down my back making me moan against her swollen lips. 

My hand traveled up her shirt, my lips traveling down her neck.

"My god" I heard her breathlessly whisper.

No alcohol, No drugs, No sex.


The worse possible moment for my moms words to travel through my head.

I can't just break a rule like that, even though some kids were already drunk without my consent.

And my first time can't be like this. Lust driven at a party...wrong.

Maddie's first time can't be like this.

"W-why'd you stop?" she asked.

"Maybe we shouldn't do-"

"No no no" she pleaded, pushing me by the shoulder to roll us over and straddling my waist. "We can't just stop like this." She rocked her hips against me and I had to bite my lip to keep from moaning. 

She leaned down and sucked the spot below my ear and then whispered. "I know you want this. I can feel that you want this. Don't stop."

"M-maddie" I stammered as she continued to roll her hips. I had to grip them and steady them so she'd stop. 

She sat up and splayed her hands on my chest. "You don't want to?" she asked, completely uncertain compared to her assumptions moments ago.

"I-I do it's just..."

"Not with me" she finished my sentence but that wasn't what I was going to say at all.

"No! That's not what I meant" I reassured her as I sat up so our gazes were closer and leveled.

I had one hand on her thigh and the other on her waist as I looked into her dazed green eyes.

"I just don't want it to be like this."

"Like what?"

"I want our first time to be special, not rushed like this."

"Our first time?" she shyly smiled with a red tint creeping up her cheeks.

I nodded with a small smile on my lips.

She grabbed my face between her hands and deeply kissed me. "Does that mean we're together now?" she asked with hopeful eyes. "Yeah" I mumbled and reconnected our lips.

If she could forgive me for all the bullshit stunts I pulled in the past then I know I can forgive her.


Waking up the next morning was dreadful. It's my official birthday today and that means I'm fourteen. Too young to think about fights, suspensions and sex but I still do.

I smell bacon and I find a reason to leave from under my sheets.

I throw on a pair of pajama pants and head downstairs. I hear a laugh and know that Logan is already down there. I walk into the kitchen and who I see makes my eyes widen a bit.


He looks up from Logan to me and an even wider smile spreads across his face. "Hey Jamie."

He comes to me and embraces me in his arms. I awkwardly stand there and my eyes lock with my moms. Her eyes are narrowed at me. Hug him she mouths. I close my eyes and hug him.

"Hey dad" I sighed.

He let go of me and looked me over. "What's this?" he asked, rubbing his thumb over my neck.

The night before flashed before me and I covered the love bit with my hand and felt heat travel up my face.


"Oh I see" he chuckled.

"What is is Noah?" my mothers voice snapped but I could hear her teasing toned lying behind it.

"I-um-well, Maddie-"

"Maddie?" my dad asked with amusement written on his face.

I groaned and walked passed him to sit at the table where Logan was trying to hold back laughter.

"Finish the story" my mom demanded.

"Mom" I whined. "Go on." I hesitated, "Well, we-you know-"

She started raging. "You had sex in this house after I specifically told you-"

"No! We were just kissing I swear!"

Her face lightened and a smile spread on her face, "Good, because that's what she told me."

Her and my moms weird bond still shakes me.

"Am I missing something?" dad asked. Mom didn't answer him, didn't even look at him.

"Maddie and I are dating" I mumbled.

"Oh, well I could have guessed that."

I ignored his statement, "You know you were supposed to come two weeks ago."

He sighed as he also sat down at the table. "I know, I've just been...busy."

I rolled my eyes and thanked my mom when she sat plates in front of us.

"But at least I'm here now, right?"


"And I was thinking about taking you to the eye for your birthday."


"Jamie, baby, I took your friends Carter and Marley home earlier. They sort of passed out on the couch and I found them there this morning."

"Did they have clothes on?" I snickered. "Yes they did actually" mom giggled.

"Mom?" Logan spoke up.

"Yes my love" she teased in a posh accent.

"C-can I have a friend over after school tomorrow."

We all froze. Logan...friend? Since when?

"S-sure honey, what's his name?"


"Oh, well I'd love to meet him."

We passed jokes around the rest of the meal but neither of my parents looking at each other. I knew it was mostly my moms doing, completely avoiding him but I couldn't blame her. He fucked up.

The London Eye was fun with my dad. Even though I say bad things about him and am sometimes rude. 

I still miss him.


"And Tilly hooked up with Alex. I mean I didn't know they were gay but they both came out over twitter." 

Maddie was beyond animated, telling me what she knew about my party and I didn't.

"This girl in my math hooked up with this guy in my science but you don't know them."

We held hands as we walked home. Of course Paul was walking right behind us.

"Anything else you want to tell me?" I teased. "You look extremely hot in that blue polo but I'm guessing you already knew that."

"I did actually."

She giggled, playfully slapping my arm. "Oh shut up. You have such a big head."

We got home and we got in quietly so my mom wouldn't know Maddie was here.

She loves the girl but since we're dating I know she wouldn't let us be in a room alone together.

"Come get a snack with me" I whispered, leading her to the kitchen. 

What we saw had us both stopping. table.


They both looked our way and gasped. My mom covering her bra covered chest and Harry awkwardly running his fingers through his hair.

"What are you guys doing here?" my mom shrieked.

"Uh, I live here..."

"I so saw this coming" Maddie laughed.




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