Reckless -Complete-

We were like any other teenager, just...more.
"Just tell me that it meant something" she pleaded, opening her eyes to me. "Tell me you felt something too."
I leaned down and softly pecked her lips, "Of course I did."
But when things went wrong, I never could stop the rage.
"Noah stop! Don't be stupid! Don't be reckless! Don't be THAT guy! You're scaring me."

[Sequel/Spin off to Careless]


8. Battle Scars

Not caring what I wore to school the next day I just threw on something and left downstairs. 

My mom was once again making us breakfast and we all sat down when her phone rang. She left the room but I instantly know who it was when she answered. 

"What?" she snapped. 


"I don't want to talk right now."..."What do you mean?"..."No."..."Yeah I said no."..."Why not? How about because I haven't seen you in a week and now you want to ask if you can visit my kids?"..."Yes MY kids!"..."I don't care!"

I noticed her pacing and trying to calm herself down. "Listen, you made your choice and now you're going to live with it. You can come...I don't know, next weekend. But know that this is just for Jamie and Logan, not for me. I couldn't care less about seeing you."

All three of us knew that was a lie.

"Alright, bye."

She came back into the kitchen and sat back down in her seat with a sigh. Logan got up to grab an icepack out of the freezer and pressed it to his eye. 

I can't wait to get my hands on Donnie. He threatened my little brother last year and since he's not there he gets his little brother to do it? Ugh!

"Mom" I say in a soft voice, not trying to annoy her. "Yeah?"

"You should stay here and go back to sleep, Logan and I can walk to school."

"That's a fifteen minute walk, no." "No it's fine, you're always saying we need to get out of the house anyway" I lightly joke. Her small smile gives me hope. 

"You sure?"


"Logan, go upstairs and get your backpack" my mom said. He nodded and left.

She turned to me and her face went stern. "I don't want you getting into any fights with this Donnie kid okay?" I crossed my arm and raised an eyebrow. "So it's okay that his little brother beat Logan?"

"I mean it Noah."

"I make no promises" I said and stood from the table, putting my plate into the sink. 

"I'm serious!"

Logan soon meets me by the door with his stuff and we leave. 

Logan has always been quiet and sometimes I feel bad for him. He never talks about having friends and on his first day of middle school he got into a fight. 



"If you ever want to, I don't know, talk or something you can talk to me."

"I know."

"I know it's been...hard without dad around-"

"I don't want to talk about dad alright?" he snaps. "Okay."

We were quiet the rest of the walk to his school. "Don't be afraid to stand up for yourself Logan."

He sighed with a defeated look that made me sorry that he had to go through this. "Later Mamie."


As soon as I got to school I went straight to world history. I know that if I see Donnie that I'm going to loose it. Marley walks in a few minutes later and I'm glad that she takes my mind off of my raging thoughts. 

Mr.T gave us an assignment where we had to write about our families and the furthest pice of ancestry when can go. I did all I could before turning it in and ten minutes later got a ninety-four. 

I've always been good at writing assignments so that grade was easy.

After we were all done with it we went into our first lesson about homo-sapiens and such.

The class ended shortly and I went to Biology next. I turned in my homework from yesterday and took even more notes. 

It was lunch and I ran into Alex on the way there. "Hey Noah" she said in her usual soft voice. "Sup Alex, you have lunch now?" "Yeah they changed the schedule so each grade level eats with each other." "Cool, I guess I'll see you fourth period." "Bye."

I walked into the lunch room and paid for some chicken sandwich that looked somewhat appealing. Marley jumped in front of me with a wide smile and laughed when I jumped from being startled. "Come sit with me." I followed her to an empty table. 

"I don't like sitting with fakes" she said, nodding her head to the table next to us. I looked over to see a few kids I've seen in some of my classes, Donnie, and Maddie.

"Me either" I shrugged.

"Anyway, I was sort of surprised when you called me last night beca-"


"I don't know, I just didn't expect you to."

"I'm not that big of a jerk" I lightly joked. 

"Not at all" she giggled. 

"Hey, where'd you get fries?" "They're gone now but you can have some of mine." "You sure?" "Yup."

"Thanks" I said and grabbed a fry. "What'd you get on the history assignment?" she asked. 

"A ninety-four." "What?!"

Everyone was a bit quiet after that but just for a few seconds. I lightly laughed at her red face. 

"How in the hell did you get an A?" she whisper-yelled. "I'm good at social studies" I shrugged. 

"You definitely need to help me because history is not even C worthy."

I laughed and grabbed another fry. "I'll help you...on one condition." She rolled her eyes with a groan. "What is it?"

"You have to say 'Noah is the sexiest guy I've ever met" I said, a smirk stretching on my face. 

Her cheeks tinged and she bowed her head to try and hide it. "That's not necessarily a lie" she mumbled to herself. I raised and eyebrow and leaned closer to her, "What was that?" I teased.


"I think it was something."

"Shut up."

"Nah I think I'm gonna kee-"

"Noah!" she squealed, pushing me away by my shoulder. We both started laughing and she somehow managed to knock the tray of fries off of the table, making us laugh some more. 

Our laughter slowly died down and we caught our breath but the smiles on our faces never went away. Well at least until...

"Will you guys shut up?" A deep growl came from beside us. I already knew who it was and if he didn't cut the teasing tone out of his voice he would be chocking on his own blood in minutes.

I tried to ignore him though and even though I know Marley heard them too, she just rolled her eyes and bit into her apple. 

The soft light voice I've always know rang into my ears, giving me hope that the ass would calm down enough not to start a fight with me. 

"Donnie, calm down."

Marley reached across the table and took my hand, stroking the underside of my wrist. It tickled. I pulled it away with a smile on my face. I took hers instead and her body instantly tensed as I raised the sleeve of her shirt. My eyes widened at the thin marks. I softly traced over one that seemed so new. She lightly pushed my fingers away, hugging her arm to her chest trying to cover herself with her sleeve again.


She shook her head while biting her lip, tears brimming in her eyes. 

"Your best friend didn't tell you?" That taunting voice was at it again. I turned and looked at Donnie with a raised eyebrow. He disgustingly winked at me and looked at Marley who was hiding her face in the curtain of her blonde hair. 

"You weren't gonna tell him were you?" "Shut up Donnie" she hissed.

They know each other?

"Say it" he snapped.


"Say it or I will."

She looked over at him with wide pleading eyes but something grew in him. Satisfaction.

He looked at me again with a grin on his face. "She cuts."

I swallowed the lump in my throat. I kind of guessed that when I saw them there. "She's been cutting since fourth grade, isn't that right Marley?" he teased her again. 

"Shut up!" she shouted with tears streaming down her face. "You don't know anything!"

"I know your mom doesn't care and that your dad is the cause of it."

She stood from the table but I grabbed her by the arm to stop her. "Marley, ignore him."

"No" she whimpered. 

"Stop" Maddie's voice was light and shook.

Others were staring now, the cafeteria turning quiet. "Tell him how you came to my house and cried with blood all over her hands." 

"Stop it!"

"Tell him how he touched you."


"Controlled you."


"Tell him how he raped you."

It felt like all the wind was knocked out of my chest. Marley shrunk without even moving. Her face told it all. I looked at her but she couldn't even look my way. The ground seemed to be her only way. She sniffled and turned away, pacing out of the lunch room.

I stood up and walked over to Donnie. "What the hell did you do?!" I yelled, pushing him away so he fell to the ground. He quickly got up and leveled his face with mine.

"Shut up Noah or should I say Mamie." 

I cut my eyes to Maddie and she fearfully shook her head. "Oh it wasn't her. It was your pathetic little brother whimpering when Kayle punched him."


Blind rage. Pure blind rage. 

My fist flew straight to his nose, the crunch sound echoing in my ears. Punch after punch I threw but I received them back pretty well. He was on the ground in seconds with me on top of him. 

With blood on my whitened knuckles and anger in my veins I hit him with an unrelenting pace. 

I felt hands on my waist and shoulders, pulling me away from him. 

"You fucker!"


"You unworthy piece of shit!"

"Hey!" The third voice didn't go unheard by my panting breaths. I turned to see the principal and nurse standing next to each other. The nurse rushed to Donnie while the principal studied me with cautious eyes. "You, young man, come with me."

I groaned and pushed the hands that were holding me back, away from me. I followed the man all the way to the office where he sat me down and gave me a long speech about how I could be in juvenile hall if Donnie decided to press charges. 

"Who can I call to pick you up?"
"Pick me up?"

"Yes, starting now you are suspended for a week." "A week?! The school year just started!" "You should've thought about that. Now, the number?"

I'd be damned if I gave him my moms.


"What now Jamie?" Louis sighed after picking me up from school. 

"I got into a fight" I shrugged. "Aren't you always?" he sarcastically replied. 

I didn't want to think about that right now. 

"Thanks" I mumbled. "No problem, just get in the car and I'll take you to my place."

I nodded and did as he said, getting into the back seat because El was in the front. 

"Hey Jamie" she chirped looking absolutely exhausted. She was extremely pregnant and Louis didn't want to leave her out of his sight. He was paranoid.

"Hi El."

She looked over me and a worried expression was slapped on her face. "We should get you cleaned up."

I gave her a soft smile and looked out the window. I didn't want to go home just yet but when I did I knew hell was about to break loose.


"...and you just don't listen! What do I have to do to make you follow instructions! A week Noah, a whole week! You'll be gone longer than the days you were actually there!"

I kept zoning out while my mom yelled at me. As soon as I stepped into the door and waved Louis off she was at my throat. Harry was oddly here and trying to calm her down.

"Go to your room! Take a snack with you because I don't want to see you for the rest of the night!"

I pressed my lips together and left upstairs. Before I even made it a step she grabbed my arm and yanked the phone out of my hand. 


"No school, no phone. Go!"

I sighed and left to my room again. 

This is bullshit!


It's the weekend and I'm completely bored. I think about Marley a lot because of what Donnie said. Was it all true? I wanted to talk to her but my mom had my phone. 

Maybe I should ask her.

But she's so stressed out these days. She's been working again and comes home completely worn out. 

I got out of bed and went to her room. I opened the door to see her half asleep watching TV. 



"Can I see my phone for a quick second?" "No." "Please mom it's really important."

"Right, tell me this important reason" she said, sitting up to look at me. "I have...a friend, to talk to."


"You don't understand. She's not...stable."

She raised an eyebrow in question. I sighed and went to sit at the edge of her bed. "Donnie...Donnie called her out about something during lunch and completely humiliated her. She ran away crying mom and I just want to see if she's okay because-because-"

"Because of what Noah?"

"She cuts herself" I said quietly with my head hung low. Just saying it out loud made it real and to know that someones life is so hard that they turn to cutting is really sad. I felt my throat tighten and pressure build behind my eyes. "I'm worried about her" I croaked. 

"Come here."

My moms arms wrapped around me and I buried my face in her shoulder as I let the tears run free. I tried to stay strong but the sob that racked through my body was begging to be let free. I felt her stroke my hair as my emotions spilled over her white shirt. 

"I'll let you call your friend" she assured me in a soft voice. I went to let go of her but she held my face between her hands before I could get any further. "After you've calmed down" she added.

I nodded and closed my eyes.

"Is your brother asleep?" she asked. I nodded. She sighed, "Those meds are messing with him. Come lay down with me, you look tired." She turned off the TV and we both got under the covers. 

I got real close to her and she wrapped an arm around my shoulder and kissed my forehead.

I guess you could say I'm a mommas boy. Always have been.


"Yeah Jamie?"

"Can you-can you sing to me like you used to?" I whispered. "Of course baby."

Those familiar lyrics flowed through my ears and I instantly fell asleep.


Riiing Riiing 

Pick up, pick up. 

This is the third time I've called, please pick up.

"Hello?" the groggy voice didn't even sound like Marley's, not at all.

"Marley" I sighed in relief, "I've been worried and you haven't been answering."

"I'm fine." Her voice sounded hollow and stiff.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, I just needed a brake, I...I'm sorry about what you heard and i understand if it makes you feel uncomfortable towards me-"



"It doesn't change anything between us. Yes it makes me worried about you but that doesn't change our friendship."


"Yeah, and if you need someone to talk to I'm all ears."

There was a long pause and then a sigh from her end. 

"Thank you."

A smile stretched onto my face, "Any time, just call me okay?"


"I'll see you sometime."

"How long are you suspended?"

"Until thursday."

"That's a whole week!"

"I know" I chuckled, "but anyway I gotta go but I'll text you my address if you wanna talk in person or just call me alight?" "Alright." "Bye Marley." "Bye."


A few hours later, nearly sunset, my mom was making dinner and Logan was helping her. I was sitting on the couch watching TV when someone knocked on the front door.

"Can you get that for me Jamie?"


I got up off the couch and opened the door. The wind blew on my bare chest but the freezing didn't happen to my body but my eyes when they locked on Maddie.

"Hey Noah" she smiled. I raised an eyebrow in confusion. "Hi Maddie."

"Um," she dug through her bag, "I talked to some of...some of your teachers and they gave me the work you would've done if you were there." She handed me papers and a couple text books. "Uh, thanks" I said, setting them on the table beside my door and looking back at her with my hands in my pants pockets.

"Is that it?" I asked. "Y-yeah." "Oh, well bye" I said and went to close the door. 


I sighed and opened the door wider again. "Yeah?"

"I-um-I'm sorry about your friend." I nodded, not really knowing where this lame conversation was going.

"And I...I broke up with Donnie" she mumbled, looking down at her feet. I would have been ecstatic, fuzzy, relieved, grabbed her face and kissed her with everything I had but instead I took a deep breath and nodded again because she hurt me, more than I'll ever let myself admit.


"And I-uh-I was wondering if...I don't know, if we can try and, you"

The throb in my chest didn't go unnoticed but the bubble of laughter came out of my mouth before I wanted it to.

"What?" I chuckled.

Her face fell and she began biting her lip while fidgeting with her fingers.

She opened her mouth but I cut her off before she could even start. 

"You thought that you could brake up with your boyfriend who you knew that I hated and expect me to have waited for you?"


"You're confused, very confused, if you think that I would be your second choice."

"You're not-"

"You hurt me, Maddie" I said, finally said. "You can't just kiss me and expect it not to mean anything. I have feelings too."

She took a shaky breath and ran her hands through her hair. "It meant something to me too Noah." Her voice was cracking and I wanted to gather her in my arms and tell her I was sorry but I've heard those words come out of my mouth so much that it's practically embedded on my tongue.

"I think it'd be best if we stayed friends" I mumbled and leaned against the door jam. 

"But-" she cut herself off and took another rippled breath. "Best friends?"

"We'll work on it" I sighed. I saw tears in her eyes, since the beginning of his she had them and they only thickened with my words.

"Okay" she whispered. 

"Uh, thanks again for the work." 

"N-no problem."

"I have to get back, dinner is starting soon. Did you walk here?" She nodded," But it's not too dark so I guess I can walk back." "Okay, um I'll see you later?"

She went to say something but a third voice was added to the thick air.


Maddie turned her head and I looked beyond her shoulder to see Marley standing at the end of my walk way.

Well that was unexpected. 

"Uh, hey Marley."

She stopped and looked over the both of us before looking back at me. "Is now not a right time?"

"No, it's fine, come in."

She passed by Maddie--who gave her a weird look--before stopping directly in front of me. 

"Y-you're not wearing a shirt" she mumbled, her eyes scanning over my chest while her finger poked me in the sternum. 

"Correct" I chuckled, moving her hand away. "My mom made...I don't know what she made but I'm sure it's good, go inside." She nodded and shyly waved Maddie off before stepping inside. 

I looked back at Maddie and her wide eyes made me weak. "Later, Maddie" I said, giving her a small smile.

She blinked and a tear that had been daring to go finally took the fall. "Bye Noah" she croaked before turning away and walking away from my house.

I closed the door and leaned my head against it, a heavy breath escaping my lungs.


I turned to see my mom behind me and a worried expression on her face. I shook my head and looked around for Marley who was a few feet away. 

"Mom, this is my friend, Marley. Marley, this is my mom."

"Hi" she shyly waved. 

"Hi honey, come with me and you can help me set the table." She nodded and followed my mom.

Throughout dinner my mom asked basic questions about Marley's life but treaded softly when it came to personal things. 

Logan warmed up to her and became extremely curious about her. If I didn't know any better I'd say he had a little crush on her.

He took her hand and shyly played with her fingers. He noticed the underside of her wrist but she didn't tense like she did with me.

"What are these?"

"Logan-" my mom began to say in her usual warning tone but Marley waved her off with a slight smile. 

She smiled at him and said, "They're battle scars."

"You had a fight?"

"Yeah" she nodded. 

"But you're so nice! Where? When?"

She reached for his hand and laid his palm on his chest, laying her hand over his. "Right here."

"W-with who?"

She raised his hand so it lay on this side of his head and kept it there with her own. "With myself."

He stared at her in awe, "Wow."

She softly laughed and let go of his hand.

My mom cleared her throat and asked, "So you're in Jamie's history class?"

"Yeah," I answered. "But he's way too smart to be in there" Marley added.

I gave her a stern look but she just shrugged, letting out a small giggle.


"I'm sorry we never got the chance to talk privately, my mom can talk for hours" I apologized to Marley for the third time.

"It's fine, your mom is nice."

"Is there something you really wanted to talk about?"

"Not really, I just wanted to get out of the house." "You can come over whenever you want to...get away."

"Thank you."

I opened the door for her to leave when Logan's voice stopped her. "Wait!" She turned and couldn't register what was happening before Logan wrapped his arms around her waist. I stood there and tried to hold in my laughter. 

She laughed and hugged him. He pulled away and looked up the inch he had to to get eye level with her. "Bye Marley."

She bent down and kissed the center of his forehead, making his face turn red. "Bye Logan."

She turned towards me and gave me a swift hug, "I'll see you later." "Bye."

I closed the door behind her and laughed when Logan took out his inhaler and shook it before sucking it in.

"Logan's got a crush, Logan's got a crush" I sang. "Shut up" he snapped.

"You guys wanna watch a movie?" my mom asked from the kitchen. 

"Sure" I yelled back. 

We all went to the living room and Logan picked out some Thor movie. 

I sat in the middle and barely halfway through the movie Logan fell asleep on me.

My phone vibrated and I checked to see it was a text message. 

Marley: Is it too late to ask if I can stay the night tomorrow? >.<

N: But there's school the next day.

Marley: If you're not going, I'm not going.

N: Okay haha.

"Can Marley stay the night tomorrow?" 

"i thought Carter was hanging out tomorrow and what about school on Monday?"

"She doesn't wanna go if I'm not going" I mumbled. 

She sighed, "Okay, I guess that's alright. Do you want to talk about something?" "What?" "You and Maddie?" "You heard?" "Yeah" she said, giving me a soft smile, "so who kissed who first?" she asked looking way to happy. I looked away, "I don't want to talk about it." "You sure?" I nodded and she left it alone. 

Once the movie ended I woke up Logan so he could go upstairs to his room and we all went to bed.

I was starting to fall asleep when my phone started vibrating. 

I got it from under my pillow and read the text message.

Maddie: I know it's late but I just wanted to let you know that I'll always be your friend.

I sighed, of course I knew that. 

Maybe that's where the problem lies...



A/N: I know it's been forever, sorry!!! Keep reading because the next chapter...A LOT of stuff is gonna happen. Make sure you re-read if you need to because characters from the beginning will be here again and they're very important. 


I'm deleting my story Echo tomorrow but if there are any objections please let me know.



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