Can't hide it


3. Who are you?


I woke up the next morning to my Dad, once again, knocking on my door.

"Maddy, there's someone I want you to meet downstairs," My Dad said.

"Who?" I replied.

I rolled over and looked at my phone it wasn't even seven in the morning yet. It better be the fucking Queen waiting downstairs.

"Come down and you will see," My Dad answered.

"Ok, I will be down in a minute," I replied. 

I stayed exactly where I was for about three minutes. I then decided it wasn't fair on my Dad and this special someone he had waiting downstairs. I thought about who it may be as I got dressed. Maybe he had a new girlfriend? My Mum only passed away four months ago, surely he wouldn't do that to me. He hadn't taken it well either, I had just taken it far worst. 

I looked at my appearance in the mirror. I hope it wasn't the Queen as I wasn't really dressed correctly. I ran my fingers though my long hair and decided it would have to do. 

I walked down the stairs still curios who this person may be. I heard voices coming from our living room. I stood outside and listened. From what I could hear, there was defiantly more than my Dad and another person. I lent against the door trying to count the number of different voices I could hear.

I obviously lent on the door a little too hard as it gave way and I fell into the living room. The number of voices, which I still did not know, all fell silent.

"Sorry," I said quietly as I stood up and actually saw who was sat in my living room. 

"Hi," I said awkwardly to the five gorgeous boys sat in front of me.

"This is my daughter Maddy," My Dad introduced.  

"Hi," I said again, why was I so sociably awkward? Maybe the fact that I hadn't been outside for almost 4 months. 

"Hi, I'm Niall," The boy nearest me smiled. "And this is Louis, Liam, Zayn and Harry," He pointed to each boy individually whilst saying there names.   

"Nice to meet you," One if them, who i have already forgotten their name, smiled. 

"You too," I smiled. 

"And do you know why they are here?" My Dad asked.

I though about it, I had no idea.

"Unless they are my secret long lost brothers, not clue," I replied.

One of the boys laughed at my answer. 

"Wait, do you even know who they are?" My Dad asked.

I though about this question too.

"I know that he is called Niall," I smiled, pointing to the boy sitting closest to where I was standing.

"Yeah! She remembered my name and not yours!" Niall laughed as he looked at the other boys doing a little dance. 

"Do you not remember what I told you last night?" My Dad questioned. 

I though about it really hard, what did he tell me last night.

I paused for a few seconds. "...No," I answered.

"Ok long story short, this is One Direction and I shall be touring the world with them," My Dad said.


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