Can't hide it


7. Tour time


The next two weeks went in a flash. The boys were round at our house almost everyday and I avoided them as much as I could. I saw Louis in the hallway once and Niall in the kitchen. I also learnt all their names, so I guess thing were about 1% less awkward now. 

I heard a light knock on my door as I quickly zipped up my suitcase.

"Come in," I said, probably sounding half asleep. 

"You already to go?" My Dad asked.

"Yeah," I replied. 

It was 5am as we had a plane to some place, I can't remember, at 7'0'clock. 

I dragged my suitcase out of my room and struggled to carry it downstairs. I climbed into the car trying to avoid my Dad as he sorted some final things.

He soon climbed into the driver's seat next to me. 

"Look Maddy, I know you are annoyed I am forcing you to come," He said.

I looked out of the passenger window at the morning rain.

"I'm not doing this to be mean," He added. "I'm doing this for your own good," 


{short chapter, but what do you think? i'm sorry some of the chapters and short and crappy and i don't update all the time. Please comment some feedback, thanks for reading 👐💘}

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