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16. Rehearsals


The boys were hurried off to rehearsals straight after breakfast, leaving me on my own. I wandered up to my bedroom, which I hadn't really had much time in, so it was quite nice to hang out here. 

My bed was still beautifully made seeing as I didn't sleep in it last night, so I took advantage to lay across the smooth sheets before I messed them up tonight. I sat scrolling though my Instagram and face book, but not much was happening. 

My Dad and all the boys were at the rehearsals till two and it was only half ten now. I kind of regret not going, but they don't need to know that. 

After abiut two hours on my own my Dad knocked on my door asking me if. I wanted to grab some Lunch. I quickly slipped on my blue avnd and grabbed a grey hoodie before following his own of the door.

"So where do you want to go?" My Dad asked.

"Dad, have you forgotten I have never been to America before?" I laughed.

"Oh yeah, well I know a place where yiu would love," He smiled.

We walked for about 10 minutes, until we came across a small cafe. I followed my Dad inside as he greeted the women behind the counter.

"Hi Shelia," He smiled to the middle age blonde women.

"Well if it isn't Jacob Aldridge, where the hell have you been man?" She asked ina strong American accent. To me she just sounded like a cowboy.

"Well me and boys only got into town yesterday," My Dad replied.

"Oh yes, the boys, how are they?" 'Shelia' asked.

"Yes, yes there good," My Dad answered.

"And who is this pretty young lady?" She asked.

"This is my daughter Maddy," My Dad introduced, as I gave her a smile. "Maddy this is Shelia," 

"Nice to meet you," I smiled.

"Oh my, she looks just like her Mom," Sheila blurted out. 

Mum, I hadn't though about her for a whole two days, that had to be my record. Tears sprang in my eyes as my vision went blurry from the water.

"Oh my god, dear I'm so sorry," Shelia said, sympathy showing in her voice. 

"It's fine," I smiled, putting a brave face on.

I followed my Dad over to a booth were we both sat down and ordered. 

My Dad knew I was upset and tried to lighten the mood.

"So, how are you finding the tour?" He asked.

"It's alright," I gave him a weak smile.

"And what do you think of the boys?" He asked.

"Their alright," I answered. 

"You know I had a dream last night that you and Harry got married," He laughed.

"Harry?!" I laughed, then paused. "Harry?!" I repeated. "If I was gonna marry any if them, Harry would be kast on the list," I said.

"How come?" My Dad asked.

Oh yeah Dad, Harry thinks i have Louis and Liam wrapped around my finger and he thinks I slept with Louis last night and he hates me.

"He is just so moody," I answered, great cover Maddy.

We soon finished lunch and walked to were the boys were having their rehursals. They weren't having them where the show was tonight, just some random building. As me and my Dad walked in they were all singing whilst standing in the small stage in a formation. The chrous soon came as they changed formation. The song soon was ended by Harry and as he held the note the 'crew' and my Dad started to clap. I joined in as I walked towards them. I now see why they were so popular, they owned that stage.

The boys all hoped down from the stage and Niall and Liam walked over to me.

"What d'ya think?" Liam asked.

"I'm impressed," I smiled.

"Looking forward to the show tonight?" Niall asked.

"Yep," I smiled, relising I had just ended the conversation really awkwardley. I mentally slapped myself for doing so.

"Oi boys, stop flirty with my daughter and come over here," My Dad called.

I giggled as Liam started to blush as they both ran over. 

I stood there awkwardley whilst the 'crew', my Dad and all five boys stood talking. I got out my phone and pretended to be textung someone. 

"Come in Maddy, we're going," My Dad called.




I looked up and relised everyone had left apart from my Dad waiting for me at the door. I ran over to him, before being directed into a car with the boys. 

I guess the crew and my Dad got into anither car, either that or we drove of without them.

"So Maddy, we have been invited to a bug oarty tonight and I was wondering," Liam said.



"Maybe you would be my plus one?" He asked.




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