Can't hide it


9. Papparrazzi


I woke up suddenly as someone poked my arm. I opened my eyes to find Niall up in my face. 

"Maddy, we are going now," He said softly. 

Oh god, I must have fallen asleep, how embarrassing. 

I slowly got up of the sofa and wiled the sleep out of my eyes, I chucked my phone into my bag as I followed the boys out of the room. I had no idea where my Dad was, he had probably gone ahead with his special pass. 

"Umm...just warning you," Liam said, walking slower so he was walking beside me. He was about to speak again before we turned a corner and I heard a load of people scream. They all had camera's flashing in our faces and were shouting questions. I felt Liam grab my hand as he pulled my though the crowd. 

"Sorry about that," He said, as we turned another corner away from all the noise. 

I looked down at our hands which were still holding each other's. He suddenly released it. 

"Sorry," He mumbled. 

"Thanks," I smiled, realising it was only him speaking. "You know, for getting me though that,"

"I tried to warm you about the paps, but we got there too soon," He laughed.

"Oi, hurry up," Harry shouted in an angry tone, beckoning us over. 

We walked quickly over to him as he gave us an angry look.

"Ignore Harry, he is always in a bad mood since his recent breakup," Liam said quietly. 


Author's note:

Sorry I haven't updated in a while. What do you think? I am still unsure about this plot. Just wondering should I include 5sos in this book or not? I don't think I have included them in any if my books yet and think it would be cool to. Thoughts? 


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