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13. Movie night


I unlocked my hotel room with the key card my Dad had given me. I opened the door and was amazed by what I saw. There was a huge double bed right in front of me, which looked like it could have slept about five people. There was a massive full lengh mirror next to it and a wardrobe which I could never fill with all my cloths.

I turned around until I was facing a white door. I opened it and stepped into the ensuite which was about the size of my bedroom at home. There was a large bath to my left and a double shower to my right. Along with the two over-sized sinks and huge mirror which covered the majority of one of the walls. 

I walked out of the bathroom and saw another door across the room. It was a tall glass down and it lead onto a small balcony. I opened it excidly and stepped out onto my very own balcony. This was insane. 

Once I had gotten over the excitment of the room, I changed into some sweat pants and a plain t-shirt. I planned to relax for a bit and then just go to sleep as I was quite tired from the journey and time diffence in America. 

I started scrolling though my phone until I heard a knock at my door.

I walked up to it opening it slowly. 

"Hey Maddy," Liam greeted.

"Hi," I smiled.

"Me and the boys have ordered pizza and were planning to have a movie night, wanna join?" He asked.

"I'm really tired, so I was kind of planning to have an early night," I replied.

"Well the best way to get though jet lag is to stay awake," Liam said. "And right now it's only half four american time," 

"You are going to have to spend the next nine months with us, you may aswell get to know us," Liam smiled, giving me puppy dog eyes.

"Okay okay," I said as I followed him into one of the boys rooms.

"Ayee!" Louis shouted as Liam and I walked though the door. 

The room was already pretty messy with a few pizza boxes all over the place and some random music playing. 

I noticed only Louis, Zayn and Niall were here, plus Liam and myself. Harry must be off in a mood. 

"So Maddy, what movie do you want to watch?" Niall asked.

I suddenly forgot every movie that had ever been made. "Umm..." I said awkwardly. "I don't mind, you chose," 

"Why are girls so polite?" Niall muttered as he put a DVD into the DVD player.

"Are you going to sit down or stand there the whole time?" Louis asked, laughing a little. 

I relised all four boys were sitting on the huge bed and I was just standing there near the door.

Do I sit on the bed with them? Or is that too awkward? Do I sit in the chair? Or does that make it even more awkward? Do I sit on the floor? No. 

Liam patted the space on the bed next to him and I approching it, thanking him so much in my head for making the descion for me.

"What's she doing here?" Harry asked, walking out of the bathroom.

"Joining us for the movie night," Niall said.

"Whatever," Harry muttered walking towards the door.

"Are you not staying?" Zayn asked.

"Not with her I'm not," Harry said, before slamming the door behind him.

I was right. this tour was a mistake. Harry dosn't like me being here, I am just a random girl invaiding their space. I was right from the start. The others probabley feel sorry for me and pretend to want to be my friend. 

"Ignore Harry," Liam whispered, putting his arm around my sholder. 


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