Can't hide it


14. I'm sorry what?


I opened my eyes slowly, letting them get used to the light. Why the hell were the curtains open? I rolled over to find I was in exactly the same position as we watched the movie in, which meant I was still in Louis' bedroom. He didn't seem to be in the room and neither did the other boys, maybe if I crept out now he wouldn't notice that I fell asleep in his bed. How embarrassing. 

I heard whistling coming from the bathroom and soon enough the bathroom door slide open.

"Ah your awake," A shirtless Louis greeted me. "Sorry I didn't wake you did I?" He asked.

"No," I said awkwardly.

"Ah good," He smiled. 

Insert awkward silence. "Anyway, I better get back to my room," I smiled, standing up and walking towards the door. 

I opened it and closed it behind me.

"Wow, you have been here, what one day and you have already managed to sleep with one out of five," Harry said, as he stood by his door.

"You know I'm impressed, I had you down for a Liam girl the way you two were flirting," He carried on as I walked towards my bedroom door, which meant walking towards him. 

"But no, you took us all by surprise when on the first night you have sex with Louis," Harry finished.

"Why do you hate me so much?" I questioned as I walked past him and towards my door.

"Why shouldn't I?" He replied. "You walk in here acting all innocent and quiet, but you pretty much have Liam and now Louis wrapped around your finger," Harry smirked. 

He walked closer to me, I stepped back closing the gap between me and the door.

"I don't like how much power you instantly got," He said, before turning on his heel and walking down The hallway.

What on earth was he talking about? One, I didn't sleep with Louis, I fell asleep in his bed whilst we were all watching a movie. Two, me and Liam weren't flirty, what the hell is he talking about? Three, what's all this about power. He was being moody all day because I had power...? 


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