Can't hide it


12. Hotel rooms


Almost as soon as the plane landed every was hurried off of it. As i climbed down the plane steps, I noticed two large black cars waiting for us. 

We all started walking towards them, my Dad walked a few steps faster so he walked beside me.

"So you now have two options," He said as we walked. "You go with the boys or with me and the rest of the crew?" He questioned.

I watched as Louis slid open the door to one of the cars and four out of five boys jumped in.

"You coming Maddy?" Niall called, patting the seat next to him.

"Well, I'll see you at the hotel then," My Dad smiled walking towards the second car.

I climbed inti the huge car and sat down next to Niall. There were two rows of seats with luxury cream seating. The two rows faced each other, with Louis, Zayn and Liam on one row and me and Niall on the other.

"Take your time mate," Liam called as Harry slowly walked towards the car. 

He didn't answer, before climbing into the car and sliding the door close behind him, before taking a seat next to me. It must be annoying for the boys that he was so moody. 

The other four boys started telling me what would happen at the hotel and tomorrow and I was starting to enjoy myself a bit. I was still seriously awkward and knew I would most defiantly embarrass myself badly by the end of the day, but I was starting to relax a bit. 

Harry didn't take part in the conversation as he had headphone and a grumpy face on. 

We arrived at the hotel quicker than I though we would and we all climbed out of the car and we were hurried upstairs by the three other men I meet on the plane. They were know as 'the crew'. 

"Okay rooms," My Dad said. "Niall room one, Louis room two, Zayn room three, Liam room four, Harry room five, Maddy room six, I will be in room seven, Dave in room eight, Andy in room nine and Steve in room ten," 



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