Can't hide it


19. Drinking and Dancing


"Maddy," I heard someone say my name as they knocked on the hotel rom door.

"Coming," I called, as I ran towards the door in the pale blue dress I had chosen to wear. It had a white peter pan collar and fell a few inches above my knee.

I opened the door to find Liam stoof there in Black trousers and a white shirt.

"W-wow," He stuttered, I felt the heat going to my cheeks.

"You look amazing," He smiled.

"Thanks," I replied. "Two seconds," I said quickly, before running back into my room and grabbing my white converse. I was never realing a high heel girl.

"Ready?" Liam smiled.

"Yep," I smiled, closing my hotel door and following him downstairs.

"Hey Maddy," Niall smiled at me as we meet them in the hotel lobby.

"Hi," I replied, returning his smile.

Louis soon made his way down the stairs, greeting us with a smile. And finally Harry came down the stairs, dragging his feet over to us as if he had be forced.

"Hi guys," He said, putting on a fake smile.

I knew a fake smile when I saw one. I had been putting one on for my Dad for the past few months.

"Who are you, and what have you done with Harry?" Niall asked. 

"Sorry, can I not try to be nice?" Harry said, returning back to the Harry I had come to known.

"Jake put you up to this, didn't he?" Zayn asked.

"Yes," Harry sighed. "He said a loud of shit about how I am not a positive member of the band and I don't try hard enough with you guys," He rolled his eyes at the end of his sentence.

"Well we do miss the old happy Harry," Louis said.

Harry just rolled his eyes again, before walking off.

'The old happy Harry.' I could never imagine Harry beging the slightest bit happy, I had only ever been with him when he was in this permentent mood he seemed to be going though. I could 

never actually imagine him being smiling, laughing and being a genuine member of the band. 

I shrugged the thought off as I followed the rest of the boys into the car taking us to the party. 

The journey was quick as small conversation was shared around the car. Harry, yet again, ignored us all, as I sat quietly next to Liam just listening as the other's talked.

"Oh shit," Louis said as we pulled up next to the building, I assumed where the party was being held.

I tried to work out what he was referring too, before I could the surrondings of the car was filled with screaming girls. They were wacking the windows of the car and screaming so loud, I felt like i should cover my ears, although I restrained myself as no-one else was.

"Okay boys, just stay calm," Andrew said, from the front.

"Maddy," My Dad said, I just nodded alerting him i was fine.

I offend freaked in this kind of situations, they all got a bit too much for me. I breathed out deeply, telling my body that I was fine. The screaming continued though and started to really hurt my ears. Andrew and another big man I had never seen before started assorting the boys out of the car, one by one.

"You okay?" Liam asked, I nodded although I think he could see my lip trembling.

He then took my hand which took me by surprise, but it felt nice, soothing. We were then pushed though the crowds as Andrew tried his best to clear a walkway for us. I gripped onto Liam's hand, probably a bit harder than he had expected, as we made our way though the screaming girls. 

I sighed as we entered the building and the doors were closed. 

"That was stressful," Liam said, I nodded in agreement.

"You okay Maddy?" My Dad asked.

"Yeah, I'm fine," I smiled as he wandered off.

"Party?" Liam asked with a smile.

"Party," I repeated, returning his smile. 

We entered the dimly lit room with loud music playing and flashing lights, which kind-of hurt my eyes. 

"Do you want a drink?" Liam asked as he looked over to the bar.

"No thanks," I smiled.

"You don't drink?" He asked, sounding shocked.

Oh god Maddy, you should have just taken the dam drink.

"No," I replied weakly.

"Me neither," He said, a smile spreading across his face. 

"All the others boys love getting drunk, but it's not really my thing," He continued.

"Yeah, it's not really my type of fun either," I replied, having to shout over the loud music.

"Shall we dance?" He smirked.

"No," I said.

"C'mon," He laughed.


"Na uh," I replied.

"It will he fun," He encouraged.

"Liam," i told him. "I am the worst dancer in the world," 

"Everyone says that," He sighed. "You can't be that bad," 

"Trust me," I said.

"One dance?" 



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