Can't hide it


17. Concert


"Tonight let's get some, and Live While We're young," Zayn ended the last note as the crowd roared. I stood backstage with Andrew, who was part of the crew. Me being extremely awkward, I hadn't spoken to him even though he had been stood next to me for over two hours. 

"Maddy!" My Dad called, approaching me.

"Hey Dad," I smiled.

"How did you find the show?" He asked.

"Yeah, it was great," I smiled.

"Well the boys have just got to talk to a few fans backstage and then we gotta try and get out of here," He laughed whilst saying the end part.

"Why do we have to 'try' and get out of here?" I asked.

"Maddy, have you seen how many fans there are here?" My Dad questioned. 

I nodded. "...Just be ready to be mobbed," He said quickly before walking off. 

Andrew had already walked off leaving me by myself. I quickly got bored and started to wonder around. I soon found the One Direction dressing room and got tempted to have a look.

I opened the door slowly and luckily it was empty. There was a huge couch in the centre and a long mirror on one wall. There were crisp packets everywhere, along with a lot of hair styling tools. 

I heard voices approaching the door and knew I probably shouldn't be in here, I quickly jumped into the large wardrobe, letting the wardrobe door slam behind me.

I peaked though the cracks as two women entered the room.

"Hello?" One of them asked.

Oh crap, they heard me.

"Anyone in here?" The same women asked as the two of them slowly walked around the room.

"Probably some crazy fan someone," One of them whispered. 

Suddenly one of them opened the wardrobe door to find me crouching on the floor of it.

"Hi," I smiled.

"What are you doing here?" The women exclaimed.

"I can explain, I am part of the crew," I answered.

"Well so are we and i haven't seen you round here before," The other women replied. 

"Well I'm not part of the crew, but my Dad is-"

"Oh is it bring your child to work day?" The women nearest me laughed.

"Look my Dad is Jake Aldridge!" I said loudly, before they could interrupt me.

"We have heard that one before," The shorter women laughed.

"Maddy," I heard a call.

The calls seemed to be getting louder, meaning they were getting nearer.

"Maddy there you are," My Dad smiled, appearing at the door. 

"This is your daughter?" The taller women questioned.

"Yes," My Dad said blankly.

"Come on then Mads," He smiled, walking out the room.

 I smiled at both women before following him out of the dressing room.

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