Can't hide it


15. Breakfast


I unlocked my bedroom with the cool key card thing, still confused about what Harry said. Maybe he was wrong. Seeing as he thought I spelt with Louis last night, he could be. 

I walked into the huge bathroom and quickly striped off my cloths, seeing as I wore them yesterday evening and overnight. I washed my body with the free shower stuff you get in hotels before wrapping my wet body in a towel. I changed into some demin jeans and a plain white t-shirt, before brushing my hair and applying some mascara. 

"Maddy," I heard my Dad say from outside my door.

"Uh ha," I called, walking iver towards the door and opening it.

"Morning sweetheart," He smiled.

"Morning Dad," I replied. 

"Breakfast is downstairs waiting for us," He smiled.

"Okay," I smiled, sliping on my blue vans before walking out of the hotel room.

"You coming?" I asked, relising my Dad wasn't following.

"I just need to get something from my room and then I will catch you up," He smiled. 

"Okay," I smiled. 

"Breakfast is down the stairs and the first door on the left," He smiled before quickly walking in the oppiste direction.

I walked down the huge staircase, taking in the sight of the whole hotel. There were some fancy looking sofa's dotted around and a large chandalea hanging over the whole lobby.

I opened the door on the keft slowly, making sure I had the righ door. 

"Maddy!" Liam and Louis both called as I walked in.

I saw Harry roll his eyes. 

I slide into the soare chair in between Louis and Liam helping myself to some toast.

"So we have rehursals all morning tiday and then a concert this evening," Liam explained.

"Cool," I smiled, taking a bit out of my toast.

"Do you wanna come and watch the rehursals?" Liam asked.

I didn't really know. I had fun with the boys last night, but Harry has a promblem with me and I didn't want to ruin it for him. Also what if something awkward happens? What if they hate me for saying no? I scanned my head for an answer and found myself glancing at Harry for the answer. He rolled his eyes knce again.

"I might just hang around the hotel and get iver my jet lag," I smiled.

"Oh that's cool," Liam replied, clearly dissopointed by my answer. 

"Are you going to come to the show tonight?" Louis asked.

"Umm... i think so," I answered. "I'm not sure," I said taking anoher bite out of my toast. 

"Well I think you should come," Louis smiled.

I heard Harry sigh loudly as we all turned to stare at him.

He just rolled his eyes one final time before walking out of the breakfast room.


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