Can't hide it


8. Airport


After about an hour we arrived at the airport. I tried avoiding my Dad's gaze the whole journey, but I noticed he kept looking over at me. 

I climbed out of the car and pulled the sleeves of my coat further down my arms as it was a cold english morning. 

I tried to pull my suitcase out of the boot of the car, but somehow couldn't.

"Hear Maddy, let me help you with that," My Dad offered.

"I'm fine," I replied, pulling my suitcase harder until it finally came out.

We walked in silence into the airport, my Dad kept having to show people a pass for something and we ended up in a place i had never been before. 

I followed Dad down the long, white corridor until finally we reached a white door at the end. He held his pass up to the door and typed in a code on the wall and the door opened. I was extremely confused at that moment, but then I did realise we were travelling with the biggest boy band in the world.  

I followed him around yet another corner before we saw the whole of One Direction squished up onto one sofa. 

"Hi boys," My Dad smiled as he tock a seat on the sofa opposite.

"Hi Jake," Niall replied.

I followed my Dad over to the sofa and sat down, getting my phone out almost straight away and plugging my headphones into my ears. 

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