Can't hide it


18. After party


"So, you still up for the after party?" Liam asked as he approached me.

"Umm, yeah sure," I said, shuffling my feet about as I spoke.

"Cool," He nodded.

"Cool," I smiled.

Why couldn't I just be one of those people who carried conversations so easily? 

"Hey, do you wanna come and hang out in our dressing room for a bit?" He asked.

"Sure," I replied.

I decided to leave out the bit where I had explored it whilst they were on stage. 

As we walked into the dressing room I noticed Louis and Niall lying across the sofa on their phones, Zayn checking his hair in the mirror and Harry talking to one of the women I had meet in the wardrobe earlier.

"Hey Maddy," Louis smiled as he noticed me.

"Hey," I replied, sitting down next to Liam on the sofa opposite him.

The women who Harry had been talking too soon left as he slumped down on the sofa next to me. I wriggled slightly nearer Liam as Harry was a bit too close for my liking. 

"Good show tonight," I nodded, hating the silence.

"Glad you enjoyed it," Louis smiled. 

"Have you ever been to one of our shows before?" Liam asked.

"Dude, when she meet us she didn't even know who we were," Harry sighed. 

"Just try to be nice," Niall said raising his voice a little.

"Whatever," Harry sighed, standing up and walking out of the dressing room.

"He had a bad breakup recently," Louis said.

"Then again, it doesn't really explain why he is this horrible to everyone," Niall added. 

"We apologise for his behaviour," Zayn smiled, sitting down where Harry had been sat. 

"Hiya guys, great show," My Dad smiled, sticking his head round the door. 

"We should probably head back to the hotel and get ready for the after party," He told us.

Everyone nodded before they all stood up, walking out of the dressing room.

I followed, slightly behind him and we made our way to a large van/mini bus. 

I climbed into the mini bus behind everyone else. 

Liam sat next to Louis on the back row, with Niall and Zayn in front of them. I sat down the rowin front  on my own, looking out the window. My Dad had told me it would be a struggle to get out as there was so many fans, but it seemed to have been fairly simple so far.

My Dad stepped onto the mini bus looking at us all.

"We seem to be missing a curly one," I said, turning to face Andrew.

"Has anyone seen Harry?" Andrew spoke into a walkie-talkie. 

About five minutes later Harry came running towards the bus with another crew member behind him.

He climbed onto the minibus, looking at his option for seats. He rolled his eyes behind sliding into the seat next to me. I swear all he was capable was rolling his eyes. It seemed to be his signature move. 

We drove out of the underground car park and though a long and narrow lane. I guess it was a way to avoid the fans. We soon made it back onto the main rod and after about ten minutes of driving we made it back to our hotel. 

The boys all hurried up to there rooms as i stayed behind to help my Dad carry a heavy box in out of the bus.

"It's fine," He smiled, obviously struggling. 

"Here," I said, taking one half of the box and we managed to carry it into the hotel.

"So are you coming to the after party tonight?" He asked, as we slowly walked up the grand staircase.

"Liam invited me," I replied.

"And your going to go?" He asked.

"I think so, yeah," I answered.

He stopped walking and smiled at me.

"What?" I asked.

"I'm just so proud of you," He smiled.

"Dad, it's a party," I laughed.

"But I'm proud of the fact you are finally getting out," He said. "If I didn't bring you on this tour you would still be stuck in your messy room," 

"I guess," I shrugged.

"Maddy you haven't moved from that room since..." He cut himself off. 

I stared at my feet as i shuffled them awkwardly.

"You better go and get ready for the party," He told me as he walked off in the other direction. 


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