Tomlinson Twins

Hey I'm Chloe Tomlinson aged 20, the same with my twin sister Caitlin Tomlinson, she's like my best friend mainly because people only use us to get to our older brother Louis Tomlinson. yes the guy from the band One Direction. but anyway today me and Caitlin are going to live with Louis and his Band members for a year.


8. Chapter 8

Caitlin's POV


Oh No she didn't? Oh I'm going to kill my sister! I know she whispered that to niall *insert extremely angry/shocked face* If looks could kill niall and chloe would be dead! maybe my payback could be ice cold water over her head at 4am then locking her out the house and making her jog the whole block? Infact that IS perfect. long have I been thinking?


Oh everyone is looking at me damn it NOW what do I do? kiss him? accutaly kissing him won't be good Louis is staring daggers at him...And PING goes the light bulb well my idea light bulb I SHALL RUN! I quickly got up and ran out the room, I sprinted through the house skipping a few stairs and slipping on the floors, I didn't say I was a graceful runner! I slammed my door and slid down till my butt hit the ground. I sighed heavily and put my face in my hands DAMN IT CHLOE! what happened to my care-free life? I heard a knock at the door and sighed again I stood up grabbed a pillow and throw it at the door.

"Are you abusing your door?" the familiar voice asked I giggled before answering

"Nope I'm just scared of people!" I heard liam chuckle on the other side.

"I'm pretty sure your abusing your door let me in!?" he questioned well more like demanded, I sighed and let him in.

"Um hey...Listen about downstairs" Liam trailed off.

"It's fine." I state back

"Right..." he said rubbing the back of his neck. Before I could tell what was happening I felt someone bash mine and liam's heads together, wait no not bash PUSHED our heads together so we were...KISSING WHAT?

"You'll thank me later!" I heard a shout

"And me don't forget to mention us in the wedding vows!" there was another shout


I pulled away to see the blushing liam, was I blushing to? oh god I ran out my room after chloe I don't know how I feel right now I hate and love her.

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